Life of Messiah… A Pattern to Live By

Fear not

David Garman

In the small hours of Shabbat morning, I thought of the cup as it was passed around. The one blessed by Y’shua Messiah during what many call the Last Supper. Thoughts flowed to the commitment being made, and that life is in the blood, and what those present had entered into with the Savior.

Y’shua said that the content of the cup was His blood of the New Covenant, this is the New Covenant in My blood. We could call it a contract. We could see it as a transfer of something great in value. All of you drink, drink it all. By consuming the drink, everyone agreed. There was trust in the Testator, when He had them enter in, with clear fulfillment to follow very soon after.

The contents of the cup were to become part of those who drank. Essentially, the life and fate of the giver were now the life and fate of the recipient. The mood at the supper must have been serious and somber. Y’shua the Messiah, the only One Who could, was about to shed His own blood, the atoning blood for many. He did rise from the dead, triumphantly, victory in Him over death and hell which is the grave. Now that same Salvation, the One who passed the cup, is glorified as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Indeed, it was only the Apostle John who lived out his natural life. We will see them all at the first resurrection.

Again a cup, another cup is mentioned. It is framed within a question to the sons of Zebedee, the Apostles James and John. Y’shua asked, Are you able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with? They said they could. Did James and John know what this cup contained? It is the same cup brought to the mind’s eye in the place called Gethsemane, the olive press.

A recent project has allowed me to see an oil press in operation. A greater appreciation of what it requires to extract the oil was afforded over this experience. Was given a detailed tour of the operation by the son of the owner of the company. We peered into the press with the light from his telephone and saw the oil dripping down as a result of tremendous pressure. The pressure and friction created such heat that the dry residue was too hot to hold. The end result, the oil, is for giving light, preparing food and for medicinal purposes.

The pressure at Gethsemane was beyond measure. Because the cup which Y’shua was about to partake of was the cup of indignation. The term, indignation, is a bit sterile. Well surely it means to suffer or cause some kind of indignity, right? Our Savior certainly did suffer indignity. Yet, somehow we lose a great deal of impact by this conclusion. For the sake of accuracy, the cup contained RAGE, the rage of our Father in Heaven, at His righteous displeasure because of our sin. The perfect spotless Lamb took this rage for us. Let His Name be exalted in the earth. The blood Y’shua the Messiah shed immediately following His acceptance of the cup, opened the way for us to enter into the New Covenant.

We already know this, you say. Perhaps some of us should say we know about it.

Does the Salvational work of Y’shua preclude our involvement in the agreement? Most would assume that we need not be involved in the harsh realities as a result of our sanctification, or separation from the evils of the world by the keeping of the Commandments! Many or most have not sanctified themselves, rather ride along with the world, doing as the world does; cutting a notch out of the week for God time.

If we reject evil, will evil not retaliate? On the other hand, if we engage with evil, or if we are indifferent to evil, will we not eventually suffer the repercussions?

Both scenarios are seen today throughout the Western world, obvious to those not oblivious.

Because we have entered in with the Apostles, and have taken of the cup Y’shua passed around. Now because the world hated Him it also hates us. Hatred presents in words then actions. Many of us have and will also endure our own (correctional) press, because of evil, our own sin, followed by retaliation because of our abstention from the manifold evils of the world.

Comfort was found in these words as they pertain on a personal level too: Therefore hear, thou who hast been humbled, and who art drunk, but not with wine. Thus saith Yahweh thy Elohim, Who judgeth His people, Behold I have taken out of thy hand the cup of horror-the great cup of Mine indignation; and thou shalt no more drink it again. And I will put it into the hands of them who have injured thee and oppressed thee-who have said to thy soul, Crouch down, that we may walk over thee; when thou hast bent thy body down level with the earth in the street to them passing along.

Righteous indignation (as a cup to accomplish repentance), will be turned from us and onto our adversary. Then…

Hearken unto Me, ye who know judgment; ye people, in who’s heart is My law (Do you see the New Covenant here?). Fear not the reproach of men, nor be overcome by their contempt. For they are like a garment which shall be worn out by time, and like woolens which shall be devoured by a moth; but My saving mercy shall endure forever, and My salvation to generations of generations.

We should therefore expect reproach, they will expose us, they will disgrace us, but do not fear it.

Carry this with you: My back I have given to scourges, and my cheeks to be slapped with an open hand, and I turned not my face from the shame of spittles. Indeed Yahweh Elohim was my helper; therefore I was not ashamed, but kept my countenance firm as a rock. I knew indeed that I should not be confounded, because He Who justified me is near at hand. (From the text it appears, by the lack of initial caps on the possessive pronouns, that Isaiah is describing his own experiences, yet it is precisely what Y’shua went through at the unlawful judgment by the high priest. The contrast to His closeness or nearness to us during our trial, Y’shua through the course of consummating His sacrifice, cried out, Elohi, Elohi lama sabacthani?)

Life is in the blood. By partaking of the wine, the blood of the grape, symbolizing the blood Y’shua would shed to bringing forth of the New Covenant. We are agreeing that we will walk after Y’shua, that the things He did we will do, and that we will also suffer for His Name’s sake. We declare that He, Y’shua the Messiah, is in authority. His triumphant life is the model for our own. We will rule and reign with Him.

Our position is diametrically opposed to the goals of the global government. We are at enmity with them, because they defy the El of Abrahm, Isaac and Jacob. Therefore, they are at war with us.

Meanwhile, in all courage, as we await, He is with us always.

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