Why We Don’t Vaccinate

A story of repentance

David Garman

Why we don’t vaccinate, and why the fanatic obsession with vaccines in the first place. Fear and greed are always the go-to persuasive components to a successful mass con job.

It was during a time of further repentance, a heightened sense of awareness, commitment and the resolve to act on conclusions based on our developing positions. We tend to refer to it as our gray house period. Detecting the end game, so to speak, we determined to opt out of the vaccine mandate and removed our children from the public school system. Yes, our wisdom was questioned by family members and health professionals. It was a mild rebuff at that point. We had expected that.

Disconnecting from the world on the Sabbath allows for prayerful meditation on the greatness of Yah. As said, at that time we were making an unpopular stand against vaccines. On a number of occasions (and even as I write this), I saw strands of “DNA,” the recipe which the Creator of the Universe has for each one of us as individuals. They were being given other pieces that did not belong to the recipe by a force that I could not see. The foreign pieces were coming in and installing themselves into the strands from somewhere in the fluid. This stuff was altering the recipe!

The mind’s eye video was a colorless view from inside the cell. A more complete understanding of what I had seen came from a recent video about intelligent design and the cell, which is embedded here on a previous post. This, of course, further cemented our position never to vaccinate.

Something has always bothered me about the premise of injecting sickness into your body, seemed counter intuitive anyway. There was trepidation about the myriad diseases pushed through the syringe into an infant or a preschool child. To my regret, my first sons were given the required course of injections.

We eventually saw the fury first-hand against those they label refusenicks. We experienced a three-pronged persuasion process. First, a friendly, cordial nurse states that there would be a jab, as the Brits term it. You are supposed to affirm at that point, Oh, OK. That being said, the nurse was kindly informed that “we do not do vaccines.” She made no further attempt to convince us. Thought it was over. Wrong. Next room, an attending man announced that they very highly recommend that vaccine. He was told the same thing, no. “It’s your body,” he warned. That’s absolutely right sir, in that our bodies are not theirs. Just a little due diligence, I had supposed.

Then the big guy came in, the authority figure. My impression was that he had seen the failure of the previous attempts, and was about to place his supremacy on the line. His sales pitch started as more of a parent to child approach, which was to no avail. He then grimaced and contorted himself as though this would be the outcome without the shot. I could not believe it. After that display his anger visibly grew. Despite his angry tone, he conceded that it is likely nothing would happen without the vaccine. Which made it even more strange. He then stomped away and slammed something on the table. He didn’t know that we were not playing a game of chance, we were operating in faith. Faith the verb, that is.

Episodes like this are more than a little unsettling. Sure, authority figures in their white coats can be very persuasive. Discernment, however, leads one to the impression that there is more at stake here than concern for health. I knew in my heart what it was.

There was no human knowledge or proof at my disposal, as an artist, whether DNA could be rewritten, or rearranged, when considering that vision within the cell. I told no one of the vision, only to say in home church that they are rewriting people’s DNA with vaccines.

So what?

We are dealing with an issue leaps and bounds more insidious than a simple con game. Getting right to the point, they are genetically modifying everyone compliant with the vaccine program. Really! They have incorporated porcine (pig), mouse, monkey, and who knows what’s DNA into us and our children. They are dumbing down, brain damaging, stunting reproduction, morphing gender, inflicting slow-kill diseases through what they call HGT or horizontal gene transfer. Which is, the “direct uptake and incorporation of genetic material from an unrelated species.” Effects being magnified with each generation. Meanwhile passing it off as immunity.

Here are quotes from an article posted on the Natural News website, which shed light on the whole situation. 26 September, 2017:

While gene detection at this level was not something available to scientists until recently, (Dr) Mikovits contends that researchers have been aware of the potential for horizontal gene transfer (HGT) for many years.”

Mikovits explains that unlike chemical pollutants, which are eventually broken down and removed from the body, genetic “pollutants” like retroviral nucleic acids (the D-NA) are essentially infectious. These retroviral nucleic acids are capable of infiltrating genomes, multiplying and spreading. ”

When retroviral nucleic acids engage in HGT, things can get dark, very quickly. Some of the potential dangers include generating new viruses and bacteria, spreading drug and antibiotic resistance and “random insertion” into other genomes — which can lead to many harmful effects, including diseases, reactivation of dormant viruses, and cancer.”

Of course they still contend that the benefits outweigh the risks, a tired old mantra but it works. The point is random insertion, not immunity. That’s the meat of this issue. That is the inspiration behind the fanaticism, because that is where they believe they have entered the Creator’s realm. They know full well what they are achieving. They are contaminating our DNA, the Creator’s recipe, for each one of us as individuals. These give instructions to direct essential functions within the body and they serve as identifiers proving who we are now and where we came from.

Aside from the obvious violence vaccines inflict on health, their deceived proponents, wittingly or not, have introduced within us by these means part pig, monkey, etc, unclean animals! Now we see the spiritual motivation, to interfere with the Creator, to morph us into those unclean animals. Reasoning behind the conspiracy is simply that an unclean animal cannot be present with the Creator. Those with genetic traces of unclean animals must forfeit any claim to the blessings bestowed upon the righteous.

The developers and financiers were well aware of, and fully intent upon seductively implementing this type of corruption. Zealots in the medical profession do their dirty work, all in the name of eradicating disease. Noble, isn’t it?

Vaccines are only one of the many potent weapons satanic global government minions have and are now using against us. They believe that they are on the verge of accomplishing the destruction of our future.

We must understand that we have a responsibility to repent of these deceptive and very dangerous encounters with the medical profession. It won’t be easy, they will try to scare you, intimidate you, threaten to kick your child out of school, threaten you with legal action, they will call you a child abuser. Oh no! What about my job?! They will have you in concern for your very way of life. Remember, their reaction to your stand is equal in proportion to their fear of you. You are aware, therefore you are a threat to the evil they inflict.

On this Sabbath, the eve of the feast of Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, 2017, I pray for national repentance. We all suffer for national sins. We know what they are, yet we seem to think that they are someone’s problem other than our own. We are guilty because we have been passive to and even embraced the evils we see going on all around us. We must cry out to Yahweh in sorrow for what is going on in our countries. Turn from the evils. Then we will see the end of the curses brought on by our disobedience. The cure for disease is the obedience to the Commandments of Yah.

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