The Third Heaven

David Garman

A lot of buzz surrounds the notion of extra terrestrial life forms. Seeds of their potential reality were firmly planted in the American psyche several decades ago, by the infamous radio broadcast, The War of the Worlds. The development of motion pictures and TV served up an influx of countless flying saucer, martian, alien, ET themed consumables. Outer space was among the first topics addressed even in the primitive silent films. Remember we are not always entertained, we are also managed.

Obviously, the idea of otherworldly beings was of the utmost importance to those who seized upon the powerful new forms of communication. It still is. Today’s internet is certainly no exception.

Fresh articles are circulating on some new conclusions. Many of are aware of the organization known as CERN, some pronounce it as “sern.” These are the god particle people. These are also the progenitors of the World Wide Web. They identify by a logo featuring what appears to be three osculating sixes. Their www prefix in nearly all web addresses is also the Hebrew letter, vav, or waw if you prefer, it is the number six. We’ve been using the 666 in our dealings within the web all along. But that is another issue for a later post.

Egg heads at CERN are now postulating that the universe should have self destructed, something to do with the ratio of matter and antimatter. Therefore, somehow, somewhere, someone must have been involved in regulating these opposing forces. A super-universal being, someone outside of the universe looking in, perhaps. Did they say someone?

Outside! Not long after my return, this was in 1989 or 90, during a conversation with a young woman, I surprised her with the statement, “There are three heavens” (2 Cor 12:2). My point in making the statement in the first place was to exemplify our wide spread ignorance of what is actually said in the Bible. She had apparently discussed this with someone over night. The next morning she informed me that they had decided the whole idea was ridiculous. That is until I gave her a chapter and verse. At that point she began to consider there is much more than we are customarily taught.

Three heavens, where the birds fly, where the stars are, and where the Throne is. A simplistic way of understanding, no doubt, something like concentric circles. References to a third heaven in religious literature range from the epitome of horrors to the ultimate in luxury. We know from Isaiah that satanic aspirations were to exalt the luciferian throne above the stars of God. (Usurping the the earthly Throne is the last hope of the evil enterprise we see working tirelessly in the world.)

Speaking now of events just prior the earthly millennial reign of Y’shua the Messiah, the one thousand year Sabbath. Scientifically substantiating the idea of a third heaven helps draw into unison the various and conflicted religions. Instead if its nemesis, science will appear to be the friend of religion in some sort of epiphany.

Seems as though the hyper-scientific community is preparing to justify its soon-to-be revealed supertech, as being heavenly. The three sixes group has slowly, patiently prepared us to perceive their concoctions as god. Not god-like, but God. Many sleuths proclaim this revelation will come out of the South Pole. And why not? Doesn’t have to be the case, but its vastness, its forbidding climate, the fact that it is unknown to all but a few, make it the perfect hide-out to develop, experiment and refine seemingly otherworldly technology. When revealed, it will utterly stupefy. What many may think they see will be an illusion. Denying its “miracles” will be a crime.

Isaiah 14 brings out the luciferian intent. To weaken the nations (which is on-going in the West through dilution processes, such as debt, mass immigration and by sexual confusion), and to sit upon the mount of the congregation (in the sides of the north). This mount is not some Babylonian contrivance. Where is the meeting place? Where are we to appear before Yahweh, three times a year at His feasts, the festivals, the appointed meetings with Him, the Creator of the Universe? The Temple Mount.

On the north side of the Temple Mount there is a more of less vacant area, featuring the Dome of the Tablets and of the Spirits. So named, for it is the likely location where the Ark of the Covenant was placed within Solomon’s or the First Temple. Probably the original position of the sacred things within the Temple and the place of the Earthly Throne of The King of kings, our Salvation Y’shua the Messiah.

The devil wants to be as God, sitting where he ought not be. He wants that Throne, not to be the leader of something called Babylon. This is the deception in which we are barreling toward. As I’ve said here before, the false comes before the true, period. The first guy to take possession of this is a FAKE! No matter how wondrous he appears to be. No matter how Christlike he shows himself to be, no matter how much he unites the people, don’t look, don’t look back.

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