He’s not that man on the cross

(Archived Post)

Sound Teruah : 23 April 2016

I sometimes wonder if Y’shua the Messiah, The King of kings, would be recognized by His followers today. It seems we make Him what we want of Him. He looks like this or that, He wouldn’t do this or that, what He would do is this or that. We create images based on our denomination, our pastor, our personality, our race, our fellowships, fancy preachers, the latest movies and books. I can’t help but think that this is a form of idolatry.

Of course, particularly this time of year, at Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread we remember the ultimate sacrifice Y’shua gave that we would be forgiven. We remember the torturous way that He was put to death. He willingly endured it. He’s not dead now, He is risen! Yes!

He’s not that man on the cross. He’s not going to continue to carry the blame for our transgression of the law. That blame is going to it’s rightful place, the head of the Accuser. We forget, or have never considered that He was the thunder at Mount Sinai, His voice shook the earth, yet He walked with Adam in the garden. Think of a supernova, and you’d be pretty close. Oh but that’s too violent. (Many will run for cover, rejecting His direct communication out of fear.) Violence? There is a world of difference between evil brutality so prevalent in the earth today, and the power of Creation. Creation, the ultimate in meekness, power under control. He will by His Rightful Authority take the throne of David, He will rule and reign over all the earth.

Not feelin’ the love? Things our warped sense of love has brought us lately… tolerance, and invasion. Now we’ve got men who want dress like women and pee in the women’s toilet, with celebrities, major corporations, even foreign governments working against States who object to this lunacy. Inclusiveness is the buzzword. Flood gates are open, hindrances are gone. The West is being overrun by people of cultures diametrically opposed to their host.

We won’t see the Man Y’shua as One who made Himself subject, forget it. That’s over. He is the Glorified Faithful and True King Who will rule the nations with a rod of iron. He is described in the book of Revelation 19:11-16. Not much like the painting in the church lobby. Turn now from disobedience, turn from rebellion. Start with Exodus 20:1-17, read it, learn it, memorize it, do it… do it now. This is love.

David Garman
23 April 2016

p.s. If you wait for pastor’s approval, hell may freeze over before you see it. Don’t be dissuaded. Stand on your own two feet.