Ark of the Covenant to be Revealed

Confirmation of the Covenant

David Garman

Michael Rood’s Shabbat Night Live program of 10-11 February 2017, was very interesting indeed. At about the one hour point in the stream, he got at the meat of the issue. Using his trademark timeline visuals, he began to corroborate historical events with the much contested Jubilee dates. Beginning with a German Jewish prophecy, which would provide context behind the research, there would be General Allenby’s walking into Jerusalem in 1917, the seizing of the Temple Mount at the Six Day War of 1967, and the present year of 2017. This is all detailed in the video.

Rood, after establishing the year 2017, went on to outline expected events. Among them were financial collapse, thermonuclear war leveling Damascus, and what was of special interest to us, the “Confirmation of the Covenant.” To this he gave a specific date. We’ve read Daniel many times, and have struggled with many of the writings contained within. What Rood pointed out seemed to hit home. That this confirmation would be a revealing of the Ark of the Covenant, and that it would take place over Yom Kippur-Atonement Day, 2017.

What gave further credibility to us personally, were the other years cited in the video, 2001, 2006 and 2010. These were each important years in my life and those of my household. In 2001, I began the first sketches which would become two paintings. Both works deal specifically with the fact that the Ark of the Covenant exists, that it is not lost but hidden, and that the Ark was to be revealed just before Y’shua the Messiah’s return. In 2006 we left the city and moved to the country, in 2010 we began to consistently keep Yahweh’s Feast Days. The year 2010 was also the beginning of the most painful, difficult period of my life.

After years of hesitation, starts, stops, led to more research, more sketches, (In 2003, a model, who hearing me mention the Prophet Jeremiah, stretched out his arms in a gesture forming a crucifix with his fingers, toward my face. He wasn’t joking).

I was really not sure if the paintings would ever be done, looking at the large blank canvas, stretched for this purpose, for some twelve years. Now, 16 years later, they are, with special thanks to my wife Tamra, my sons, my brothers, and my nephews.

The final touches were added and the second painting, dealing with the Ark revealed, was called finished the afternoon of 10 February 2017. This was obviously hours before we viewed Michael Rood’s presentation. The two paintings can be seen in full detail by clicking the “View David’s Art” box. Then on Fine Art America, click the painting which will allow high resolution. Then mouse over and click for an extreme detail clip. Leave a comment too.

Mr. Rood took a risk in giving specific dates, which placed his reputation on the line. The information he presents deserves our serious consideration.

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