Thanksgiving Call for National Repentance

David Garman

The United States of America is once again threatened by the specter of civil war. It was predicted and is a planned outcome. Forces from outside and within have collaborated in the destruction of national morality, sound money, education, critical thinking and other essential elements of a stable and happy national existence. Nefarious forces marked within our most foundational document, the unconscionable act of murder within the womb. Our freedoms have been used against us, freedoms in which only a moral population can avoid their demise.

As the great president’s toil at the last war amongst ourselves, then as now we have forgotten, we have marginalized, we have compartmentalized, and we have turned our backs on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. President Abraham Lincoln’s words are critically important right now, just as they were when he first delivered them. Repent, cry out in sorrow to Almighty Yahweh, and turn from wickedness, lest we suffer His Righteous Judgment now at the ready.


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