Treasure of Hail

David Garman

Revelation 16 describes an event where hailstones the weight of a talent are to fall upon men during the seventh vial. It is a plague of hail. In our understanding these stones would weigh a minimum of 75 pounds (34kg), some say up to 110 pounds (50kg). Having experienced a baseball-sized hailstorm in the latter part of the 1970’s, fortunately was not caught out in it. Even this flattened the crops, stripped the trees and ruined the roofs of houses. It is easy to understand the potential for damage, injury even fatality.

Yah will, at His choosing, use daily experiences to call to mind His greatness. On the afternoon of 17 May, my two youngest children and I were outside marveling at an approaching thunderstorm. Weather radar had shown angry looking formations approaching, and they had finally begun to arrive. First large drops of rain fell on us, as they started to pour, we headed to the open garage door for cover. Before we reached the garage, my son and I began to feel the sting of three-quarter to one inch (2.5cm) diameter hail. We reached down to take up a stone before they melted. Somewhat disc shaped they were, with spiky protrusions all over. No wonder they were an unpleasant addition to the rain, our sample looked like an icy little medieval mace.

Consequently, we had not seen the worst, though our region was in the national weather news the next morning. During their segment about the hail storms, the host drew attention to the largest hail stone ever recorded, which was some 8 inches (20.3cm) in diameter. He noted that an updraft of 140 to 160 miles per hour (225kmh to 257kmh) was necessary to suspend the ice round long enough to form such a size.

The stronger the force pushing up, the heaver the hailstone.

Another storm of much greater sized hail, truly of Biblical proportions was brought to mind. A treasure of hail, yes, for tribulation and the day of battle. When the Ark of the Covenant was seen in the Temple of Elohim, the earthquake and the mega hail are shown, (See in Revelation 11:19). It is the wrath of Yahweh. What force pushing, rising up would suspend a 75-110 pound hailstone? The wind velocity necessary to generate this magnitude of upward pressure would quickly break the sound barrier, that is if Yahweh chooses to use the mechanics of a thunderstorm to produce the hail.

Oddly, an isolated, dark, almost black cloud, unnerving in itself, approached in an otherwise average Summer day, that day the baseball-sized hail fell. In the house, you could not be heard, not even if you yelled at the top of your lungs. Visualize 10-12, 1 gallon (3.785 liter) milk jugs filled with frozen water, and arranged tightly packed together. Picture a baseball (a baseball is about 3 inches or 75mm in diameter) next to it for comparison. Imagine the air filled with sounds like multitudinous sonic booms, pummeling the disoriented army. Then, as the hail reaches the ordained size, it begins hurling down, pulverizing all flesh and machine.

It is our Strength, not of ourselves, but Yahweh Who brings this to pass. We are released from the grip of our enemy! It is deliverance. We should not fear the mighty hail, it is for the adversary, for those who are trying to stop us, those who hate us.

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