Dark Light

Operation Highjump pt.5

David Garman

Weather conditions had prevented Admiral Byrd from joining the western contingent of Operation Highjump. There was much anticipation over his arrival from the east. Byrd was to “fly on planes much larger than the average Navy plane.” No doubt the R4D-DC3, difficult to imagine these aircraft taking off from a ship! These planes were equipped with skis and could take-off and land on the snow pack. (DC3 planes and their exploits were featured on the TV series called Ice Pilots.) Good weather was essential as they waited for Byrd’s arrival, but “no luck.”

The camp, Little America, would be used as a base for reconnaissance flights. Contingency plans for possible accidents involved in these risky flights were made. There was a window of time in which leave the Antarctic, else become locked in. Volunteers were sought to stay behind as search and rescue in the event of a catastrophe. Ships would have to sail north to escape being crushed by the encroaching ice. Chances of volunteers surviving overwinter would be slim.

Byrd’s plane was finally spotted on the approach to Little America. Menster gives his first impression of the Admiral as he comes into view. “’Given him the attribute of eternal youth”… he was “perhaps a little older than we had thought.” Byrd greets the men, “Hello, it’s good to be home.” Menster points out that most would have said something like, it’s good to be back. After greetings, Byrd boarded the Mount Olympus.

One thing of priority in Byrd’s agenda was to check the previous Little America camp. “Rumors” caused him to suspected that the camp had been “disturbed.” “We were able to assure him that the camp was undisturbed.” This is the first hint, there in Strong Men South, of a wider suspicion and potential espionage.

In contrast, the author had this to say, “We were strangers here, passing guests who would leave no footprints on the ice, but Admiral Byrd was home, back in the land that he had carried out of the darkness of ignorance into the light and into the home and conversation of every American. Later he would sit down and write a preface to this book, and I knew that he was much more than an explorer. (Byrd:) ‘The whole Antarctica might be referred to as a mighty cathedral of glittering ice and painted sky created by the Lord’s own hand. Far from the turmoil and temptations of the world, it is the ideal retreat for those who would find a more intimate touch with the infinite Greatness and Goodness…’ A man who could see this truth so clearly and simply was a man who walked with God very close to him.”

As I reach the last of these posts on Operation Highjump based on Wm Menster’s book, there are constant reminders of the contrast in his experience and 70 years later. New rumor and innuendo continue swirling around Antarctica. The cold and lonely place Byrd and Menster knew seems now to be teeming with underworld or in today’s term, deep state, activities. You can even book sightseeing tours to the place.

Persistence can be difficult to ignore. Like claims of so-called “truth bombs,” blowing the lid off of the secrecy surrounding the bottom of the world. Supposedly beginning around mid-2017. And the true history of mankind being revealed, supertech to cause us to question everything we’ve thought was true. All of these kinds of secrets, they say, buried under a continent sized cake of ice and snow. They wish to paint a picture of the abyss at the bottom of the earth.

Potential for wealth in Antarctica is huge. Mineral wealth in particular as Byrd suggested. Rare earths aplenty for tech manufacturing lighter, faster computing, electromagnetic, electrochemical, luminescence (this is energy without burning fuel), and lasers. Even the existence of strange coal mountains, for example.

Hopes for this continent to benefit all of mankind must be in constant conflict with mankind’s greed.

Put yourself in mind of a king or even a lord of the land and their fear of the peasants. How to keep the subjects out of reach of the many benefits of the land, water, trees, plants and his all important game animals? They could conjure fanciful tales to leave a lasting impression, and to dissuade those from daring to venture in. Remember, depending on the moon phase, it was dark, no city lights, dark so that that beyond the the light of the torch there was nothing.

Darkness can be literal or allegorical. Control of the narrative, sleight of hand, knowledge packaged with all diligence and care. Released, some true some not, in little bits then surges. Looks like light.

What tantalizing and lurid material have “they” kept from us? What tales have they told? What does human nature dictate when we are told or it is suggested that we can not have it?

Right on the verge. It seems as though the inhabitants of this planet are about to face the perfect recipe for the ultimate seduction.

Do not dismiss the idea of a monumental expose interrupting our perception of reality. Because what is coming will draw on every morsel of discernment to fend off this info-dump. Remember the warning, Y’shua said, “For there shall arise pseudo-christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” The ultimate special effects show; will it come from the South Pole?

Suggesting that some delusional deceiver, calling himself the Christ, will be potent enough to bring this magnitude of shift or travel from Truth? No. It will be an ah-ha moment with all of the accompanying sights and sounds, all couched in heavenly, or to phrase it another way, otherworldly manifestations. It will be shock and awe at every level. It will look like knowledge, wealth, even peace on earth. Parties, celebrations in the streets, but it will be false. Those who are not seduced will speak out, warning no, no, no!

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