Time (Video)

David Garman

We are at the feet of the Babylonian image, an elaborate timeline from Nebuchadnezzar to the present. We often hear how early civilizations were inferior to the tech-savvy period in which we live. We are sadly mistaken.

The Babylonian spirit lives on, however decrepit it is now. Yet it has infested all areas of our world. As a demonstration of its permeation and degradation, we need look no further than the hallowed halls of the United States congress.

The enemy within has lost its fear of any repercussion. Fearlessly they lie cheat, and some much worse. Truth has no value to those who infest, who perform a charade for the cameras as though they represent us. They work to destroy those who would right the wrongs inflicted on us by the Supreme Court. They will stop at nothing to block those who would bring an end to the national sin of pregnancy abortion as a constitutional right.

They are too convoluted to succeed in their war against us.

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