Projection and Genocide pt2

The uninterrupted course

David Garman

Saying no, builds curiosity. (Eve) saw that the tree was good for food; and that it was delightful to see with the eyes; and that to exercise understanding (knowledge) is attractive… She had been content to leave the tree alone, until she heard that there was no good reason to deprive herself of it’s fruit. The devilishly wise con went to her, not her husband, with a simple psychological ploy. They just want to keep the secret from you. They’re only trying to scare you. There’s no harm in trying it. Why don’t they want you to have it? Eve then justified it in her own mind. She reasoned there was also the perception of good and positive results which would be obtained there by.

Cain was another issue. Where did the murderer come from? Or is it as Unitarians of all denominations postulate today, every diversity in human beings was contained in Adam. Did the kinds emerge as a result of Cain’s fear? Where did he go, did he simply die at the border of Eden, the place where the Garden was planted in it’s eastern side? Certainly not. For some reason he was petrified to go out into the world. Forced to leave the presence of the Creator, he begged, “is my fault too great to be forgiven?” For, his overwhelming fear seemed to be that “whosoever finds me shall kill me.”

(We tend to think of a garden as a manicured, cultivated space. We seldom think of it in terms of defense and a place of safety.)

Nod or Naid, is the land to where Cain went. The land of “black mud,” lowlands adjacent to the land of Eden. He took a wife and proceeded to build a city, which could simply have been an outpost guarded round about. Cain fathered children, who among other things, developed musical instruments, a point which could be important later.

Seth is born to Adam and Eve, as Adam proclaimed, “for God hath raised me up another seed in place of Abel.” But wasn’t Cain Adam’s seed? It may be recalled that a distinguishing “mark or sign” was put on Cain for his protection. Something physical happened to him around the time he went out from the land of Eden. This somehow rendered him inappropriate to continue in Adam’s line. Cain was then compelled to set a defensive posture. Who was Cain afraid of? Wild animals, dinosaurs, other people? What would be the point in taking “seven-fold” vengeance on behalf of Cain against animals? The Bible seems silent on these questions.

Giants are soon mentioned in the book of Genesis. There are here sons of God and daughters of men. The popular thesis purports that these “sons of God” (not demons) engaged in fornication with the lurid daughters of men. A union which produced enormous hybrid humanoids. They use the term, nephilim, one of the Hebrew words translated as giants in our English language Bibles. But have they defined it?

We talk about giants, we have to talk about Noah. Strip him of all Sunday school cream puffs, and we’re left with this simple description of the great man: “Noah was a just man perfect in his generations.” The take away from this verse is that Noah was a good, decent man, the only one remaining on the earth. The rest were, well, bad. Unfortunately, this is not a correct assessment of the verse, it is a demonstration of, and is a classic example of politics dominating the intended narrative. (Get this wrong, and one’s entire interpretation of Biblical scripture is skewed.) What we should glean from the verse is that Noah represented the last uninterrupted course.

Despite the fact that today’s consensus, both evolutionists and creationists strongly disagree, this case must be made. As of now, there is no place for truth in the comfort of the many. Peoples of the world are different, not the same. And what is wrong with that? The problem with this position is that it is never tempered with love and wisdom for any length of time, which eventually results in violence against another. Let everyone go, each to their own land. Gather at the appointed times to worship the King of kings.

Sons of God? They are the course of Adam, then Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Not so odd really, we too will be called the sons of God. The one-day (near millennial) life span began to diminish. Interestingly, the corrupted course which was spreading over the area, was studiously bent on evil. (Perfectly matching the condition found right now in any level of education.) At that time, all flesh had corrupted their way. That is a polite way of saying that they had lost their purity, this would be cross breeding or hybridization. We should understand accordingly when we refer to Y’shua the Messiah’s revelation, that before he returns to take the Throne of the earth, it would be like the days of Noah. Again this is with precision, what we are witnessing right now in all Western nations. That is nations, not countries. To state this point, is sheer blasphemy against ecumenical globalism.

Did Cain’s course survive the flood? “Ye are the children of them which killed the prophets,” Y’shua said. Serpents, fill ye up then the measure of your fathers (progenitors), you offspring of vipers. The term serpents would seem to hearken back to the land of Eden. No? In other words, let the cup of your iniquity, your lawlessness become full. “That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous ABEL, unto the blood of Zechariah, son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar,” said Yah’s Salvation. At that point in history, there remained a course of people on earth after the flood on whom the Righteous King would place the guilt of Cain.

The greatest sign of this in the world today is that the utmost in evil, devils driving human form, labor obsessively, they pour vast sums of wealth into the effort to convince, to coerce, to educate, to force, the breeding out of existence, the European nations. That my friends is called GENOCIDE. (Openly practiced with the blessing of those who’s duty it is to protect their borders and their people.) Quite like the inspired children of Cain, as they enticed the lineage of Noah with the sound of musical instruments, women, lurid dancing and drunkenness (the tried and true, wine, women and song), to come down the mountain for the purpose of sexual intermingling with them. Which they did, through gradually being won over to sin.

We say, he went up, in reference to ascending a high sanctified place, might we also say, he came down, as descending a high sanctified place?

The devil taught the daughters of Cain to alter their appearance to become more attractive to the course of Noah. Cunning dresses, makeup and tattoos, even the excitement of sporting events, yes. All of which are present and actively in force now. It is also interesting to note that precisely as today, sexual boundaries were blurred, they had sex with whomever they wanted, and payed no attention to what sin is.

These are the two most famous destruction events in which Yahweh completely destroyed, with no intervention or participation of people. Of course they are the Great Flood, and fire and brimstone raining down on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Both destruction events had to do with forbidden sexual activity. In maltreatment and nakedness they relished.

Do you at times wonder if anyone cares enough to investigate the foundations of their conclusions? Adam, for example, what’s in a name? Experts say his name recalls the red soil from which he was formed. No argument with that, yet it is dismissive of a better understanding. We can walk away content with a partial view, but Hebrew names are known for their richness in meaning.

Adam’s name is more related to blood. A transliteration of the Hebrew word, blood, is dam. (Not dam as in blocking a river, however rivers are often referred to as arteries.) To show blood, many nations on earth show blood, in the face. We call it blushing. It is a tell-tale involuntary reaction, a reaction in which we are to be ashamed. So they say. Yet it is an attribute of Adam. Judge a position by its adversary. There are those who ridicule the ones showing as they say, “crimson” faces.

The above content is raised not to discount anyone, that is not our responsibility, remember Cain reached for forgiveness. Rather, the aim is to expose the attackers who have labored against us since the beginning. The case will be proven by the efforts of these adversaries.

End part 2

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