Abortion Pastors: A Farce of Epic Magnitude

Iowa female clergy came out for abortion

David Garman

At times we reach a point in the long line of absurdity, where human thought turns up empty in an effort to communicate. We have here crossed the threshold.

You see, a bill to defund the abortion industry in Iowa, was introduced. These kinds of things have a way of unmasking the demons.

So in response, filth as it does, festered up to the surface. Oddly, all via a letter from the likes of the United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Episcopal Church, Unitarian Universalist Association, Christian Church (Disciple of Christ) and Unity Church.

Does the following not show the concentration and saturation of the left, into every cleft and crevice of America? I’m no fan of denominational church, but this pitiful, sappy contrivance blows the door wide open into the dark catacombs of this death cult. A death cult which has in fact infested so-called Christianity.

Pardon me, but when I read this coming from “church pastors” (and I thought that church pastors were supposed to be beacons of morality), it left me flabbergasted. Beyond even the grotesque, macabre  barbarity recently disclosed through courageous undercover work. This gaggle-around-the-cauldron, masquerading as the moral high ground, stated that the opposition to abortion was purely a moral position. Ah!

Reaction: Insert Munch’s The Scream.

Always couched in their universal code, that someone on the planet could be so devoid of loving-kindness, that they would plot to deny low income women “access to health care.” They are the champions of “choice.” Isn’t that nice?

Here, let them mystify you…

All arguments against a woman’s reproductive choices are based in morality and religious beliefs, using those religious beliefs to change the law and infringe upon the rights of women. Through our faiths, we are joining together to balance those arguments and to assure legislators that the religious community does not speak with one voice.

Let me see if I understand, they simply want balance. You know, there’s a saying, and it goes like this… if you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit. Why bother arguing? We are dealing with full-on reprobates. Even so, we must speak out against these atrocities.

And that’s not the half of it.

In the few days since this came to the surface, even more of their stench oozed through the cracks. From another undercover video, seemed like an abortionist industry meet and greet. A provider of the service described her efforts to dismember the unborn baby. Of course she felt a little like a featured item, as surrounded by the company of hovering sports fans. Noting nonchalantly, that if the feticide didn’t complete the kill, she would need to join a gym for strength training.

Immutable evidence that this civilization must come under Divine Judgment.

One more. To flip the perception of their acts, a new state-of-the-art, Washington DC Planned Parenthood chamber of horrors made the news. Their new marketing idea is to create an “experience.” Yep, it’s like walking into a trendy coffee shop, or a tech gadget retail store. Come in, sit down, order a latte! You’re not here to kill your baby. You’re just exercising your reproductive rights. What the really sad part of this is, according to the law of the land they are correct.

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