David Garman

The Accuser is attempting to cut down someone who the hard left, the repubs, even church pastors alike deeply feared. This is a man who could help begin the turn to national repentance. Everyone knows it. They’re going for him through sexual accusation. Everyone who has lived more than a few years on this earth has something that if publicized, would undermine and humiliate them.

These allegations against Roy Moore were supposed to have taken place around 40 years ago. Kind of interesting, that time frame of 40-50 years ago, why then? It was during those days when the country was mainstreamed to pornography. It was liberating and modern they said, just harmless entertainment. We saw Playboy magazines conveniently situated right there at the drug store, even the grocery store slotted right beside Good Housekeeping and Sports Illustrated. Or, if a bit squeamish one could privately subscribe. Either way, they wanted this material inside of American homes.

They used the power and unmatched beauty of the female breast to lure men into imaginary affairs. These images went in through the eye and then reside permanently in the brain. They did their work, as both men and women drew license through these vehicles intended to normalize promiscuity. The divorce rate began to climb dramatically during said years. Any connection? Remember, they piped material through the Playboy “channel” directly into the home through cable television, right at the beginning. By now it has progressed way beyond this of course.

No one ever points to the perpetrators, like Hefner and his enablers. Instead, they attack people who have suffered from the effects. Enter the Accuser. By the way, wasn’t this whole pornography thing a protocol? Oh that’s right, forgot that was a forgery. Never mind. Now they are dredging up loot from those days, to betrayal and the destruction of reputations.

Watch the somewhat pale looking fellas inside the DC beltway, who have their own bucket of juicy tidbits brimming over them. They know that the puppeteers can dump it at their convenience. What about the gross offenders in the deep state and their satanic sex rituals, sex slavery, human trafficking and ritual killings? Which, to add, some in their midst have participated in. They sheepishly mumble that they hope Judge Moore “does the right thing,” Ha!

Satan does not want to see national repentance, obviously. He’s recently sacrificed some of his own who are no longer useful, to get set in motion and to divert, making it seem as though it is an across the board disclosure. It may be premature to say that the take down of someone like Judge Roy Moore will succeed, though people like him are the real trophy. He symbolized a return to the 10 Commandments.

Roy Moore defied the picking gnawing rodents on the left. Made some powerful if not unsavory enemies in the process. You know, the Anti Defecation League, Un-American Snivel Liberties Union, and the Southern Poverty Law Sinner, who sniff piss trails in the night to find each other.

Hefner dies a hero and Moore is a pervert, WHAT? It has come to the point of sheer lunacy. I have to laugh. A few days ago a Playboy bunny has come out claiming that she was sexually harassed! Do you think? No, augmented boobs spilling out and a cotton tail on the hindquarters, sashaying around as a lurid slut. You’d a thunk dat’s da whole idea. Probably expected to be fired if no one took notice. Bizzaro no?

There’s gonna be a whole lot of sorry when this is over. Stench permeates the subversives as they smirk in collective adulation. Never giving a thought that the sin they’ve facilitated will be on their own heads.

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