REASONS Why You Don’t Keep the 7th Day Sabbath (Video)

David Garman

Too often we make assumptions, we do not bother to investigate why we believe what we believe. We default to the experts. They’ve studied and received their ordination from the bevy of Christian denominations. We call them Pastor, Monseigneur, Bishop, “Father,” monikers of authority. We huddle under the same roof with like minded others. Every Sunday hearing pastor reassure us that God loves us just the way we are and “Just as I am,” we belt out from the hymnal. I say “we,” because I was brought up in the same cycle as a Catholic then a Pentecostal.

These experiences were important, they shaped my early life for better and worse. In the same way, billions of other lives have been influenced. So, we can form first-hand conclusions about where we have gone wrong. Yet, only if we are willing to put forth the effort, as the Mighty Redeemer, Y’shua the Messiah commanded us, to seek and find. Some of us have taken that to heart. Most are content, assuring themselves that they are a good person after all (c-h-r-i-n-o, Christian In Name Only) and, “I’m a good Christian, never miss a Sunday.”

It has always been this way? No.

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For some 1600 years on from the times of the original Apostles, a viscous, bloody sustained campaign relentlessly persecuted the 7th Day Sabbath keeping followers of Y’shua the Messiah. We are not speaking of a few pockets of dissenters, we are speaking of many hundreds of thousands of people. This persecution was institutionalized by the Roman church at the time of Constantine the Great.

(Our purpose here is not to entertain but to inform.) The video will show reading contemporaneous observations and Roman church accounts, documenting the lengthy undertaking to eradicate the 7th Day Sabbath from Christianity. Sunday was not always the Christian day of worship, as most would believe.

The biggest name in the Reformation, Martin Luther, seemed to suggest a return to the 7th Day Sabbath. Being then accused of becoming “Jewish,” he relented. The fatal error is in proclaiming the Sabbath a Jewish custom. The 7th Day is the Sabbath of Yahweh, He commanded, My Sabbaths you shall keep (that is to guard). Those early Christians, were guardians of Yahweh’s Sabbath. They had the whole package, found neatly in 3 verses in the book of Revelation, 12:17, 14:12 and 22:14.

Sunday dominates Christianity, and the devil remains enraged by those who keep the Commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Y’shua the Messiah, this, of course, includes the 7th Day Sabbath.

The world’s root conflict surrounds who’s law is supreme.

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