Social(ist) Media?

David Garman

Someone said a few years back that if a service is free of charge, YOU are the product. Very true and surprising enough that countless people couldn’t understand their own inherent value to the mega-database. They simply offered up what intelligence gathering powers over the globe work diligently to obtain. The goal: a highly detailed profile on you and your connections. The likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler all went to great lengths, they relied on complicated networks of spies and snitches to possess the kind of information you offer up on social media .

At the onset promoters gave seminars on what a great new networking tool these platforms were and how ridiculous it was not to take advantage of them. They bought into the “great for business” pitch, connect with friends, and for many their narcissism was tickled as if what they were about to eat that night had to be photographed and sent out in cyberspace as essential information.

And as we know the whole thing became a cesspool of “sexting” and other graphic indulgences, sent to “friends” and “followers.” One service even went so far as to promise users that their pictures would disappear, no need to worry about the content then, after a while, poof, it’s gone. …Sure. But even the most benign material can and will be used against you.

Every media outlet in their arsenal was full bore ahead with this stuff, until many simply could not live without it. What always concerned the hesitant, was how do these people stay in business, the service they offer is free of charge and they do not produce anything? Oh come now, we’re offering a nebulous do-good enrichment to your lives, our only purpose is to serve at your pleasure. All the while mocking and laughing at the gullibility of their customers, using filthy language and calling them idiots. Do they have a point?

Now that personal details of their lives are on some giant server somewhere, the intent of the conspirators has come to light. Crying foul! Shame on you social media moguls you have betrayed our trust! Really? Perhaps you failed to read the contract before you hit the submit button. Why bother, it’s only a formality you say.

I can’t understand the sudden outcry against the Facegooks, the Googoos, the Twits, and whatever else you care to list. These companies do have a profit model. The top executives make themselves filthy rich by selling your personal profile information, which you’ve given them at no cost, and… they allow themselves the opportunity to gloat about doing their part in furthering their foremost project, global government.

Your undivided attention, your addiction to these nefarious forces is the icing on the cake, so to speak. With the application to cell phones and certain televisions, the social media companies can collect data on you all day and night through speakers and cameras, without you even posting. They have claimed it’s all for targeted advertising, bull! There exists driving forces more powerful than profit.

Discernment forbids some joining these deceptive, subversive schemes. On the other hand, intelligence gathering devices and applications are essentially everywhere now. If you have a cell phone or a computer, you are being monitored. If you leave your house, someone is watching. So a good rule then is to project into your data what you would give to Y’shua our Salvation.

For me, being aware of continual surveillance, there is always a cell phone near by, it is being honest in righteous speech, in righteous judgments toward today’s issues. We can defend our positions because we are already firmly grounded in them when they come to purge us. We have not played a double game, saying the politically correct things to blend in, to avoid rocking the boat. We want them to know what we think, we want them to know that we’re wise to their schemes, we want them to know that we are not afraid to speak the Truth, we want them to know that we guard the Commandments of Yahweh, and have the live faith of Y’shua and His testimony.

Our social credit score, which is precisely what we have helped them accumulate through social media, should show a steadfast, fearless, immovable connection to Y’shua Messiah, our Salvation, that we are His possession only, as they attempt to claim ownership of us and everyone on the planet. Everything we do on the internet is stored and evaluated.

Another thing, aren’t you sick of reading the stupid cop-out phrase that “the media doesn’t understand, they just don’t get it!” Au contraire. They are perfectly aware of the goals.

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