Time to Pull the Plug?

David Garman

We are quickly reaching a point where those of us who take responsibility to watch for others, may unwittingly aid in the publication of falsehoods, or “fake news.” We may have already arrived.

Those of us who are old enough, remember the 6:00 news. Taking in every word from the likes of Walter Cronkite and the narratives of the Big 3 media outlets. We had no reason to doubt them. They seemed free of political bias. Black and white images came through the television as genuine and impartial. Were they?

Fast forward. Today’s 24/7, glitzy, lurid, opinionated clamor dominates from innumerable outlets, with any variety of political bent imaginable. A virtual candy store, delivering a potent mix to fit any persuasion, pick your side, we’ve got just what you want to hear.

Given this outcome, there is ample opportunity to infect both sides with potent propaganda. We should not be so naive as to believe they would not take advantage. They do. It works because they understand we have an instinct, a desire to know.

Rumors and gossip stoke a loud, 24/7 barrage. Many even receive their so-called news from late night comedy skits! Engineering opinions, shaping attitudes. Practically nothing of the content present in these broadcasts can be verified by the consumer. Narrative is built in the mind and so is the conclusion. All about a story presented in which the hearer would otherwise be oblivious or could do little or nothing about.

Of course the prerogative is theirs to slant any topic, real or fabricated to prompt a reaction in the public. My concern is this very power (of the air), which we may as Biblically-based bloggers fall prey to.  While believing we are in the truth, we will at some point find ourselves on the devil’s party line.

The last place we want to be is on the wrong side of the truth. Well intentioned as we may be, the risks are very high at this point in the age. From here on it will only grow worse day by day.

Time to Disconnect?

Be Aware that any perception of reliability will disintegrate. Similar to the former Big 3 in the present day, who lost all credibility with their fake polls and other obvious efforts to sway the 2016 election to the Democrats. We risk aiding the foreign enemy and the enemy within by arguing, analyzing and reporting the nuances into the day’s offering which likely has no basis in truth. This includes alternative media!

We have had the first contractions, uncomfortable, combined with building trepidation. Still able to function, still able to dismiss. (We have been in the middle of a respite, the locomotive to hell has slowed a little to allow ease to prioritize our lives.) Hard labor follows, it yields little space to contemplation, little room for introspection. A very dangerous time when all thoughts are focused on ending the pain.

The greatest deception comes at us during times of war and other major events of life altering chaos. We should not expect to locate that particular website or that secret broadcast, with that tidbit of information to alleviate our suffering. Forget it.

Countless warnings have gone out around the world. Most have chosen to ignore and to rebel against calls to repent. Yes, as I have suggested to my brother on a number of occasions, watchmen have reached the time to pull the plug on internet propaganda. Y’shua the Messiah, guide our path.

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