The Action

The Purpose


To proclaim the Glorified Y’shua Messiah

To lift up those who cry out for repentance.

To reinforce understanding of the many Biblical symbols prophesying the coming radiance.

To encourage brothers and sisters who are now hurting, exhausted, humiliated, threatened, persecuted.

To remind brothers and sisters of their calling out, to show that theirs is a privileged calling, preparing the way for Y’shua’s Messiah’s second advent and His Kingdom on earth.

To speak life, without hesitation, to those who are already in the battle, to those who have experienced the world’s reactions to their New Covenant life.

To build stability and consistency in our daily walk.

To serve as an example because we are representatives of Y’shua Messiah in the world.

To warn when necessary.

To continue to guard, do and teach the Commandments of Yah.