Global Government, Russia-China as Gog-Magog, Union of Religions, Mark of the Beast

David Garman

Since our 2013 publication of this video, much of its content has become prominent news. Russia is directly involved militarily in the Syrian war theater (operating S-200 or 400 anti missile system for example), opposite the United States and Israel. The Russian-Chinese alliance has solidified militarily, together conducting massive war games even including Mongolia, at the time of this writing. They have formed an anti-USD trading block. To counter US tariffs, Russia has even given large tracts of land to China for the production of agricultural products. I haven’t heard anyone screeching about Germany being Gog lately.

Fresh articles have been published on alternative news websites describing the spiritual nature of the leftist push to destroy Western civilization. Pointing out that the people we see are only pawns, possessed to varying degrees by these “lets call them demons for now.”

The global religion is forming through ecumenism and high technology

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