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In the autumn of 1986, I cried up to Heaven and asked God to put me on the right path. I pleaded with Him to show me what I was doing wrong, and to change the course of my life. That was in my 29th year. I had already, the born again experience in my early teen years. My life changed little outwardly as a result.

That Saturday afternoon Yahweh wrote His Laws, His Commandments on my heart. Over the course of time He wrote them in my mind. From that day forward, there was no hesitation or any shadow of a doubt that this was the absolute Truth. The Holy Spirit strengthened me to keep the Commandments, no matter the worldly repercussions.

Immediately the 7th Day Sabbath became the great divider. There was no friend found. But those years alone, as difficult as they were, proved to be a time of great learning. I was eager to share the treasures gleaned from the pages of my red covered childhood KJV bible. The ink on that tattered book is warn thin at Exodus 20.

Yahweh also opened the heart of woman who had prayed for meaning to her life. Not long after we met, and were married. It was Pentecost Day 1993, the minister informed us. We raised our children in a house based on the Commandments, and the other sign, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As an artist, it would be natural to find inspiration through the desire of the heart. A series of paintings were done warning of the time of trouble to come if the people would not repent and turn from their sins, both personally and nationally. They opened in January of 2000 in the museum of my home city, then to galleries in New York, and Montreal to finish the year.

Perhaps a decade later I was able to learn that the art had made an impact. Paintings are being added to the collection along with writing for this website, to continue to witness, and to warn of the world’s corruption.

We have reached a point in time where all things point to a time of trouble. Advances in technology give capability to people who are willing to do us harm. Many voices have brought this to the attention of the wider world. Our house labors also in this work as the will of Yah in Y’shua the Messiah permits.

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