Post Truth

David Garman

The last chapter of the book of Revelation gives an often overlooked warning. Consequently, the problem so permeates our interactions it is practically inescapable. In some, it is automatic and even unnecessary in terms of what purpose it may have served. We are referring to those who “loveth and maketh a lie.” In politics and business the fib or little white lie, or just tell ’em this or that is now graduated to outright treason and fraud at every level. We are not allowed to see the kingpins. Most conceal themselves in the shadows of their bunkers, but we discern the spirit they exude. It is broadcast far and wide.

The most proficient liars are the ones with the most to gain by lying. Lying is to them an art form. How to lie while appearing truthful. How to create an illusion of benefit in the mind of the hearer, for example. They take great pride in their ability to escape detection. Some of us have heard it announced that the world has entered a “post truth” era. It seems at every turn this is the case.

Truth, they imply is a white man’s construct. They say a diversity of values exists across the collection of cultures, yes. “The concept of human nature that informs international relations theory is a western one, produced through studies of western subjects but erroneously applied to people the world over.”(Harvard International Review) In other words, our concept of fairness and other virtues such as truth are not necessarily, and probably not shared by other peoples.

As the assault on all things Western relentlessly pursues us, what good says the adversary, is the Western idea of truth? Get rid of that notion too! All one need do is read the news coming out of the current high level United States government hearings. Underhanded dealings, lying, cheating, stealing, high treasonous activities ignored following the last presidential campaign season. It may seem through these charades that the battle for truth as been lost. Not so.

We must know Truth. We must discern lies, among them are lies by omission. Part of the truth given as all of the truth, leaving important gaps in understanding. This post will focus on lies by omission. What links to Truth have been omitted or reshuffled to facilitate ignorance. Is there for some a delight in watching others struggle to find Truth whole-heartedly sought?

There is another kind of falsehood, and it rarely if ever enters the scope of discussion.

119 Ministries produced a video which confirmed this writer’s belief regarding a very important feature in our earthly sojourn. I watched the series two Sabbaths ago with my family. Having seen ketiv-qere during research, but never checked into it in any depth, this presentation did.

For now in this post, this term will be used to indicate falsifying the Tanakh. And for now we are talking about diverting by giving fake pronunciations (through the addition of vowel ticks) within the Tetragrammaton, or the NAME in scribal copies of the Tanakh. One version for them, one version to throw us off course. But I caution, we should remain open to perhaps this sleight of hand served an important purpose.

Ketiv-qere is the act, to put it diplomatically, of hiding the Name or other information from the “unworthy.” (Sad to note that the Tetragrammaton has been used in unholy ways, particularly in magic and other occult practices. The fathers of Communism practiced magic, as influential Jews they would naturally have had access to the secret writings or received by word of their sages.)

Various pronunciations of the Name have caused remarkable division within the so-called Hebrew Roots – Messianic movement. Our group did not escape the division along with many others. My personal position for now as then, is that we should pronounce the Holy Name as we sincerely believe it should be. Preached that, have not wavered from it. This position is accompanied by a verse indicating there is a certain point in time… “So I will make My Holy Name known in the midst of My people Israel; and I will not let them pollute My Holy Name anymore; and the heathen shall know that I Am Yahweh, the Holy One in Israel.” Look in Ezekiel 39, see that it is referred to among prophecies regarding the Gog-Magog war.

Doesn’t Israel already know (have) the Name? And are we talking about the Almighty’s character and authority, or are we talking about the pronunciation of His name?


In the glory days of the European kings, explorers would claim land in the name of the king. The captain would many times give discovered land the king’s name, but it was taken by his authority. About the authority, I have preached it. The king’s name and his authority were synonymous. Speak the kings name and you project his authority.

What is rarely seen in the many discussions is any reference to Y’shua the Messiah. He had something to say about it. He said this as He prayed for the apostles, “I have glorified Thee on earth, I have finished the work which Thou gavest Me to do. And now, O Father, glorify Me with Thine Own Self with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was. I have manifested Thy Name unto the men which Thou gavest Me out of the world: Thine they were, and Thou gavest them to Me; and they have kept Thy word.” We find this in John 17.

Y’shua the Messiah brought forth many wonders, showing the character and the authority of the Father in public. On the other hand, it is also apparent that the Name was not given out liberally, but revealed to the apostles. There is little doubt that current day apostles do have the proper pronunciation of the Name. And we can agree that the pronunciation is not one of the various ketiv-qere versions which are vigorously promoted by those who have risen to the top of the Messianic movement.

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