“American Eclipse”

Eclipse and rainbow

David Garman


The American Eclipse, or the total solar eclipse of 21 August 2017, was veiled by persistent cloud cover in our area. We weren’t going to see the intrinsic ring at any rate, because we were not quite in the path of totality. If one was patient though, the spectacle would peek through when thinner clouds would pass.

But the eclipse was not all there was in the seeing of sights that day. The cloud cover dissipated eventually, and as it did a thunderstorm passed to our south and east. The storm was lit by the sun which caused a rainbow to appear. Well, a rainbow to appear at the end of an eclipse of the sun. How often does that happen? On one hand, the eclipse was the blotting out of light, on the other hand, the rain drops in the storm, were lit in the full, pure spectrum of color, because of the brightness of the light.

The gloom of eclipse darkness was followed by the beauty of the rainbow. Signs in the sun, moon and stars, are prophesied. We shouldn’t dismiss these events as some astrologer’s fancy like many do. The blocking of light is darkness, which is a state of existence. From a Biblical perspective, walking in darkness is a curse. It is judgment and fraught with danger and destruction. The rainbow symbolizes a lifting of the curse following the work of cleansing, it is a renewing. So after the eclipse, a renewed state of being, a freshness, a reminder, therefore a repentance from the works which brought on the darkness.

There has been a number of people point out that the last time there was an America only a solar eclipse, was in 1776. It was the beginning of the American Revolution, a revolt for independence. This time, because of our moral decay, a revolt toward bondage. Some say a civil war is coming.

Back in 2009, I posted on my now closed news aggregate website, a (now deleted) Youtube video about a Russian professor, named Igor Panarin. Using computer models, he predicted some things which were strikingly accurate. He was off on the timing, perhaps, perhaps not, that America would descend into civil war by 2010. The original article is reposted here. Conveniently, any new mention of Panarin’s predictions, and predictably do not fully state the causes of this war. Most give only economic instability as the reason. But Panarin states explicitly that mass immigration and moral degradation are principally important causes.

Was Panarin simply publicizing the plan to bring down America?

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