David Garman

There is a famous quote from the book of Isaiah, foretelling the complete destruction of Damascus. Chapter 17 does not say why or who particularly will cause her demise. Only that she will cease from being a city, she will become a “ruinous heap.” Damascus is said to be the oldest continuously occupied city in the world, rather this age. The end of Damascus would mark an end according to our perception, of a long timeline. The end of one thing signifies the beginning of another.

The survivors of the Syrian holocaust, as it is written in the aforementioned portion of Isaiah, “shall be as the glory of the children of Israel,” but the glory of Jakob (Israel) will be made “thin.” Jakob’s fatness will become lean. The harvest will be scant and the orchards will bring forth but a few fruits. Scary times, shortages, an uneasy tinge takes hold. Drape this chapter over today’s news and as we now experience a late, cold Spring, farmers should be planting corn. (Instead, at this moment, it is 6:12 am, April 16th, 24 degrees Fahrenheit, blustery winds, yesterday it snowed nearly all day.) It does indeed presage lean times. Shortages also threaten to come as a result of trade wars between the East and the West, driving many American farmers out of business.

Do you find it interesting that the latest, highly publicized bombing of Syrian targets was by the hand of the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of France? These countries represent the bulk of the people of “Ephraim” or the Northern 10, called “Israel.” Yet, as the passage in Isaiah states, the fortress shall cease from Ephraim. The covering of protection we have enjoyed will be lifted. Because we have forgotten the source of our Salvation.

This is all coming to bring us back, to make us realize once, for all, the source of our Salvation. We think we are too intelligent, we have plans of our own making to dodge trouble. We’ve created our own altars, medical plans, retirement plans, energy, chemical farming, even our work-a-day world jobs. Therefore, thanks but no thanks, we’ve had it figured out, we don’t need you, God. We like you just fine in church, but we’re good people, we’ve reasoned it well within ourselves. (All the while hiding our sin behind good deeds.) The time has come where we will be shaken to the core.

Yah’s loving purpose is found in these times of difficulty. This is a huge wake-up call. Internalize strong advice, take it as though your life depended on it: “Thus saith Yahweh the Elohim of Israel, in that day let man trust in his Maker, and his eyes look upon (have respect toward) the Holy One of Israel; and let him no more put confidence in his altars, nor the works of their hands which their fingers have made, nor to the groves nor to their abominations.”

Our Maker as His own plan, this to induce us to repentance, turning away from the national as well as the personal sins and turn to a whole hearted return to Him as our only Salvation. Drop the rebellion.

As the battle lines have been drawn over Syria, this destruction of Damascus is a waymark, a notification that the tears of national repentance are about to flow. Come quickly, Y’shua Salvation, our Messiah.

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