Projection and Genocide pt1

Nazis, past and present

David Garman

Projection is a diversionary technique through which entity (a) blames person, group (b) for what they (a) themselves are doing. In this, the 100th Ziv post, it is time to begin disclosing at least a few items in a concise way, and to acknowledge that we as a nation have embraced lies as fact. We cower at the most ridiculous phantoms. They have gotten into our heads and we are afraid to move.

Because of this, we are no longer able, or is it that we no longer have permission to discern what is blatantly obvious. Let alone mention it, discuss it or comment about it. They know that time is running out. Their shadows are dissolving, priming them to unload upon us in full fury, dismissing regard to their former stealth.

Some of us have been watching. Most people are afraid to know. Prove me wrong! Another thing, to call me, a man of Shem, antisemitic is ridiculous. This little blog could be shut off and few would ever know. But it is the intent to do this lonely work with the tools at our hand. Yes it would me much easier to remain oblivious, living in the now, taking one day at a time.

The Nazis

Criminalizing contesting views on a topic is the defining clue that there is more to the story than the approved narrative. It is a demonstration of fear. It is the red flag, signaling that the real truth is contrary to the approved narrative, and that light would be shed on unexpected culpability.

Beginning with the symbol of the swastika. Swastika = bad, gasp for breath. Not too many years ago, the infamous logo was found during archaeological excavations, decorating a chunk of stone motif from one of the Temples in Jerusalem. The one without the Ark of the Covenant, the building was the pinnacle of what it meant to be a Jew. The meaning of the swastika used to have a positive connotation.

The phonetic, nazi, is a Hebrew word for prince, or an exalted one. It is also oddly the suffix to the word Askenazi, the European and Russian, who’s start came in present day Turkey, sect representing the vast majority of those who practice Judaism. Nothing too definitive about Ashkenaz who is the son of Gomer, of Japheth, of Noah. Not Shem. Projection: Ashkenazim accuse Germany of being Gomer, even Gog. Some have had to shut their screeching mouths about these accusations, after the recent open borders invasion of Germany. Allowed by a deceived woman thoroughly steeped in the perpetual guilt program, who grew up communist in East Germany, a wannabe mother to the invaders, sent to inoculate the Germans with enough carriers of foreign DNA, which is genocide, and to obliterate what remains there of Christianity. We will get to this in part 2.

Who, instead of plotting sinister plans to take Israeli natural gas, is right now flying their military jets along side the Americans, Israelis, British and others, in the largest practice of a “real war” scenario in Israeli history? Practicing to defend Israel, Germany. The word should be pronounced Gr-mn-(yh), not Jermenee.

Hitler was a fascist, like Suleiman, Lenin, Marx and Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Mandela, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Soros, some Jews, all Nazis by today’s definition, all where lust for power is accompanied by the tell-tale odor of death. Needn’t belong to any particular party, call it fascist or communist, repub or demo, but you have to be possessed of a certain spirit. Y’shua’s wise statement, by their fruit you will know them, certainly applies here. Bad trees do not produce good fruit.

We can be buffaloed under a barrage of minute factoids and totally miss the overall result. They foment civil wars, and pay for protesters, a Leninist tactic being applied against us now. Projection: ANTIFA, today’s heavily funded domestic terrorist company, IS fascist-communist, the opposite of their supposed mission.

Who is responsible for, if we’re taking a body count as a score, the greatest atrocity? Who are these people and why do Lenin and Marx, by extension Stalin and Mao, get a free pass? (Now that we are at the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution “red,” as well as the Balfour Declaration, “blue.”) One subversive’s remains lie under glass like some 20th century pharaoh, while the other’s has supposedly vanished in disgrace. There are many problems apparently with the official narrative, because they are extremely sensitive to the slightest suggestion that there is more to the story. In many places it is illegal, and criminal to express doubt toward the official boilerplate.

One fresh conviction, about three weeks ago. For example, an 88 year old woman in Germany received a 6 month jail sentence for “yet another” holocaust denial. A question from any moderating voice would be, what does this old woman have to gain by these repeated court appearances? We could dismiss her as a lonely grandma just looking for a little attention. Why not let her babble her silly notions? Personally, there is no ax to grind on the issue. Plenty of atrocious suffering and death to go around and plenty of fingers to point in all directions. Why fear this determined old woman?

Who can deny that the holocaust megalith is used as a club to beat down criticism of subversive activity committed by Ashkenazi extremists? Here, they gave the term antisemitism teeth by swiftly and publicly destroying the careers of any public figure who would point out the obvious. License to proceed without hindrance is the end game to these public floggings. (Very little, practically nothing in our society has escaped their influence. Countless proteges operate on their behalf. This is why we often hear that those who oppose their favorite buzzword, diversity are “uneducated.”)

We saw the same technique used in aiding the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. He endured no criticism. He was placed above critique. No one could question him, but in the most nebulous non-effectual way. A serious question would trigger a swift attack, racist! Do you see? Then we witnessed many Americans falling all over themselves, trying to prove to the world that they were not racists. Ballots for the thoroughly ambiguous Obama by the infusion of general guilt. (Here in America its slavery, over in Germany its the holocaust). Brilliant. Mean while African-Americans voted for him because he is black, classic racist by definition. Clinton was unable to play a similar game in her attempt, with the “woman” card, because she simply reeked of the “dark side.” No doubt the witch doctors told her she would be president.

Projection: It is hate speech to point these things out. There are Jews who are of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel, and there are those who are not. Doesn’t matter? Y’shua the Messiah stated there are those who say that they are of Judah, and are not, but they are of the synagogue of satan. I’ve tried to look past this warning, but it is continually in the face of those who are aware. We dismiss it at our own peril. Israel has been infiltrated. By the way, the moniker of “the chosen people” belongs to all of the millions upon millions of Israel.

Projection: We also saw the introduction of the red state-blue state switcharoo. Sounds trivial but aren’t you nauseated by the continual taking us for fools? Red has traditionally been the calling card of the left, it was Red China wasn’t it? To keep score, polls to evaluate the compliant MSM campaign propaganda, and to play on the, everyone wants to be on the winning side psychology, phony numbers were always presented. Not by mistake. Obama-Clinton media slathered never ending red for the conservative side and blue for the left map graphics. It has been thoroughly adopted by both sides. Here’s another one while we’re at it, we might well get another thing straight, to say Israel is Jewish, that they are synonymous, is lie.

What about the left? Back in the day, before toilet paper, the left hand was used for cleaning up after a bowel movement. We can, if one is so inclined, see this practice today in the Mideast. Who knows where else. You fed yourself with the right hand and wiped your butt with the left. Fitting, don’t you think?

These people are no less a terrorist than the head choppers. Yet they are insulated by the mind block they’ve installed in almost every one of us. They have burrowed into every echelon of authority. Watch the warning cry of a rise in (ring-a-ling-a-ling) antisemitism, will come like the tinkling of a hypnotist’s bell. Yet the allegations are proportional to the subversive’s activity against us and their dismissal of stealth. Still checking if we are sufficiently deluded that they are safe to operate openly, and they have pretty much achieved that. But remember, we are not allowed to take note of who is acting against us. The false messiah will be presented as a nurturing father, in care of our every need. Watch out!

End part 1

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