Blessings at the Dawn of Crisis

(Archived Post)

Sound Teruah : 12 December 2015

Everywhere you turn, under every rock, around every corner, every conceivable kind of attack is under way now or is at the ready, so we are told. Debauchery and violence compete to rule the day. Yet, step away from the noise and the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the clamor is overpowered and danger seems far away to many of us. It is only beginning.

I want to talk about something very beautiful, something which for the most part we’ve had to keep secret. We knew the reaction from those close to us would be completely counter to our resolve and commitment to the action of faith. We needed every single grain of belief in the authority of Y’shua the Messiah, and I through Him, of my own. That day our faith would be tested like never before. We couldn’t allow the smallest doubt.

Apprehension in the world, from the oblivious to the cowardly, people drown themselves in their work, and, or sports, social commitments, food, booze, filth. They accuse and belittle. Get out of here you holier than thou, who do you think you are? Moses? John the Baptist? Do you think you’re some kind of prophet? You are making us feel uncomfortable. Because they’re running away from repentance.

This testimony is about the healing power of Y’shua the Messiah in the midst of all of this. You see, my wife Tamra and I are side-by-side, literally, we are the best of friends, lovers and soulmates. We have shared many wonderful experiences together, here and abroad. We’ve spoken truth to directly to power. We’ve seen a heart monitor normalize when we entered intensive care, we were called to pray for a little girl’s broken arm and received word the next day of it’s healing. Sickness of various kinds, all these healed in Y’shua’s Name, but this time it was Tamra.

The day started as usual with, with the exception of our morning visit over coffee. I heard her get up from bed, as my studio is directly below our bedroom. So, I went up to say good morning. In so doing, something didn’t seem right. I asked her if she was OK, she told me yes, and I left her to get ready. From the kitchen I heard her cry, David! I rushed in to find her, her speech was somewhat slurred, and the left side of her face was drooping. We both burst out in prayer, and she laid back down in bed, the symptoms seemed to be getting worse. There was intense pain behind her left ear and at the top of her head. With the laying on of hands and with tongues, we both prayed. I fell prostrate on the floor at the foot of the bed. I cried out to Father, “how much more can we take?” At this point the progression of the symptoms had ended.

All sorts of things pass through your mind, and you come to certain conclusions. We both knew what it might be, and that time could be critical. Neither one of us was about to voice it. Tamra was of sound mind, therefore it must be her decision, I asked her if she wanted to go to the emergency room. Emphatically, she said, No! That statement of faith solidified our course. Tamra then texted our long distance friend Arthur Bailey, who among other things, has a wealth of experience ministering to people in various parts of the world, of the Torah and healing by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Not long after, we were in contact with Arthur by telephone. He first talked to Tamra about what had happened, and then to me reminding of my authority as head of the house. We set the phone to speaker mode, and Arthur described what procedure we should follow. This included anointing oil. I was immediately convicted, because I had spoken against the use of oil in healing. Watching the many trinket peddlers for example, PTL and Crystal Cathedral had soured me on these things. Nevertheless, there are times in which we had better confess and repent in order to remove obstacles before coming to Father with any request. So I spoke out what I had done in the midst of this 3-way prayer and rebuked it in Y’shua’s Name.

Arthur then said to pour the oil onto the top of Tamra’s head, not too much, and then place my hand onto the oil. He said to Tamra to lift her hands in a praise posture. We began to pray, then Arthur said, David, you’re speaking “about” the pain, he said “speak to it!” This was very valuable advise. The prayer was then a command in the Name of Y’shua. Arthur asked Tamra how are you now, she said that the head aches were gone, we praised Yah! We thank Arthur for his prayer and guidance during this very crucial time.

Tamra was unable yet to blink her left eye, had no control of her left facial muscles, and she cried, “I want to be able to smile for my husband.” She had great difficulty eating, and she had to press on her lips to keep the food in her mouth. Each one of these symptoms were addressed individually by anointing and prayer. As the days went on Tamra said that she could feel small tingling sensations progressing along across her cheek and eventually to her nose then above her eye the down to her mouth. She was able to feel the regeneration, and reactivation of the nerves. She is now 100% healed! “And I’m Living proof,” Tamra beamed.

We are set free in a time of crisis. We must seize our freedom out of the grip of fear, even the fear of death. This is not a statement against emergency medical intervention. It is a testimony of faith and victory over fear, that when the storm clouds begin to blow, we can receive these glorious victories in the Authority and in the Name of Y’shua the Messiah. Go in faith.

David Garman