A Sermon on the New Covenant

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Sound Teruah : 6 April 2016

In Defense of the Ten Commandments and Their Validity in Apocalyptic Times was taught in a time where when you spoke these things, people wondered what planet you were on. Those in attendance were usually from a Pentecostal background. The points of the teaching were given in home church. It should be considered the last chapter of a book titled The Human Ark, by the same author, later put to paper with the intent to distribute it free of charge. A few were handed out in 1997.

From Father to child, to express the love and patience our Father has toward us, His children, He would and did provide a Way. What is the New Covenant? Did this covenant do away with the content on the stone tablets? How does this line up with my current understanding?

This manuscript copy of the teaching was processed into a PDF file, which gives evidence. The evidence is that the Gospel of the Kingdom has been as is being preached in all of the world. Father has called out servants, by His own hand, to preach this Gospel to groups small and large. Pockets of Truth, in rural towns and the big city too. It really is, like the casting of seed it is done.

In Defense of the Ten Commandments. A sermon on the New Covenant Download pdf (7.8 MB)


David Garman