An Act of Rebellion

David Garman

We are keen to discern tyranny. To many of us, if we had to take our earthly walk to the most simple form, we would have to say it resembles defiance. After that instant which we can all point to with clarity, when we cried out to our Savior, and He heard and He forever changed us, we stood alone and looked around at the world we left behind.

We began to see it’s instruments of enslavement. We saw by what means they have deceived us. We stepped away from them, we rejected them, we revealed them to others. We did what we could to speak against them. Many times we were rejected.

Lyrics from and old Moody Blues poem go something like this, “It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave.” How true that is. And the more we resist them, the more they confine us, penalize us, censor us, humiliate us, but we persist. They retaliate because we’ve humbled them. We do not love our lives to the point of giving in to them. We do not forget the untold numbers of our brethren, who have given their lives rebelling against evil.

We think we own our land and our house. We’ve paid the mortgage in full; yes they call us home owners. Stop paying property tax. Within a few weeks the true owners will put them up for sale.

Or take the land, the seed, and the fertility of both. Nutritious food requires a nutrient rich earth.
See, the relentless cycle of commodity crop, has replaced the orchards, the vegetable gardens; gone are the apples, peaches, pears, plums, potatoes, beets, carrots, from the countryside.

Nutrient is stripped away, the soil has become only a medium to hold the roots. Ammonia is injected into the ground as nutrient for plants secretly modified to accept this poison as food.

How did this happen? How dare they! How dare they presume to own a seed, the right of every man. Then offer a contaminated clone in exchange. Its bondage, a snare, a trap, take your pick.

Seed was saved, remember when? A kernel of hope for the season to come. By the sweat of our brow we cast it, we planted it, we nurtured the sprout, we trimmed we pruned. Perfume of the flower, and the fledgling fruit, in awe we were of the Creator’s hand in all we saw. Then give thanks! The harvest has come!

We’ve been deceived. Into the cities we went. The country is for hicks, they said. Harvest at our stores, hunt in our aisles. No sweat, no soiled hands. See how easy, see how modern. Now there is no knowledge, we’ve forgotten! Can’t even bake a loaf of bread.

Sad state of affairs we’re in. We are so dependent, yet completely oblivious to that fact. We are accustomed to comfort. In our predicament, we’ve sold our time. In a modern feudalism, a little at the weekend for ourselves, to do with what we wish. Can’t keep the Sabbath, a sign we share with our Creator. No, no, that’s my time. Worked hard all week, gonna enjoy myself.

Cutting the ties of economic dependency, which is slavery, is an act of rebellion. Even small things like a back yard vegetable garden is a smart way to feed our families quality fresh food. In that small act we take back a little of what we have relinquished. Yes, in this day and age, we can not fully cut the ties. We could go hungry or freeze to death if we did. Of course there are many other considerations which keep us confined. Yet, if we simply note the collapse of self contained family farms and acreages, a story of servitude emerges. Just think, we take out loans to buy cars to drive on grids to get to work on time to pay for the car. We call that freedom?

A revolution in thinking is desperately needed. It takes effort, it takes courage to be free. We have to own our mistakes and get up, repent, learn from it and move ahead. Eventually we stop looking to the world’s institutions, the schemes of carnal contrivance. We then start to look up, we lift up our heads, because the confines have begun to crumble. We saw the seed, then the sprout, that’s life coming out of there! Blessing upon blessings, we get the fruit and in that fruit a new seed, many times in number, to bring forth much more.

Who was it that made “heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day”? The same One Who told us to do the same. Keeping, guarding the Sabbath is the ultimate act of rebellion against, wickedness and bondage in the world. And to think we’ve been told that the Sabbath Day was bondage.

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