Political Illusion

(Archived Post)

Sound Teruah : 13 April 2016

Is the mask coming off of the United States presidential election process? Has regular Joe America been duped into thinking that their party participation or civic duty vote really influences the direction of the country? The recent no-vote Colorado outcome should smack him/her out of the political side-show stupor.

Every cycle we’re served up a gaggle of groomed political butt kissers formed to play the game. It’s obvious that the news media, talk shows, advertise these people setting them against each other by scandal, gossip and what have you. It’s really quite entertaining. Billions of dollars are invested to lure us into this fantasy.

Look, your vote matters only as symbol of your participation. Essentially, you had a hand in picking this clown, don’t blame us. It’s a hedge against wide spread anarchy. If you don’t like it, the we’ll get ’em next time ball game mentality works well.

Meanwhile the country descends down the same road, unabated. Doesn’t this ever come to mind? Nope, got my 401K, got a great med plan at work, Cubbies are starting in soon, beer, pork chops in the freezer, life is good. Right?

Just as a judge would legislate from the bench to reverse an unfavorable public vote, your political party will do the same, sometimes preemptively.

I’ll be honest, I voted twice in my 40 years of eligibility. Once against Carter, once against Obama, only to make a statement. Even through the fog of youth, I could see the scam. It appears now that the whole thing has run it’s course, crumbling under it’s own corruption. Limbaugh put it this way: “The illusion is the public gets to determine what the party does. But that’s not the case. The party determines what it does.” He is speaking of the Republicans in this case, but it goes for the whole shebang. The primary gag has worked pretty well up until now.

David Garman