Aviv or not Aviv: Is that the question?

(Archived Post)

Sound Teruah : 12 March 2016

Once again we have come to the beginning of the year… Biblically speaking. I must admit, that with all of the theories, arguments, and the various sources of evidence, I sometimes feel like we’re throwing a dart at the dartboard. There’s wild, there’s agricultural, milk stage, dough stage, and what have you in the barley. All important for sure. Then there was no aviv, or enough aviv, or plenty, depending on who you ask. It can seem very confusing, and understandable that some would find comfort in a predetermined calendar.

Unfortunately, uncertainty can be very divisive. We have experienced it ourselves as others have. Though when you boil it all down, each of us are trying to do the right thing. We are marvelously drawn back to the beginning. However we are naive. And that’s just it, we are going back to things long forgotten by our culture. We will have to contend with many loose ends as we strive for truth. I tend to picture it this way. All of this new information is like when honey, direct from the hive, is poured into a large funnel. The funnel has a cloth stretched over the widest part, the narrow end set into a clean container. After some time you have a nice jar of pure golden honey, leaving behind the bits of foreign material trapped in the cloth at the wide end of the funnel. So as we move closer and closer into Y’shua Messiah, those foreign bits, which are falsehood, and error cannot follow.

The important thing for us right now is that we give others space to try, and to act on the information we now have. There will be mistakes. The point is that we are earnestly trying and putting what we believe into practice.