The Whole Matter

David Garman

It is the third day of February, 2018, sometime after midnight, and the ominous scent of revolution is in the air. Yesterday was an interesting day, there’s no doubt about that. The plethora of subversive and treasonous deeds, along with their manifold efforts to conceal them, the Hard Left here in the United States of America was officially exposed. Nothing anyone with an ounce of discernment didn’t already see coming. Now the door seems open to peer into the piles of skeletons heaped up in their closets. Yesterday, in a communique with my Dad, I relayed that it looks like we are coming to a Bolshevik Revolution 21st century style, and later said to my brother via the telephone that the Left is cornered and must either fold or strike out.

Today is the Sabbath. Normally, there’s no news media allowed. But it seemed necessary to understand the reaction in the Leftist, main stream media, the next day. Sure enough, they are clamoring. “Our democracy is under siege!” he projected. “People need to start taking to the streets!” “People, this is a, we need a revolution at this point,” the hysterical pundit preached. Can’t help but wonder if their hoped for insurrection will actually materialize this time. When it meaningfully upsets the lives of the average American, yes.

(There’s a part of me that believes it’s all a smoke screen. A cunning soap opera, putrid gossip designed to distract the unwary from something orders of magnitude greater in importance.)

Until then many or most will dutifully cling to their work-a-day routine, convincing themselves and pretending this too shall pass. With the big game in a day or two, they will immerse themselves in the food, drink and pageantry and forget the world for a little while. Can’t say I blame them sometimes.

Some of us are already out, by choice or not, enduring the sting of the unknown and feeling the release of something resembling a death grip on the material world. The familiar and comfortable becoming rattled and unsure. Not unlike our exodus out of Egypt. Yes, hardship, doubt, danger, but they would be free. Our ancestors left behind the known commodity, their existence in Egypt, for an unknown expanse of desert. And, it wasn’t without many shocking tragedies witnessed beforehand across the land of bondage. In this respect our day is no different.

Like our forebearers, we will be directed to an exact point and place by the mighty hand of the Most High. We’ve started small, and little by little we have built up our faith. We understand our faith is an action, not a denomination. It really is like a little seed, we trust for the small things and that Y’shua the Risen One, responds knowing that we are little children.

We gradually grow to trust Him in the greater and greater things, material needs, healings, everything! Because Y’shua did wounderous works, He said that we would do them too, and greater. It is time now more than ever that we internalize this promise, and that we if we haven’t already, to begin acting on it. Conforming, not to the world as as with seekers of worldly acts and appearances (the many are compelled toward this), but to store treasure, and I mean treasure, where it is permanent, by conforming to the image and likeness of Y’shua. We do what He did, we suffer the indignities, persecution and physical harm up to and including death, heal the sick, raise the dead and destroy satanic power. Y’shua Salvation will finish His work in us and we will live and reign with Him.

Our treasure, our reward is measured according to our works. That is what we do, not what we profess. We are known in this age by what we do, engineer, sign painter, baker, programmer, you understand. What is the whole matter, what is our cause? What word of advice would I give if it was the last thing out of my mouth? Y’shua did not come to destroy the Commandments, He built them up, He fortified them. Love YAH and guard His Commandments, this is the conclusion we should come to.

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