Iron and Miry Clay

Take away the symbols of a people, and you gut their culture. One piece of the attack, and the first of actions in extermination. Like not allowing a people to speak their language, read their books or, like banning wearing a kilt and so on. VERY DANGEROUS stuff.

David Garman

UPDATE: On the morning of 20 August 2017, I saw reference to something called the Kalergi Plan. This is the first I had ever heard of such a plan. Can not verify its existence, nor do I agree completely with all conclusions contained within the linked article. Having made this disclaimer, the content is very much worth the read. Therein we see a long term plan and the motivation of the globalists, who have perpetrated the the current assault on Western nations, playing out before our eyes. It serves well as confirmation to all of the courageous voices who have raised the alarm over what is happening. True diversity allows the races and cultures to remain intact.

We are not going to repent, and turn from our wicked ways, and therefore enter the ziv live, as a nation until we get into the heat of this.

It is continually amazing to see how disabling a label can be. Stamp you as a racist, and you are shunned as though you are a leper. Everyone who has not then disowned you is guilty and culpable by their association with you. That’s the plan and its worked, no doubt, beyond any wild expectation. But it was losing steam overall up until the Charlottesville riots. Death was needed to revive the label, racist.

While writing this post, I am informed that The Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, finds itself emboldened sufficiently to issue one of their fatwas, that every city and town across America “every school, every flag, every public memorial,” to the “defenders of white supremacy,” tear down all remove all these, and rename any institution named after the Confederacy. With the Islamist PR organization jumping all over this, we should take a step back. How about we close every CAIR outpost in the United States instead.

Now its time for everyone to stand down and watch the Southern monuments and statues being pulled down by the mob. Not an advocate of statues but its all too reminiscent of course, as we are imprinted with the slow motion toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad. Oh boy! Revolution, the good guys have taken the city! Transfer that mental imagery to the slow motion attempt to topple US President Donald Trump. Precisely.

Race and culture are the backbone of the sexual, chemical, pharmacological, religious and spiritual attack on the West. We see the sum of these elements in mini theaters of action, college towns and inner-cities here at the present. A more advanced battle in terms of completion, is playing out in the socialized, amoral, guilt ridden and disarmed Europe.

Courageous defiance in the face of relentless subversion

Donald Trump represents at this point in time, literally and metaphorically, the face of Western peoples here in America, and others across the globe. Because of this, a relentless pack of rabid hyenas circle him constantly. If and when he goes, expect a full on campaign to kill us off. Our lives will become a trophy to them. “They” have made it known their intention to eliminate the white, or Western people. Delusional self-hating white women, especially, seem to be pleading for their own destruction. Global government is all in on this plan, because those of us who see them for what they are, stand in their way.

Current drive to racial amalgamation prophesied in the book of Daniel

This mingling of races and cultures was prophesied in the book of Daniel. The United Nations came to mind tens of years ago when first pondering the meaning of the iron mixed with miry clay. Go find it, its toward the end of chapter 2.

Every group or variety of human being has their own peculiar way of seeing the world. They have their own peculiar way of reacting, interpreting, processing and forming conclusions. There is a propensity to be among one’s own. And there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that. Frankly, that is the way it is supposed to be. They will likely shut me down completely for posting these truths. We are not all the same, skin color is not the sole determinate. And that is OK.

Racial amalgamation is the prescription for collapse. Socialist diversity is not strength as is so often touted. Diversity is dilution, to the detriment of both sides. (Posts on this site have already addressed this in detail, there is no stomach to revisit the particulars here.) And why, might I ask, are Americans of European heritage the only group in which the social engineers have not allowed to discuss their heritage openly in a positive light? They work tirelessly to doom identity in the West. Because, they know who we are.

The head down construction of Nebuchadnezzar’s image obviously ends at the feet. The feet are the focus of the dream, given they are described in the most elaborate detail. We are at the time of the feet, the last global power, which is the most unstable of them all. We also see that this is the Messianic period. Messiah Y’shua will strike a victorious blow against these unstable feet, collapsing the entire Babylonian image into a smoldering heap. The text leaves no doubt as to the time frame.

Few realize or want to recognize that one major component contained in Babylon image is mixing. Which is pictured as the miry clay, it is the “seed of men.” Mingling with the seed of men, do you see? It is weakness. That is what these invasions we are watching in the Western world are set to accomplish! Once we make that connection, the whole thing begins to make sense. It’s been a long term plan and we are now witnesses to this final effort to dissolve the entire Western, Anglo-Saxon-Germanic world.

Drugging them into submission

This says a lot. The German government is considering drugging its citizens who oppose the overrunning of their country by other races. They use the Bible against them citing the parable of the Good Samaritan. Helping someone in need, a childish Sunday school conclusion. The average Westerner doesn’t read the Bible and consequently remains unaware of what the text actually says. The person receiving the help was severely injured, today they are mainly military aged men. Nether was the injured man part of an overwhelming influx of polar opposed people. The Bible and happy pills combination proves there is nothing righteous about their motives. Romans 13 is another favorite of the subversives.

Looks like those we call the Left or Democrats and the Islamists along with their handlers who reside in the darkest caverns of power, have been at league to accomplish the unstable feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image in the West. What is the condition which causes their fatal instability? Unavoidable distrust of those outside of their particular racial group. They have strength within their own realm, yet refuse to share authority completely with another.

Let’s conduct an experiment

As stated here before, forcing the varieties of people together always results in chaos, the handlers with their paid anarchist provocateurs aid and abet. For years this writer has desired an experiment.

Gather a coalition consisting of those of African heritage, who hate this country and its European founders, destination Africa, and send them on a fact finding mission. Take them from the inner city, take them from their Ivy League scholarships, take them from the NBA and the NFL, the entertainment industry and calculate the percentage of those who wish to stay in Africa. Simple. Preliminary hypothesis would indicate a disproportionately low percentage. Sadly, through something like this, an opportunity would be lost. What blessings could be offered to their compatriots because of their experiences and good fortune in Western culture by those willing, who would sacrifice and had the courage to stay.

Eye opening realization overspreads the group, “We’ve been used.” Used as pawns in an attempt to destroy the very people and culture through which they have gained so much bounty. But that is precisely the scenario which took place in South Africa, and in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe! Chaos and famine, after they banished, tortured and murdered the fruitful white providers to their economy. You have to admit the evidence is overwhelming, repetitive and therefor scientifically provable. Don’t tell me that its a micro aggression, whatever that is, to call out the truth! The gassious blithering of the left must be ignored. Quit the suicidal cowering over their labels. They’ve tricked us away from discerning the obvious, they’ve made us afraid through their antisemitic, racist, islamophobic, et al, monikers.

(Its ridiculous really, raking in staggering sums in wealth, multiple millions to play basketball, or to create mass marketed “music” with vile, disgusting lyrics attacking our women, our law and order, and our country in general. Stoooopid!)

A prime example of the futility of multiculturalism is the thoroughly inept, useless for all but undermining, morally constipated United Nations. Every group has a proud member seated around, consuming all sorts of prestige and sumptuous flattery.


Yahweh bless you and guard you, try to be of good cheer as this unfolds. We are witness to the last convulsions of the Babylonian system. Yahweh Ehohi Israel has orchestrated all of this through His infinite wisdom. This age is worn out, it is old and tired, no point whatsoever in repeating it. Y’shua the Messiah come quickly.

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