Compassionate Care?

David Garman

These people are certifiably insane!

The “tweet” by a Planned Parenthood abortion mill read: “After 18 years of compassionate care, our Quad Cities health center will officially close on Friday” (All that remains is to let the words of these deluded imbeciles speak for themselves.) Do these people really believe their own noxious insults to common sense? After 18 years of compassionate care, my first question was how many people were brutally murdered as a result their compassionate care?

Furthermore they whined, “a move directly resulting from defunding by extreme Iowa lawmakers. While these lawmakers abandoned women, Planned Parenthood never will.” So, forcing these houses of horror to keel over is extreme. How many women live in silent agony because of their decision to go through with killing their unborn baby? Where is this self proclaimed champion of women when the nightmares come?

Good news for our nation that governors and law makers have finally found the courage to act against these monstrous, so called, health care clinics. Remember that pregnancy abortion remains a constitutional right in the United States of America. Much remains to be done.

The blood of millions and millions is on the hands of those in government and the courts who have approved of, facilitated, have failed to act, or failed to at least speak out against this heinous behavior against women and children. Yes against women, they truly face the ultimate humiliation, legs spread apart while they mangle, suck and dig her dead baby out. This is the fact of the matter, people.

We pray for the continued courage of those in government who face the onslaught which comes against them from the darkness of the abyss. These brave souls have absolved themselves of the guilt which we as a nation carry for the atrocious sin of pregnancy abortion.

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