Supreme Suppression

David Garman

Spending the day watching a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is not normally choice entertainment. Waiting for a vote the next day like it was some sort of major sporting event is equally odd. Speaking of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh v Dr Christine Ford sexual assault accusation to prevent a SCOTUS nominee from sitting on said court. Certainly this was something that one should care enough to see for one’s self. An event which had and continues to have grave implications for the continuation of our country.

The elephant in the room: ABORTION. Kavanaugh would bring pro-life thinkers to the majority in the court. Therefore an accuser was brought with lurid, titillating details about a vague encounter 36 years past. The accuser, as a psychology professor herself, was well trained, versed in body language, eye movements and speaking tones. (There must be a technical term for speaking by drawing in a shallow breath, then with minimal pressure speech is formed as this low pressure air flows through the vocal cords, giving a muted guttural tone to the voice.) Vulnerability was the key impression the audience was to glean. Secondly, that her motivation was only to reveal hidden things. Oh, Ok.

Though I do not recall abortion mentioned even once during the questioning of Ford and Kavanaugh. It was mentioned indirectly by the Left during comments before yesterday’s vote. Shrieking women lined the corridors outside the hearing room, did you notice that Ford’s lawyers were visible, positioned in the background over Kavanaugh’s right shoulder as he testified? Happenstance?

Besides this, many battles are taking place at state and local levels as well. During upcoming midterm elections, governors will be chosen by where they stand on abortion. Because if President Trump succeeds in placing another pro-life justice on the Supreme Court (such as Kavanaugh), Roe v Wade can be reversed, giving power to the individual states as to what their regulations on human pregnancy abortion will be. The right is for life, the left is for death and to see that it continues. That is certainly the glaring result of said judiciary hearing held last Thursday, the 27th of September, 2018.

Satanic forces in the guise of diverse Leftist champions of women’s rights, war against the necessary repentance in these barely united states.

Dealing with the period of time, about 20 years, mid-60s to the mid-80s, there must be some unbeknownst code. A code to warn before an attack. Or to lay a trap against a generation, some who would emerge for the good (for righteousness sake) to oppose the attacker at some later time. How many instances have we heard someone exclaim, “that’s just like in the movies”? Hollywood has produced a number of projects dealing time travel. Usually some heroic figure travels back or forth in time to change an outcome. They like to lord over and tell us they see the future as they warn us of our demise.

The late 1960’s and the entire decade of the 1970’s served to launch ideas of sexual liberation through print, television and the big screen. Morals were prudish. Parental authority was challenged. Feminism, abortion, birth control pills promised to free women from the “consequences” of liberal sexual activity. But it also increased the likelihood that a mental file from any incident could be dredged up for revenge or other purposes such as discrediting a Supreme Court nominee. Without such safeguards against pregnancy, and without the mass media promotion of promiscuity, these files would likely not have accumulated. With proper oversight, girls and boys would not have been allowed into many of these potentially compromising situations in the first place.

I have had this working theory for some time. That satanic forces set traps for people, sometimes when they are very young, sometimes in their youth, sometimes in adulthood, whole generations as well as individuals, to be sprung on them at a later time. The mission: to assassinate the reputation or worse, of those who have been called to repentance, just as they are about to work toward repentance in others, individually and nationally.

At this point, with the concession granted to the Left for an FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh, and with the certain piling on of accusers, and by the grand institutions cited by the judge now disowning him, he will not be a Supreme Court Justice. By destroying him they also damage the president.

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