Counterfeit Kingdom

David Garman

Over the years it has become oddly evident that the so-called progressive agenda exhibits a strange resemblance to Kingdom Age prophecy. It is as though there is a counterfeit parallel struggling to preempt the coming of the True. The false narrative or manifesto of the Left seems to have embedded, though distorted, elements of what we see as Kingdom Age corrections to the fallen world system.

Even some of the most absurd proposals and rhetoric, which may even result in legislation, have a basis in Biblical principle. A successful, effective counterfeit is difficult to distinguish from the true, is it not? Now convinced that this is how those on the Left, some well meaning and of good intention, have adopted their position. They have espoused a moniker of fairness, justice, charity and compassion, to name a few. No doubt many of them truly desire these qualities. Yet the result of the counterfeit, as is evident historically, and currently, produces the opposite. It boils down to a question. Who is the deity?

Dissecting the parallels, we come to a conclusion that from their perspective, it is they who have right to claim the moral high ground. The engineered breakdown of gender identity, for example, is not so outlandish from the position of the Left. Look at Paul’s letter to the Galatians, 3:28, one could construe a hint of gender equality, dissolution of the sexual identity, ecumenism, and social justice. All of these are pillars of the globalist’s surge now underway. Here is the verse as it reads in the King James version: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: all one in Christ Jesus.” Crafty professors of divinity could shape this verse into many forms. Evidently they have.

Next, the Right-Left paradigm itself. We want to be on the Right, right? Sheep on the right, goats on the left, you know. We want to be a sheep, though sheep are seen today as ignorant followers, lemmings you might say. Who is a sheep and who is a goat? First of all it is a division, read Matthew 25:31-46. When Messiah Y’shua is seated on the throne of glory, He will divide the nations. The sheep go to His right hand, and the goats to His left. Those on the right inherit the Kingdom of Yah. But the selection process does not reflect the stereotypical Right-winger. The Left lays claim to attributes of feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty and above all taking in the stranger! This is precisely what the European Union is doing, and the Left wing and centrist elements of the United States government are doing. But these are to be the identifying deeds of those on the Right. What’s wrong?

Those on the Right are presented as intolerant. No doubt we have heard from friends and family members that our position is “not very Christian.” They could draw up a case against us. Because it appears that we stand against the deeds of those on the right hand. It would seem to them we are goats deserving of punishment.

Many on the Left dismiss the Bible entirely. Somehow, in contradiction, their mantra has an appearance of righteousness. This image of righteousness infuses an illusion of authority which eventually manifests in violence.

This is how we distinguish the true from the counterfeit, by the fruit, by the results.

Salvation Y’shua the Messiah is the Way the Truth and the LIFE. Any other way leads to death. Not very ecumenical it is acknowledged, not intended to be. So on the other hand, compassion for women’s rights has resulted in the industrial scale DEATH, by slaughter of preborn people, discarded as trash to rot in landfills, or sold as a product. All forms of gender confusion have a high percentage of DEATH by suicide and disease. Copious importing of people from diametrically opposed cultures and religions, hostile to the host, has been proven in so many ways to result in all forms of violence and DEATH.

The mad scramble we see today is a luciferian counterfeit to preempt the Kingdom Age with Y’shua the Messiah as King of kings, to make war against Him. Lucifer knows he has a short time, and so do his followers. The god of the Left is a usurper, who gives power, wealth and the keys to dark knowledge in return for worship and loyalty to him. No? Do an accounting of all of the displays of disdain they show against the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They boo and hiss at the mention of His name.


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