Threats to Global Government

David Garman

Until very recently I’d never heard of Tom Ogle. But after reading about him the thought of Nikola Tesla immediately came to mind. Very simple observations would lead these young men to innovations which would have, could have reverberated across the entire world. Inventions which would liberate all of mankind from the grip of energy dependency.

By the same token, from a seemingly unrelated direction, is a farmer by the name of Albert Happel. He lived on and worked the original homestead in Benton County, Iowa during the first half of the 20th century. Each of these men in their own way represented a threat to those powerful, shadowy figures who conspire day and night to keep us in servitude.

Albert is my wife’s grandfather. I’ve spent many hours listening to my father-in-law reminisce about life on that farm. In those years it seems every need was supplied. Stories about the orchard, plumbs, pears, apples, peaches. The annual rotation of chickens through the fruit trees, eating harmful insects, all the while dropping nutrient essential for the health of the tree. Fertile ground for the productive garden, livestock, fishing, hunting plentiful pheasant, quail, in the dense cover of the mulberry hedges.

“Dad sent people home with gunny sacks full of potatoes and apples tied to the fenders of their car.” People would stop on the way by for a drink of water from the well. Often times tears would well up in father-in-law Jim’s eyes, at what a beautiful life that was. Chiming in, I commented that Albert didn’t care if the stock market crashed, or where the world was headed. They lived on a self contained microcosm, rich in variety, to the benefit of themselves and others. Yah fearing people who knew the source of their plenty. It is sad that this freedom has all but vanished. But that was by design.

Many of our mindset struggle to restore some semblance of that kind of liberty. Countering American Gothic, which spawned Green Acres, and a number of other contrivances, portraying farmers as dirty and/or socially ignorant and/or backward people. Hand in hand with commodity centered, chemical farming that we’ve been roped into, nearly every inch of available land in Iowa has been trenched, tiled and tilled. We are at the mercy of the economy. We hunt in the grocery store aisles and harvest in the produce section. Just in time food deliveries to the grocery retailers mean any interruption would cause panic, shelves would empty out within hours. We know how much hungry people are vulnerable to dangerous influences.

Then there’s Tom Ogle. A 20 something young man who set the auto, energy and finance sectors of the world reeling. What did he do? He invented a new fuel intake process for auto engines. He got rid of the carburetor. His gadget caused liquid gasoline to be introduced to the combustion chamber as pressurized fumes. If you remember the 427 big block V8, you are fully aware of its thirst for gasoline. You’d probably see 8-12 miles per gallon. When he converted one over to his process, the car saw a shocking 100 mpg. He claimed that many of the compact cars out, particularly in Europe would see 400-600 mpg.

Of course there were nay-sayers, yet early on he had professors and other experts, people from the media vouch for him. “This is no hoax,” said Dr. Hawkins, “Ogle eliminated the carburetor and achieved what the gasoline internal combustion engine was supposed to do all along – to operate off fumes.”

This astounding development brought the titans of auto manufacturing and energy to his door. Some said he would become the richest man in the world. He sold his patent and would collect handsome royalties and so forth. Unfortunately he proved no match for the underbelly of world money-changers, who through sleight of hand, stripped him of his cash flow. When they tried to assassinate him, he managed to survive the gun shot. A short time later he was pronounced dead after consuming a drink laced with a narcotic. Dead at age 24, “…in his grave and his invention, buried.” Of course they labeled it a suicide.

Easy to understand, isn’t it, how the likes of the Standard Oils of the world would feel the pinch, as people would be free to drive with far fewer stops at the pump. Longevity of the engines themselves would greatly increase due to lack of carbon build-up, car sales would suffer. Forget that air quality would heal up due to extremely low emissions.

Finally there’s Tesla, a household name at this point in time. (My own Dad lent me a copy of Tesla’s biography several years ago.) Instead of battery powered vehicles marketed using his name, he should be remembered for his astounding accomplishments to bring free energy to all. And he could deliver. He “…operated in an entirely new domain of physics…” He called his discovery Radiant Electricity. “All of space is filled with this matter.”

“Reputations, agendas and financial interests” caused the scientific community of the day to create “fundamental laws” (read gate keepers), to circumvent or lock out Tesla’s amazing discoveries. Edison’s system was easily controlled, confined to a grid, and therefore adaptable to customer billing. Meanwhile Tesla perfected, before he was killed, the wireless transmission of electricity.

Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity,” Tesla said, and he also spoke of the elimination of egotism and pride.

Pitch darkness filled the lab, “Now, my friends, I will make for you some daylight.” Suddenly, the whole laboratory was flooded with strange beautiful light. McGovern, Twain, and Jefferson cast their eyes around the room, but they could find no trace of the source of the illumination. (To this day, no one has duplicated this demonstration). Tesla: Man out of Time – M. Cheney; page 4

Tesla’s lab was burned down. His work survived regardless.

It is this writer’s opinion that the UFO conspiracies over the last decades and the “other worldly space ships” about to be revealed, (many times I’ve dubbed this “super tech”) are based on and represent the furtherance of Tesla’s work. Also the military will introduce into the theater of war, amazing unheard of weaponry. All developed in secret somewhere in the vastness of Antarctica, perhaps.

(It appeared to some who have done thorough investigations into Tesla’s life that he had a premonition that he would be poisoned.)

We can get all the energy we need from the space we find ourselves in.” The inventor was prepared to propose this incredible claim to President FDRoosevelt. But he did not live to appear at their scheduled meeting. Instead, like Ogle, he was poisoned.

Tesla’s achievements have been credited to others, Marconi, Edison, he was a threat to the supremacy of Einstein. They say that the Smithsonian omits the inventor from their list of the great achievers in the field of electrical engineering. And, many campaigns were waged to scare the public away from Radiant Electricity and the many marvels associated with its discovery.

These all were a threat to Global Government.

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