Caliphate Salute

David Garman

You may have seen pictures of Turkish dictator Erdogan holding up a four finger salute. (Four fingers up and the thumb curled inward.) He does this gesturing to the crowd at rallies and sometimes uses both hands. Thought, obviously a militant type of symbol like the raised fist or the Nazi salute. We made this simple meme to illustrate.

Looking into this salute and that it is said to have been popular around the uprising in Egypt, gave little satisfaction. Was it that the formation of the hand in this way related to a pious woman who was the fourth child of her parents? Or was it for the fourth Egyptian president? If so, as they suggest, why is Erdogan pictured giving the salute? These are light and fluffy emotional reasons for one to flash the symbol and to show solidarity to a cause, perhaps. Never stop with the superficial meaning.

As an artist, it is an automatic response to correlate shapes and visual ques. We’ve been exposed repeatedly over media to the black and white ISIS flag. It is an edgy looking graphic, a crude departure from the elaborate, sophisticated calligraphy typical in Islam. Yet the graphic became well suited to the bloody, high shock value violence typical of the faction. A trade mark of sorts, nevertheless their flag includes the Islamic holy name, twice, once in the heading and you see it also in the circle, a crude globe.

Having isolated that portion of the ISIS flag, it is beyond doubt that the salute by Erdogan is in fact the Islamic holy name. The salute has been associated with the presence of shariah law in all parts of the world. They list various cities of the world, New York, Tokyo and the like, declaring the word “everywhere.”

Obviously, we will not be giving this salute. Of course, we will not elevate nor speak the name of foreign gods. If we see this salute becoming popular, or it’s popularity promoted by mass media, we should recognize that it is the promotion of shariah and the world wide caliphate. This gesture is no different than their battle cry “****** akbar,” as if their god is greater. No!


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