Joined unto Baal-Peor

David Garman

There is a prism positioned at my studio window. On a clear day, at a certain time, white light passes through it dividing into the satisfyingly beautiful color spectrum. And the colors move across the gessoed walls in vivid clarity.

Blue violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, red violet, they are. One color gives way to the other in a gentle flow, clearly discernible, never defiled. Injure the order just once, streaks of gray or brown will mark the site.

Sometimes we see the same soft color pattern in the sky. Something about this orderly arrangement causes us to take notice. Somehow we stop what we are doing to appreciate it. We wonder about the special circumstances which caused this sight. Look, it casts itself as a barrier between intense light and the dark backdrop of a passing storm.

“When this My bow (it is written in Genesis 9) shall be seen in the cloud, I will look that I may remember the everlasting covenant between Me and the earth and the living in all flesh which is on the earth.” What covenant? “All flesh shall no more die by the water of a deluge; nor shall there be anymore a deluge to destroy the whole earth,” the Creator of the Universe said to Noah. What sin caused this epic destruction? The seed course from Adam had lost its way. It had been contaminated! Noah’s was the only one remaining unscathed. What is the sin? The mixing of seed, miscegenation.

(Why keep harping on this? Very simple. Because you are wilfully ignoring for the sake of unity, tolerance and other notions. Yet it is one of the greatest end time issues. Complacency and cowardice begets destruction. It is ludicrous to omit racial issues which are in themselves sexual issues, representing boundaries and barriers. All front and center, influencing nearly all of today’s political discourse, erupting in violence across the Western world.)

No question about it. Many have been conveniently duped by Jack and the Beanstalk and have missed entirely what is now ferociously set upon Israelite youth. Giving our daughters over as fodder to be shamed, humiliated then ravished because of who they are. Complete insanity, yet Noah witnessed this atrocity overspread in the lead-up to and during the construction of the ark, just as it is right now. First the “sons of God,” now at the opposite end of the timeline, the female is lured into submitting herself to satan’s con. Ask yourself why the maniacal drive to eliminate “whiteness” at the dawn of the Messianic Age. The ultimate perpetrator is now, and will in the coming months and years, resort to any means to destroy us because he knows the time is short.

Some examples resulting from this socially sanctioned gross negligence, yes, the sacrifice of our daughters, is so beyond imagination, so completely unconscionable, that they defy all capacity to comprehend. To imagine a young girl, any female, enduring such “special brutality” makes me wish I’d never heard of it, and will not be mentioned here.

It is no accident that there erupted an interracial special interest organization called the Rainbow Coalition, the figurehead being Jesse Jackson. The marketing identity for this front contained the image of a rainbow. Call this figure number one, marking the desecration and perversion of the sign of that covenant with Noah, reversing its meaning. The additional ingredient of Islam to the minority mix, which we now have, intensifies by orders of magnitude.

What about the male? Figure two, homosexuality in its early promotion vied to be included as a minority group. As such, acquiesced to rainbow theme. No accident that today we see the six colored “rainbow pride” banner as overtly homosexual including all other sexually confused.

Y’shua warns us to watch for the days of Noah and the days of Lot to reappear, simultaneously. Though to my knowledge it is not mentioned in Biblical Scripture, both end time examples of fulfillment perversely brandish the rainbow. By this, they self identify particularly with the days of Noah and the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet we ignore what is in plain sight.

This writing is not against any race. Simply, it is against the crossing of racial boundaries. Clever people have worked diligently to dismantle all sexual barriers. What they couldn’t accomplish through subtle deceit, they are now openly forcing. Socio-racial chaos we see flowering now is a direct result of our capitulation toward their wiles.

Psalm 106 (a HalleluYah) clearly shows that to be mingled among the nations is punishment. Mentioned in this psalm is a man named Phinehas. We avoid Phinehas like the plague he ended, yet his act was to be “counted unto him for righteousness unto all generations forevermore.” We should remember Phinehas and what he did forever. Be clear, we are not instructed to emulate him.

In Ezra 10, the fierce anger of Elohi was cited at the taking of strange wives. Numbers 25 gives an account of those who joined themselves unto Baal-Peor. This is defined as “lord of the hole” Pe-or (pa-ar) meaning open wide, “strong passion or feeling, wide open mouth perhaps alluding to other body cavities,” according to Hebrew dictionary.

Moses ordered the judges to “Slay everyone his men (of Israel) who joined unto Baal-Peor.” (Paul cited this event in 1 Cor 10, calling it fornication KJV.) Because of this sexual sin, there was a plague brought against Israel, it was stopped, but not before 24 thousand died. The sin was whoredom with the daughters of Moab. They invited Israelites to their sacrifices (like a ritual barbecue complete with idol worship satanic features), and…

Who turned away the wrath of Yah? Phinehas, the grandson of Aaron. He went to the tent of an Israelite man and ran him and his foreign lover through with a javelin.

We must restore the symbol of the bow, this Spiritual manifestation of Power from the Throne Room of YAH the Most High Mighty One. HIS reminder to HIMSELF has been so violently abused! Utterly desecrated by the current day resurgent satanic influence which is directly connected to the ultimate destruction. This time by fire against all of those who will not repent.

We will get through if we hold tight to what we have, and let no one take our crown. We will have to endure, and count it all joy, when the attack comes against us because of the truth. The servants the prophets were brutally murdered because of rage against their message. Y’shua said that the servant is not above his Master. We too will suffer. The attack is coming upon us, we are being watched, data is being collected, our whereabouts marked. Saints, be of good cheer, continue in the Commandments of Yah, guard them and the Testimony of Y’shua the Messiah.

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