Ecumenical Messiah pt1

We are in their way

David Garman

Trying to make sense of the events and conspiracies unfolding in the Western nations right now, might cause our proverbial heads to explode. Looks of astonishment, bewilderment, bafflement, a stupefied countenance comes over us when words fail. We charge, why on planet earth would they do that? What incompetence! We struggle to come to grips with what appears to be blatant stupidity.

It resembles stupidity to us. We reason, how could anyone working toward our best interest make such a tremendous blunder? We must come to the realization that we should throw common sense out the window, and begin to come to terms with an alternate rationale. That is… the nebulous they, are not working in our best interest. Only then can we begin to form a realistic reaction to it.

Unfortunately, instincts tend to cause many to ignore it, to double down in our careers, go to the ball park, gambling casino, reach for the bottle, and reassure ourselves that this too shall eventually pass. We’ve been here before, we’ll get through it again, just stay the course.

Staying the course is the problem. The ballot box is not going to reverse it, the ballot box manipulated our heading, law makers and the courts adjusted it, helped to cause it. Our public “servants” are servants all right, they are servants to the big picture.

We have taken solace in the perception of isolation for too long. County and municipal governments are most definitely not immune. On the contrary, they are a vital cog in the successful drive toward a global government administration.

We have seen now this drive develop a quickened pace… and we are in their way. Our common ancestry, our common religion, our economy our traditions, good or not, must be undermined and dissolved. Gradualism developed the softened mentality necessary to persuade us, but now the devil knows he has a short time. This is starkly evident, by the violent population and religious replacement programs operating in the Western nations as we speak.

The drive to abolish cash, which is really meant to lock down control of every monetary transaction has begun in India and Europe. Most recently, the credit reporting bureau having allowed the release tens of millions of person’s sensitive financial numbers, SSN, credit card, passwords, and so forth. Of course this will require a remedy. See this

Economically, first they formed the independent, non federal “Fed,” let that simmer for a time then… They killed President Kennedy, installed their people, took our dollar off of the gold standard and removed silver from our coinage. “An unbelievable mistake, an object of astonishment and scandal,” they cried in the day. No! Just part of the plan. We got fakecoin, the bitcoin of the early days, and promissory notes instead. As a final slap, the Kennedy half dollar sported a copper core. The people no longer held real wealth, and we were forced into a belief system.

Religion, we’ve been focusing on the Islamic portion of religious amalgamation and have ignored Judaism and the Christian elements. These three are economic institutions as well, and all three hold property in Jerusalem. News has been pretty quiet about Francis, except when he is stumping for Islamic concentration into Europe. This 2 pope thing hasn’t been resolved. Now I don’t care about the regulations governing the Catholic church, but… insiders report that Benedict never resigned the papacy, only the day-to-day activities. In light of this Francis, Bergoglio, is technically not the pope, but an “antipope.” Placed instead of, is what that means. Elections give the illusion of deliberation and participation, as we have seen, are often the disguise of usurpation.

We can delve into all manner of intrigue and titillation, but the point here is that these conditions are now present. And what’s going on with Jerusalem and Mecca making nice? Is it the common enemy of Iran, is it prophecy being fulfilled or is it a preemption of the true? Will the Temple Mount become a house of prayer for all nations by these maneuvers? Or are we seeing final preparation to reveal a messiah which everyone can embrace? Will they build a giant Gandhi spinning wheel with each spoke for a differing religion?

End part 1

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