Let Them Protest

David Garman

NFL kneelers have appeared in London as part of the marketing campaign to spread American style football in Europe. Some footballers in the NFL have taken to kneeling instead of standing for the traditional pregame sounding of the Nation Anthem. It started as a trickle, with one or two players doing so, as of last year. But the me-too momentum is sort of a natural progression once the motive is digested for a while. More and more will pile on, which is good. I hope they pick up the protest in the NBA.

What we are seeing is an offshoot of antiAmericanism-antiWesternism, which, being exhibited in a foreign country, magnifies the audience. By the way, they used to call that treason. But this “protest” is a necessary element promoting rightful divisions contrary to the globalists who are working and have been working to mingle religions, nations, cultures and races. These shows of self righteousness lay bare the case of incompatibility. These footballers have been made unimaginably wealthy by moguls within global corporations to play a game, which has elevated the perception of their stature.

No different than Hollywood actors, they’re elevated because they have access to large amounts of money, and after all they’re on TV are they not? What we really have are professional lairs and faux war gamers. Each satisfies a propaganda niche in the scheme of those multinational interests.

This will all backfire in the faces of the globalists. For one good thing, the numbers of viewers tuning out of their addiction to games will increase.  And, these type of protests actually do justice to the overall sanctification, not the unity of both peoples. I hope that the divisions become so acute that each group separates completely from the other. What we are seeing in these displays of disgruntlement are the beginnings of the sanctification process. Same with Black Lives Matter, safe spaces, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and others. Each to their own land. Until all nations come up to worship Y’shua the King of kings and Lord of lords on Sukkot.

Frankly, the different peoples should not have to submit to the traditions of the other. Let the separation begin. President Trump’s demand that these footballers stand for the National Anthem, is pushing this division out of the shadows and into the fore.


I’m not a fan, but an interesting question appeared in a news article regarding the anthem “protests.” What sets NASCAR apart from the NFL, the NBA, and MLB?

NASCAR owners forbid drivers from taking part in these protests. Any other reason?


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