Reality on the ground in Germany

(Archived Post)

Sound Teruah : 31 March 2016

There has been quite a number of people testifying of the results of the bloodless invasion Europe. Someone said that tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society, I paraphrase. Of course there is always a percentage of a population, leftys, dripping with tolerance for any and every sort of destructive behavior. Bit by bit, seduced through various means, they’ve chipped away at the Bible-based culture which was the foundation of the West. We see now that over time they have largely succeeded. When a nation, a people, turns their back on the El of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, righteous judgment eventually comes. This judgment usually takes the form of invasion, followed by captivity.

The leftist interpretation of the New Testament, like Merkel’s Christian Democrats, have used themes of compassion and love to thoroughly undermine the West. Self hatred was and is a dominant force in the overall submissiveness to the unprecedented events taking place in Germany. Messiah Y’shua did not say love thy neighbor as you hate thyself. First determine who is thy neighbor.

Foreign invasion is punishment. As a precursor you must be educated, indoctrinated, unified, if not, shut up then your defenses removed. This is how it has worked! They did it in Europe, they’re feverishly at task on it here in the United States of America. What about the stifled ones in these Western countries who remain able to determine right from wrong? They have not so much participated in their own demise as those on the left. However, they will suffer for the national sins, idolatry of sport, homosexuality, abortion, greed, child abuse, elder abandonment (farming out aged to “care homes” to die). We have in one way or another, through deceit, or cowardice, looked the other way. That too is sin.

The poor woman in the video makes a plea to get her testimony out. Her family has felt disillusionment and the sting of traitorous government officials. This is the beginning. Trouble is only going to intensify. That is until we in the West repent and turn from our wicked ways.

David Garman