Intent to Destroy

David Garman

In order to destroy the Western people, they must attack us on many fronts. My friends if this is war, we are not on the cusp of war, war is here now. The people of Western civilization, not governments, the people are the obvious enemy of Global Government.

What are some of the precursors to bloodshed phases in war scenario? Marginalize those with factual opposing views. Assassinate the character of and aggressively move to silence those who have discerned the plot and have acted in various ways to warn the people. Make public examples of these individuals and groups who have given warning. Forbid national symbols and reminders of heritage. Overspread communities and sexually target the nation’s women. Block or take over financial capabilities. Control all food and water access channels. Take over all communications. Does any of this sound familiar? If not you are asleep.

For those who are new to Zivlife, this may be the only time these words will reach you. Let it be repeated that here in the United States of America, we have been softened up over the past 60 years, through every form of communication, network news conglomerates, entertainment, church sermons, education, sport, but most importantly, the elimination of the 10 Commandments from all spheres of daily life, to accept the above as enlightened, normal, just and moral, even Christlike.

Espousing what amounts to national suicide in order to make peace and to get along, simply to foster what we think are Christian feelings of unity and equality? Witnesses to today’s atrocities once believed in this as well. They succumbed to the sales tactic used in Europe and the hopeless situation in South Africa. It is precisely what they are attempting right now, right here in all the cities and towns of America.

Can we call these attributes Christlike? No. To be quite frank. We are to resist evil with every fiber of our being, no matter how it is presented. Our Salvation said that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Look it up, Matthew 10:34. We are not indeed or in mind to be one with the world. If there is little difference between the globalist world view and our own are we not of the world? Yes, of course there’s church every Sunday, maybe twice and on Wednesday too.

John 17:11, 21 seem to support today’s equality position, it is likely the underpinning of contemporary church doctrine in the first place. We are all guilty to some extent in being unwilling to see what we do not agree with. However, something this important, a policy which has had such widespread and grossly negative effects, should require further scrutiny. Having a little humility and beginning to question honestly, were we right about this? Some are now admitting to the error, but the die is cast. Said verses contain the word one. As defined it is the prime number, one, though there are several “see also” references indicating necessity for further clarity. This has nothing to do with racial amalgamation, overspreading migration or elimination of national borders. (The second example of the word one in verse 21 carries a disclaimer in the form of an * which indicates a potential error.)

We are referring to Salvation Y’shua’s exclusive possession in the word, one by one, singled out, severally, distinct from others, separate… from what?… the world. It is the Apostles and those who would come after, as the chapter covers. Y’shua Himself was not of the world. We are not one in the world, we are one in Y’shua. And the world is the principalities and powers, who are at present binding, blending, coercing, directing and deceiving with intent to destroy us. Y’shua came to bring division, not unity.

We are set apart by Truth. We are not in the majority, if the world is comfortable with us, we’d better undergo serious introspection. By the same token, if we are comfortable with the world, what is going on, if we are not sometimes offended with the goings on under the sun, if we go along to get along (no the left does not have a monopoly on the capacity to become offended), we’ve been desensitized, we are now tolerant conformists.

When in public, we are by necessity in a sanctuary city one or twice a week. We can usually expect to experience something offensive, our latest trip was no exception. A few days ago my wife and I were entering Walmart. Around the corner proceeding to exit, appears a black man in his 20’s walking like he was straddling a horse, having both hands pressed against his groin, framing his gentiles. On his face was a glazed over, creepy grin like he would mount his blond “girlfriend” who was a step or two in front of him, right there in the store! Did you see that!? Yes it is greatly offensive, for a host of reasons. Couldn’t get that picture out of my mind for some time after.

We are expected to smile and say to ourselves, well, that’s the way things are in his culture. Yet this sight seemed to symbolize in a vivid way, the ongoing attack against all Western nations. The deceived adulterous woman.

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