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Dreams of the caliphate

David Garman

We are about to be suffocated in propaganda. One thing is certain. Preparation has come to a close, experiments, trial runs, proxy wars halted. Confusion, contradiction, lies. we will be steered to accept what we never thought we would.

As we are told, there was a missile strike against a Syrian military airport, carried out by American war ships. I phrase it that way for a reason, and a righteous skepticism. For one, do you find it odd that this strike garnered hearty applause from the administration’s foes? Secondly, packaged neatly, as it was, on the anniversary of the formal of entry the United States of America into World War I.

No moral high ground

(Incidentally, we do not have the moral high ground as many presume. Yes we are appalled by the video of choking children, and in our piety we determine that something must be done to respond to this atrocious outrage. Yet our most important governing document allows for the burning, poisoning and live dismemberment of the unborn children. We are appeased by the silence, we do not witness it, all cloaked in a medical environment, with doctors and nurses and the trappings of legitimacy.)

Repercussions on the home front

Consider initial repercussions on the home front. During the emotion or shock or dismay these crises inflict, it is an opportunity to launch a few things instead of missiles, right here in the USA, or for that matter, the entire so-called free world. This would be a disruption in the flow of money and a disruption in the flow of goods. We don’t live on farms anymore, people.

Today, even farmers need the supermarket grocery. The last time America faced hunger on a wide scale, farms were pretty much immune to food shortage situations. Today’s farms are commodity driven factories. Very few are diversified enough to provide for the needs of family and neighbors. No fruit orchards, no vegetable gardens, no beef cattle, chicken, no canning, as it used to be. It will only take a hint of doubt in the supply chain to create panic. As many have, look at news out of Venezuela as an example.

Fall and rise of the caliphate

Media quickly shifts back to the daily scandal mongering soap operas. So while everyone is focusing on Syria, let’s talk Turkey, so to speak.

It seems like a mirror image. The end of the Ottoman Turk Empire is not the first thing that comes to mind as a result of WWI. The reflection, WWIII, as a series of wars, sees the reemergence of that Muslim power at it’s onset.

For example of a trend, in Western terms, the current “president” of Turkey is consolidating power, as dictators do. He gives the appearance that he fancies himself a caliph, a successor of Mohammad, they were lawgivers. Think shariah.

Recently, there was a test to determine if a speck of sovereignty remained in Europe’s governments. The Turkish president actually attempted to conduct whistle stop “campaign” for his “reelection” to the presidency of Turkey in Germany! (Germany is the main cog in Europe and has a history of alliance with Turkey.) Erdogan has no fear of losing power. This move demonstrates the extent of Muslim infiltration into, and his confidence in himself as master of Europe.

Personal alerts since 1995

What we have actually experienced is an appropriate testimony. A couple of years ago this line of thinking was further solidified. Without warning the issue of the caliphate surfaced. My wife and I attend a summit in Chicago. To cut to the main points, you can not be absolutely certain who you are in the presence of. Twice I was moved to speak out. First with all present, an irresistible impression came over me to speak. My right arm was raised to call for the microphone. As the attendant made her way to me, the words formulated in my mind. She told me to first identify myself. This was following a speech by an official from Monsanto. I asked him to speak to his company’s monopolization of food crop seed.

The next morning I could not raise my right arm which we attributed to sleeping on it wrong. At breakfast we all sat at large round tables, seating perhaps 12-15 people. It was rather strange, there was no control to reach for my silverware or a cup of coffee. Had to move by my fingers against the tablecloth to access the fork. You might say that this was a curse, or you might say that this was an attack. The gentleman next to me took notice. Because of this affliction, I had dropped a piece of food on the floor, he kindly and discretely picked it up.

The plates were taken and we were visiting before the morning’s first session. One was from the Netherlands, who had mentioned the odd political climate that was emerging even then in Europe. As he elaborated, I looked at him from across the table and called it out as the old caliphate. That is the renewed Turkish caliphate, and began to explain why.

There were two to our immediate left who became noticeably agitated. They had been chatting among them selves until they heard the word caliphate. Their heads spun around with a piercing stare. That reaction was exhibit A, as witness that yes, they knew of the revived caliphate. They wished, without speaking, to inform me that the topic was off limits. Its was the last day of the summit. The two then gave me a wide berth while passing in the halls, tzitziot and long beard not withstanding. On leaving Chicago, I regained the use of my arm.

This was not the first time that I was allowed to expose the end time resurgence of the Turk caliphate. The first was precisely 700 years after the founding of this destructive force. Because of it’s size, I was called in to install my 1995 painting titled The Capture of Laodicea. You could hear rain falling on the roof of the building, it was my birthday, 1999. This first public showing took place in Cedar Rapids,* Iowa, from May 7-30, 1999. Subject matter of the painting includes a renewed attack symbolized by an Islamic rider on the followers of Y’shua the Messiah. At the commencement of the art in 1994, there was only vague understanding of these matters. Since then, the red, yellow and blue colors formerly used in Turkish government emblems seem to have been discontinued. Reference to them for all intents and purposes, are removed from the web.


We must also mention the Armenian genocide. A holocaust of Christians, witnesses, survivors, researchers testified on video. These were believers in Y’shua. The newly acquired telegraph enabled the efficient coordination of the slaughter of these people. They were hauled away by the train car load to their death. The nicer looking women and girls were kept back as sexual slaves. They were tattooed. They were marched to nowhere until they dropped. They were crucified. It seems like the Nazis took lessons.

It is important to note that the Seven Churches of the book of Revelation were/are located in what is now western Turkey, Mt Ararat is in the eastern edge of Turkey, the river Euphrates originates in Turkey. Gobekli Tepe is also within it’s borders. All of these are highly significant in Biblical terms. All pertain to age end prophecy.


The Euphrates is drying up due to drought. Turkey holds the keys, via a massive dam and vast reservoir over the precious resource. This along with the Nile, reports state that nearly all grain will be imported to the stricken areas, which includes Saudi Arabia. Can’t eat crude oil. We saw what happened in northern Africa. The onset of the riots of so-called Arab Spring were initially, at least in part, due to a shortage of bread. Food, or the lack of it is a powerful weapon and a catalyst of violence.


As silly as it sounds, the popular prime time cartoon the Flintstones by Hanna Barbera is one example of a stealth reference to the caliphate. Remember the “water buffalo” lodge hats? The other which comes to memory was toward America’s youth. They naively hummed along with pop musician Neil Diamond’s song calling out to Suleiman. Any ghost of the Ottoman Caliphate will be snuffed out at the conclusion of phase one, WWIII. Y’shua the Messiah is victorious!

* ADDENDUM: 23 April 2017 – Why Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa has the dubious distinction of allowing among the first mosques to be built in North America. Called the “Mother Mosque,” currently the oldest, it is located near the western bank of the Cedar River, in the old Time Check village. One of my earliest memories was asking my mother what that odd looking house was. When I was very young, my parents had rented a tiny house about a block away from it.

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