“My Feet Slipped”

David Garman

We should of course see the Creator of the Universe during study of the Biblical scriptures. Should we also begin to see ourselves? It is fair to say that if we are predestined, then we are to be conformed to image of Y’shua the Messiah. That begins here, amidst the earthly repercussion of following that same One into the battle against self and against falsehood in the world.

We should have similar, feelings, experiences, attitudes, responses, failures, successes as those who came before us. The same war against carnality is present in all of us. Therefore we fight the same tendencies, temptations, desires, they fought. We suffer the same indignities, persecutions, we shed the same tears. We don’t see much in the way of reward this side of the Kingdom Age. Many preach prosperity, nothing wrong with worldly prosperity, or is there? Do not seek it or expect it. You may even wish to be thankful for your freedom from it.

I have time and again sensed a oneness with the psalmists since my early battles. Their inspired words are scarred with the same lash and flow with same power, we bare the same affliction, as we reach through the ages.

Psalm 73, by Asaph, spoke through the millennia. “My feet slipped,” he said, “I envied the unrighteous.” A confession, but we do find ourselves there at times, if we are honest. Adrift for a moment, a lapse in our surefootedness. How the iniquitous* seem to go through life with ease, and all of the material bounty flows to them. Everyone speaks highly of them, they’re such nice people, and so blessed.

He saw the prosperity of sinners! There is no pain in their death. And in their affliction they have support. They call on the latest advances in pharma, walking corpses some of them, as they hang on until the last gasp, a peaceful demise in drug induced stupor. Peculiar, they never wish to know what follows.

“They are not in trouble like other men.” Their mortgage won’t be foreclosed, they won’t feel hunger or cold. If they have a legal issue, the best lawyers are at their disposal. They walk away while others pay.

There is a catch. Haughtiness gained mastery over them. (Haughtiness is an attribute of those who rebel against the Commandments of Yah.) Some reach such a level as to believe they are invincible. The dictator, judge, pro football player, president, former president, senator, actor, college professor, ad nauseam, seem to be sufficiently immune as to act with impunity. When they gain a certain degree of power and authority, they are allowed to see behind the scenes. They have made themselves carnally rich beyond imagination. But we know that we have the greater wealth stored in Heavenly places.

“Behold, these who are sinful men; are always prosperous and have gotten wealth.”

Collective narcissism! They would dare say, “Is there any knowledge in the Most High?” Not of, rather IN! The things of the Spirit are foolishness to the natural man. We’ve seen this response countless times. I say in oneness with you, how many times have they looked at us as though we were blithering idiots, as we dare actually live out Biblical Truth?

So we see ourselves, the Called Out, struggling. We want to ask as Asaph did, “Have I then in vain kept my heart pure and washed my hands in innocence?” We have experienced the bitterness. Asaph cries out, “All day long I have been scourged; the accusation is renewed against me every morning.”

“O! How they were for destruction!”

We hear the litany of traitors who work against Biblical truths. Worn out exclamations and one liners to silence truth, the right to choose, and all of the “isms” and “phobias,” you know them well. Then we understand they will be overthrown by their exultation, gone in a moment, as a dream of one awakened out of sleep. They are perished for their lawlessness.

Again we see ourselves. “I indeed was despicable for want of knowledge; I was brutish as a beast before thee. As for me I shall be with Thee continually: Thou hast held me by my right hand: with Thy counsel Thou hast guided me, and taken me to Thyself with glory.” See complete Psalm 73, Septuagint

*Websters dictionary defines iniquity, as wickedness, and sinfulness, which is close, but a bit repulsive, to where most living in this condition would never consider themselves. The thought of one living in iniquity is dismissed, as believing that the word in no way describes them.

Y’shua the Messiah gave a stern warning about the worker of iniquity, they were what most would call good Christians. He told them to depart because He never knew them! What a frightful thing. Something so shocking should sound an alarm and provoke an honest study of what He said. The word iniquity simply means without the law. Without Torah, the Commandments of Yah. See Matthew 7:21-23

The law is Spiritual, just and good.

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