Rice grain microchip is not the mark of the beast!

Desensitization to it is the aim now

David Garman

UPDATE: 2 Aug 2017 Photos of the recent “chip party” attended by international press have been added to this post.

Rice grain microchip is not the mark of the beast. Yes, it is an introduction, a view of the final phase in conditioning necessary to allow for peaceful acceptance and implementation of it.

It is the best possible fake ID. The idea is that we are looking at a proof positive form of identification. If this particular application is widely perceived in that way, the door is open to extremely effective fraud. The problem with the rice grain chip as a final remedy to identity fraud, is that as we were discussing this morning, you could squeeze it out like a sliver, my son jokingly said. Then of course, implant it into someone else and thereby become, to those machines without accompanying palm scanning software, the other person.

Cumbersome and too slow, this application is too surgical. Not efficient to process on a scale of multiple billions.

Interestingly enough, the company chosen to deliver the pitch on mainstream media is involved in supplying tech to the prison system. Oh the company is not requiring but simply offering their chip to their own employees. Prisoners, are a captive audience so to speak. More or less, it is socially palatable to test on prisoners. They expect the public will reason, who cares what they do to prisoners, right? What a “handy” market to begin with. Other likely test cases would be the military, medical and transportation arenas, any feature of the economy directly connected to government.

We’ve heard the term, undocumented, sold as a politically correct replacement for illegal as in immigrant. And we’ve heard it over and over again. They created the problem and they have a solution. Give everyone apprehended or those entering the country one of these. Voila!

Of course, the close relationship to purchasing is a parallel. As the video describes, this RFID rice grain implant is associated with kiosks. (Total control from these kiosks, which may or may not allow you to make a purchase of a given item. Access denied, in other words.). Beyond doubt there will be a record and tracking of every detail.

As we preached early on, the mark of the beast would be introduced as a convenience, not a mandate. A responsible thing to do, don’t you see, because every thing is pointing to a tech takeover of the movements of daily life. By promoting it as responsible, they have exposed their intention to bring it out to the wider public. These guys just want to be ahead of the curve, correct? In reality, development is several generations beyond the rather low tech rice grain implant. They will not show the good stuff at the onset. Only let the public absorb the idea that this kind of thing is coming, and there are actually people willing and happy to take it. Desensitization is what we are dealing with at the current stage of the program.

Practically everyone has heard of the mark of the beast, so they will be required to first campaign on addressing concerns. Which is precisely why the dummy or prototype is being presented, its a prop.

Right in the same breath and totally predictable is the denial mantra. Soft propaganda with smiling talking heads reassure that we are not doing this or that (tracking you, forming a database, taking ownership of you). Really, its only for your convenience and first and foremost, your security. Hey, it doesn’t even hurt.

Later on the selling will morph over to a unifying and a religious bent. Once launched, global government will not let up, there will be advances promoted. Celebrities will be wearing the stylish new design. It goes without saying that the banking industry is intimately involved. This one will not be transferable, will be placed exactly where the Bible says it will be, and required under penalties and eventually death for failure to voluntarily convert (think Islam) to their demands.

Obviously, the responsible thing would be to refuse anything and everything remotely close to this sinister plot.

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