Passover Siege

David Garman

The wannabe Caliph has called for a siege, As calendar Passover 2018 comes, so does the beginning of a siege in the form of families, asked to form tent cities along the Gaza border wall, and spreading to the West Bank. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have ordered to become an introductory phase, the emotional phase of the intended military siege ordered by Erdogan not long ago. All Islamic countries should unite to lay a siege, said the Turk leader (according to reports), against Israel. The deaths of innocents placed in harms way, and attributed to this phase will form the basis of propaganda justifying to said countries their collective military action. Russia/China will buttress the action with arms and expertise as a barrier against remaining Western capabilities.

May 14th is a big day. The United States of America will be the first to officially move their embassy to Jerusalem, on that day. The declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, and the subsequent embassy move created a climate of now or never for the Islamic world in terms of Jerusalem. Read Psalm 83 for more information.

Continual Washington, DC soap operas are vacuuming oxygen from these and other pressing events. If most this material wasn’t presented as legitimate news, it would be considered a comedy routine. We’ve got pornography queens accusing the President, a Peter Pan clone placed on the national stage to demand gun confiscation, the nonstop controversy of transgenders serving in the military, the continuous chorus of goof-ball, self hating college professors pushing for the demise of European genetics, Western nations held open to invasion and conquest by militant religionists, suggesting children’s cartoon heroes have pregnancy abortions, wacko. What will they entertain with next week? The delusions abound, and unfortunately they are actually having the desired effects.

If we sum it all up here, we are also under siege. Through tenacious patience they have surrounded the minds of the masses in imaginary borders. And we are about to reap sad consequences of these evangelists of self destruction. The inhabitants of this country happily engage in some form of their own demise, through consumption of sin’s many offerings, rebellion and willful ignorance. They have as the Bible states, been given over to a reprobate mind. Is the condition permanent? Hopefully not.

For example, no gun fanatics here, but we should be students of history, the last 200 years or so at least. We should understand what would take place in this country should those on one half of the country’s political divide, and some on the other, succeed in disarming the citizens. We would do well to understand why there is such fanatical drive to get this accomplished at practically all costs right now.

History has vividly shown disarmament to be a precursor to mass death. History also vividly illustrates the deterrent force an armed population has against this outcome. Governments over time tend to devolve into mass murderers of their own people. Growing bored with simply controlling, satanic lust drives them to blood, killing methods becoming more and more gruesome as the former satisfaction fades.

It is imperative that populations be disarmed before conquest. Why push for it now, because we Americans are the final hurdle in the takeover of the West. Up until now the deterrent has held. Because the citizenry is armed, there remains trepidation within the conqueror, we have this time while at relative ease, compared to other places in the world, to REPENT. The clueless and emotion driven advocates of national disarmament are wishing unimaginable butchery upon themselves. They are blissfully ignorant that they will be destroyed as their usefulness as traitors has run its course.

Yet the time and purpose for arms is shortly over. Our barriers are not military. Our high tower is not of stone, our shield is not of beaten metal, our sword is not by the hand of the smith. Whose Name is called the Word of Yah? Who said, I Am He that liveth, and was dead, and, behold, I Am alive again?

Remember the first Exodus, just as Pharaoh believed that we were trapped, defenseless in the desert valley, surrounded by high cliffs with no escape, so will the haughty dictators in our time believe that we are all but in their grasp. Defenseless, they seem when carnal weapons are of no use. The most magnificent display of Salvation the world has ever seen will flash from one end of the earth to the other. The dead in Y’shua Yah’s Salvation will rise from the dead first. The countless forgotten martyrs, forgotten no more, the steadfast, the unwavering, those who guarded, kept the Commandments, and have the testimony and the faith of Y’shua Yah’s Salvation! Then those of us who Yah has directed would survive, will finally meet our Savior, caught up to Him in the air, and we will see Him as He is, to live and reign with Him in a Kingdom filled with His righteousness. Our souls have so hungered and thirsted, we will be filled.

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