Mark of the Beast (Video)

Also a look at Chinese Social Credit Score program...

David Garman

My hope is that this video will bring at least some additional awareness against the coming “Mark of the Beast.”

The ground work has been completed and the beta testing is under way. Really all that remains is the launch theater, the display of extreme crisis.

Form Nero to the Google Chrome button, from the papal title if you look, they each boast a 666. What about the www prefix on virtually all website addresses or the rice grain microchip? These and more, all presage the infamous so-called Mark of the Beast.

We would be wise to pay attention to the direction in which technology is moving. Finger prints, palm prints, the scanning of the eye, coming to the fore as the best identifier of an individual. Because these are the very areas of the body indicated in Revelation 13. Jabbing a rice grain microchip under the skin between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand has grown to be a favorite convenience tool for many Swedes. Close, very close.

See this documentary on Chinese Social Credit Score:

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Hollywood celebrities will promote the the true mark, governments will mandate it as a crucial identity tool. Of course the image of the antichrist beast will awe and stupify, with god-like fervor, the world into receiving it. They will try to overcome natural reluctance, they will stoop to the very depths of depravity if need be. Their efforts must be denied with every fiber of our being.

China and India represent a massive group of human beings with little resistance to the requirements imposed by governments to coerce and demand compliance to this technology. Which, by the way, is a final act.

Money will simply consist of permission to move within the system. Global movers and shakers are fully aware of the obvious link between what they do and the description in the book of Revelation 13, 15-18. Many of the masses simply will not care, and many will have to be persuaded.

Do not go along with this insidious program, no matter what they say or do, no matter what threat or act they commit against you or your loved ones, no matter what you risk losing. All modern necessities of life will be controlled through the program. Be mentally and Spiritually ready to walk away from all of it.

It is my prayer that you and I will stand with our Mighty and Glorious Risen Savior, Y’shua the Messiah at the end of days.

Must see, more on this topic here.

UPDATE 11/1/18:

Going to Europe?

Pilot program was launched in EU countries, Hungary, Latvia and Greece using AI micro expression analysis, palm vein scans, face matching and fingerprinting. Border officials will pre-screen each entrant with hand held device to determine truthfulness. The result so far is that the process is 76% accurate, with the hope of achieving 85%. (That is where the “mark” on the right hand or the forehead will be necessary to bring the rate to 99.9-100%.)

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