Flood Gates Open

The unveiling of the House of Israel

David Garman

Global Government, the Beast System, whatever you want to call it, has done, is doing and is about to do everything in it’s power to prevent it. This same power has for the last 50 years, a Jubilee period, like a metastasizing malignancy, drove a subversive seduction to divert, confuse, undermine, and if possible obliterate the manifestation to the world, of the sons and daughters of the entire House of Israel. The global government system is against Judah, it is against Ephraim.

Will the unveiling of the House of Israel now begin?

A few points

Ephraim today refers to the famous so called Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Joseph, the father of Ephraim, as you know, had another son, Manasseh. The tribe of Joseph was made two half tribes. That would give us thirteen tribes in which to divide the land? No, Levi did not have a segregated land inheritance.

All of Israel moved in and set to settle the land under Joshua. On to king David and Solomon, after them, the division of Israel. It was Judah (plus Benjamin plus a portion of Levi) against the Northern Ten (plus a portion on Levi). Because of sin, the ten were taken by the Assyrians, Judah and Jerusalem would later be taken by the Babylonians. Captivity at the hands of the Assyrians ended. The main thrust of the flight of Northern Ten was to “the north and west.” of Assyria.

Back to Egypt. Jacob’s blessings over Joseph’s sons were more like a projection into the future, a prophecy, about what they would become as a people. Ephraim would become a great company of nations, and Manasseh a great nation. (Note: Joseph’s bones were taken with the Israelites out of Egypt during the Exodus, later buried in the land of the Northern Ten.)

While both have waned, there was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire, and the United States of America, the greatest nation the world has ever seen, fulfill these requirements. Many other points of evidence attest to this if we choose to do a little research. We must go with what Our Father in Heaven has done and is now doing as verification. Sure, we can find numerous opinions to the contrary, old and new. There is no question that fulfillment is the final proof. If what has actually taken place contradicts the writings, we must toss the writings in the trash.

Take a look

Cite this Scripture or that. Why? They won’t remember, it is forgotten after the next point is made. Compare it to forgetting someone’s name immediately after the introduction. Neither will they scurry to their concordance to look it up. They will simply dismiss it, because it destroys their narrative.

We can simply observe, just look for once.

I’ve never seen such a dance. The age end attack is focused on the West! Am I wrong? The attack is on England, the attack is on Germany, the attack is on France, Spain, the attack is on Sweden, and the United States of America, the land of unwalled villages. Remember, there are simultaneous attacks taking place on the continent of Africa and on the southern end of the Arabian peninsula, as well as other lesser known areas.

Germany, overrun by a contrary culture instructed to breed out them out of existence. At the head of the German government is a woman who came from the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Looking across to the West in envy, then to her own sparse predicament. An ideal candidate to open their society to turmoil. Unbeknownst to many, the southern portion of that country is the very cradle of Celtic culture. In more recent times, countless families left Germany, a mass exodus out in the mid-nineteenth century headed for America.

Again, among the most potent obstacles to the revelation of the house of Israel is the modern drive to label Israel as Jewish. In other words, the land and all 12 tribes are to be called the Jewish people and the Jewish state. This obstacle is nurtured in the highest echelons of the modern Israeli Government. How many times have we heard an Israeli Prime Minister call for Israel to be recognized as a Jewish state?

Western Europe is branded Esau and Gog by the Jewish religious leaders, past and present, further suppressing the truth. Apparently Judah has no desire to share the blessings among so many. (On the other hand, where would so many people go under the current situation?)

This is all about to change. After all, Brit-ish is Hebrew!, they call themselves Covenantman, look it up. Look up “covenant,” look up “man.” The Ark of the Covenant is in Hebrew, Aron Ha Brit, Ark of the Testimony, Ark of the Covenant!

The spark

Under startling political readjustment, with Great Britain and the United States of America now freeing themselves from globalist oppression, the hindrance, the old barrier is threatening to collapse. Now Britain and America are allied “in a new era” relationship with the Israeli people. What is this? I asked my brother, it is the beginning of the Two Sticks reunion.

Through the agony will come revelation. Once these people called the West, find the scales of their blindness flaking from their eyes. Once they see who they are, Israel, the flood gates will open. The great revival, longed for over the generations, will overspread like a torrent. They will go back to their first love, and the covenant they had broken.

Those alive who have hungered and thirsted, in the desert of unrighteousness, will find sweet relief from the waters of Truth. All around, all around, we are set free. Come Y’shua the Messiah, come quickly!

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