Holding Us Back

Was it all a simple misunderstanding?

David Garman

While we count the days to Shavuot, or Pentecost, a parable came to us this Sabbath. Y’shua Salvation spoke a parable about a hedged (walled up on every side) vineyard with a tower and a wine press or vat, workers or husbandmen-farmers, servants a Householder and an Heir. To His disciples it was spoken and to a company of Jews who were present. (See Matthew 21:33-40)

Farmers (Greek georgos, hard ‘g,’ also German Ge’org, as in Washington, even Soros and the pseudonym Orwell. George seems to be a favored name, connected with immense carnal wealth and fame or infamy over the centuries as well as today.) are daily, hands-on workers and overseers as to the well-being of the produce as it matures. Their nurturing is crucial to a healthy, nutrient rich and plentiful harvest. The produce in the case of this parable represents the people whom the farmers – civil authorities, the pastors, priest, the pharisees are supposed to be caring for. Servants are sent with forcefulness to get a hold of the fruit at the end of the growing season.

(Y’shua Messiah often uses wonderfully suited agricultural metaphors to convey meaning to an agrarian people.)

Who are the servants? The parable contains an important clue. It rests in the treatment they received at the hand of the husbandmen-farmers. Mocking, beatings, killings, stonings, most all true prophets suffered thus, delivering warnings, correction, calling for a return and repentance to those in authority and to the entire people. When more prophets were sent, they were attacked in the same way (see Hebrews 11). Before Zechariah was stoned, he cried, “Why transgress the commandments of Yahweh, that ye cannot prosper?”

(Our failure to guard the Commandments of Yah, keeps us within a cage, we can not break out, we can not push forward to realize our true untainted potential as a nation. Which is precisely why the enemy promotes all kinds of sin through Marxist influence over churches, governments, courts and of course their entertainment industry. They call us gentiles, goy cattle, dismissing and cloaking our Israelite heritage. We should not forget that launching the degradation process in America began with the removal of thousands of Ten Commandments monuments and other types of reminders from town squares, courthouses, schools and churches. Who spearheaded the effort to dismantle these reminders?)

After the ill treatment of His servants, the Householder said of the farmers, “They will reverence My Son.” You would think so. But the response toward the Heir was quite to the contrary. They conspired among themselves concluding that, “This is the Heir; come let us kill Him, and let us seize on His inheritance.” The farmers recognized Him as the Heir, which dispels the myth that they did not know, or they would not have put Him to death, or that the Romans were responsible for the deed. They took the Heir outside the city walls, outside the vineyard, and killed Him. (Even so, this was the plan of redemption, the shed blood of Y’shua Salvation opens the door to forgiveness of our manifold sins.)

What is also interesting here is that the farmers wanted to seize on the inheritance. That is to HOLD US DOWN! To grab us, to keep us in the perpetual cycle of servitude to them. To keep us from thinking beyond our mortgage payments, the electric bill, the car payment and the ball game. All that expenditure of effort so that we can continue in the cycle! It is ludicrous! Great business model for the corporate overlords, on the other hand.

We too must overcome as Y’shua did, we also are heirs to the Kingdom prepared for us. We should expect the same treatment that our Master received.

And what about the wine vat, as in the Hebrew Matthew, or the KJV winepress? A wine vat (winefat) receives the juice from the press, the press is obviously for squeezing out or stomping down on the grapes to extract the juice. The term “winepress” appears five times in the NT, once here in Matthew, and four times in the book of Revelation. The winepress is a picture of Righteous Judgment, wrath, pressure, trouble, perplexity, tribulation. But in the context of the parable, it would indicate use in processing the finished product, the fruit of the vine, righteousness in us, His inheritance. Y’shua being the Vine, as He said. (John 15:1,4)

Towers are for watching, keeping guard, alerting to approaching danger. Is seems, however, that the danger was from within. Precisely the situation we find ourselves at this very moment in America and Europe. The watchmen in the tower gave warning, but the warnings were ignored.

What about us? Most people in the United States of America continue to refer to ourselves as Christians. We consider ourselves “good” people, yet have never heard-and-answered, never followed through on the call to turn our lives from transgression of the law. All the while we as a people would rather continue in sin and blissful ignorance, than to enter true repentance and forgiveness of sin through the shed blood to the Risen Savior Y’shua Messiah, and to keep His Commandments that it would go well with us! Free indeed!

One more thing. It never ceases to amaze and astound, as experts in Babylonian-Hebrew writing, fluently recite in Hebrew, complete with newly discovered vowel ticks, and translate to English, are able to silence questions through their displays of linguistic prowess. Boisterous declarations that a special man is revealing end-time secrets, the Holy Name now in particular. In other words, we had better get on board with these revelations, and see the secret information contained in the special undisclosed disc, part of a multi-DVD set, soon available for purchase. (I heard this just yesterday, 28 April 2018, the Sabbath.) Something is definitely very wrong in this marketing strategy. From this same crop of experts, who have come to dominate the age-end Messianic Surge, some fail in the face of all their learning, to confess that Y’shua is Messiah, the Heir. We’re supposed to trust these people?

What is written in the Gospels concerning this issue? Remember, utter, speak or say. “Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I also confess before My Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in heaven.” (See Matthew 10:32-33, Luke 12:8) Looking at Matthew 16:15-17, and Luke 9:20, particularly the former, we find that flesh and blood did not reveal to Simon Peter, that Y’shua was the Son, (the Heir) the Messiah rather it was His (our) Father in Heaven. “He that is not with Me is against Me; he that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad.” (Whosoever does not join himself to Me denies Me. Hebrew Matthew 12:30)

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