A Prison of Assumptions

David Garman

We live in a prison of assumptions. Thought we were supposed to be light, salt, an example of Y’shua’s Kingdom acting in miniature.

Well, being late for our morning coffee, a bit of a line had formed. So rather than wait, decided to skip the coffee. Worked my way back to the guys at the table, and joined the conversation. After about ten minutes I felt the presence of someone standing next to me. As I turned, I saw a hand holding a cup of coffee. Then up to a beaming smile, “How sweet of you,” I said, politely taking the cup from her hand. She had noticed me there and realized that I hadn’t stopped at the counter.

It was a simple act of kindness between two people, and between two races. It will not be forgotten. You see, we are not supposed to get along, mass media and academia in all guises, has made that perfectly clear. Yet through simple and genuine kindness, the true position, what’s in the heart of a person can safely come out. The young woman’s trepidation, which was understandable, given the constant, hateful rhetoric spewed out by every possible media outlet, and me being a bearded white man (who is now obviously eligible for the senior discount), faded away by consistent kindness.

As said, I’ve traveled some, and highly recommend it. A first hand experience supersedes the set narrative. Media portrayal of a situation or of a people, often contains the tinge of a political agenda. The implanted assumptions somehow don’t quite correlate with the facts on the ground. From a panhandler in Chicago, to a bus driver in Edinburgh, to a restaurateur in Bad Mergentheim it is not the people, rather blame the agitators, the talking heads, the social engineers. They have always been with us. Seldom do we see a group without a Dathan, or Judas Iscariot.

An overall willingness to live a life without conflict does not now exist. In this age, we often choose sport as a pseudo-safe, PC way to satisfy our need for conflict. Under the current human condition, life without hostilities is not possible. When wider conflict does arise, we usually divide along lines of those like ourselves. Which is precisely why globalists have forced the different races and opposed cultures together. They know that conflict will eventually erupt. If not spontaneously, then with a little assistance.

How about religion? Many aren’t aware that some of the most appalling, sadistic things which could come to the human mind were acted out Catholic against Protestant, and vise versa. Terror? You’d better believe it! What we see and hear coming from Islam is no different. The atrocities are the same. There are only so many available zones with which to bring suffering and humiliation to the human body. No doubt cunning new techniques to accomplish the same thing are in the offing.

When Israel was in sin, Yahweh sent foreign invasion, expulsion and slavery, what do you call that? A time honored remedy to bring repentance? Is there any similarity to the present time?

To the chagrin of some, rolling eyes of others I remember, after suggesting that Ishmael would come accept Y’shua the Messiah. To the comment that the Islamic assault on the West is judgment, garnered the same response. It has not escaped notice that much of the violence is directed toward decadence festering within Western culture.

Assumptions are quite often right. And being salt and light does not mean that we open ourselves up to harm. But, is it good to be locked in, locked into a position which is not based on experience? Could be that a pleasant surprise comes as an unexpected outcome. Reality displacing a preconceived notion.

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