Ecumenical Messiah pt2

But, but, you say, repent from what?

David Garman

A one size fits all approach to a messiah is coming. As the following video illustrates, that the spinning wheel idea seems to be the planned result. A central hub, so to speak, with spokes, with the Levitical sacrifices returning to the Temple Mount, followed by the ecumenical global anti (in place of the True) messiah. This messiah, they say, will pull out the holy book of each religion, depending on the individual, and dictate accordingly. Seems not a recipe for peace, but chaos. Regardless, this impostor will have in it’s power to demand unquestioned compliance and worship directed at itself.



The second part of the video is essentially an interview between Islam and Judaism. Found the clip back in 2013, posted it then on Aside from verifying the religious initiatives of the plan, there is a spearhead to this, to start the clock, pointed out as a multinational arrangement. To usher in the messiah (mahdi), Israel must unite with Turkey, Egypt, Palestinians, and later, Iran and Pakistan, all with the aid and participation of Russia. A “Sea of Friendship,” they dubbed it at that time.

A little on Mr Putin. Many in America gravitated to Putin’s persona, the image of a protector, or a defender. He was often juxtaposed with Obama, tough guy vs wimp. It was an excellent public relations, or propaganda campaign, as regular Americans were sensing the occupant in the White House had left them open and vulnerable. Trump’s campaign rhetoric was a breath of fresh air. As a candidate, he seemed to recognize that vulnerability, and would answer that yearning for a defender. Yet we knew the adversary would be strong, and cunning.

The Turk’s NATO arrangement has soured. They are finding a more comforting and reliable security partner in Russia, and China. An article posted today, 14 September 2017 by RT, shows the above arrangement is forming: “Russia’s relationship with Pakistan has improved monumentally over the last few years. And Turkey, Pakistan, and Russia have various mutual interests in Greater Eurasia going toward (China’s) One Belt One Road (an anti-dollar economic, political union).”

Great blasphemies have begun. The blatant attack on the Mighty work of Salvation, accomplished through the Shed Blood of Y’shua Messiah, calling that sacrifice a FAILURE, was spoken by the supposed leader of Christianity. Perhaps the most nauseating attribute, the proclamation declaration was received with rapturous applause and a standing ovation.

It does not matter that the infamous phrase was couched in humanistic niceties. This declaration strikes at the very core of the faith built upon Y’shua the Messiah. Francis’s pitiful declaration exudes a stench from the vapors of hell.

Y’shua’s Blood Sacrifice is the destruction of satan’s claim on us due to our transgression of the Law.

What’s next? Those who have been watching the lead up to the mark of the beast implementation have seen that a need for it must be manufactured.

We are pretty far down that road by now. Recently, the credit reporting company, Equifax, and their massive leaking of the previous phase’s sensitive numbers, perfectly illustrates this. Stage by stage, you see. So a prime example of the creation of a need would be to cause the public to demand or at least expect some sort of new highly potency security measures. The idea of nefarious use of our most precious asset, our identity, and all that entails in this electronic age, is unthinkable. With all options exhausted, the logical next step is to require an indelible electronic interface directly on the body.

This last phase will eventually become the mark of the beast. We warned about this, that it would be first placed in a position where it could be said that is could not be the mark of the beast, its in the left hand! For now the use of a microchip is about desensitization, getting us used to the idea. Once the public is over the initial shock, pressure to implement the system will increase. No doubt we will see it spring up in non-Christian countries first, simply because they have no book of Revelation.

How should we react to these developments? It is very simple. It is not a complicated strategy. Not here to tell you to prep. Not gonna tell you to buy gold. I’m gonna tell you to REPENT.

But, but, you say, repent from what?

Turn away from the wrong Sabbath day. Stop with the christmas trees, easter bunnies, jack-o-lanterns, and every other non Biblical celebration. Condemn the practice of pregnancy abortion. Quit idolizing material wealth. The same with pride, games, sports, players, celebrities, sexual activity, food, intoxicants, do some serious introspection. Turn away from neglect. These are examples of wickedness, twisted, as in twisted morality, you see. Haven’t even mentioned non-Christians.

If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land… Internalize it, REPENT.

Combat evil, Keep the Commandments.

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