Mark of the Beast?

Get ready to resist

David Garman

While we’ve got our heads in the sand, or should I say our football extravaganzas and what have you, the global monetary system is ready to go totally electronic. A cashless system is perfectly suited to allow and disallow any exchange of money. Under such a system, a decision will be made, more than likely through artificial intelligence, your suitability and whether you are permitted to make the intended transaction.

Forbidden Payment 1997 David Garman

The best minds in the security tech world have worked feverishly to develop boimetric data collection systems and the integration of said data into the security apparatus. Each vying for a stake in the wildly lucrative scheme. The military and those who have what is deemed sensitive clearance issues, have been the testing ground here. Yes, entire countries are undergoing full scale testing of the global system. They have the computing capability and the solid, secure marking process developed to receive every person on the planet.

All contingencies considered, because there will be resistance to this program, and they are prepared to deal with it.

First they have to determine who you are, your mark, then upon collecting you, what is the proof of your place within the system.

I’ve been warning on this topic for decades. The Mark of the Beast is a financial system. Revelation 13:17, when exposing the intent of the mark, specifically states that without it, you will not be permitted to buy or sell.

The Mark of the Beast will encompass physical and spiritual ownership of each individual. They will present it with celebrities flaunting its attributes, along side of their warnings to those who hesitate. Bank accounts, savings plans will be wiped out with a single click. Because everyone has heard of the Mark of the Beast. They will tell you that it is not the mark. It will seem stylish, vogue, even rebellious, as in the tattoo culture promotion. Hard to dismiss the success, rare it is to find someone without a tat.

The term, “mark” in Revelation 13 translated as an etching:

The surface is scratched. You can clearly see the purpose in the celebrity driven tattoo culture, with no great leap to the final phase. Because the mark is a badge of servitude, the ultimate mark of slavery, it will be visible to everyone. Anyone will be able to determine your submission, we did it, you will too, or else. People reporting on each other, you see.

The Bible is very specific about the placement of this mandatory mark. In their right hand or in their forehead, got it? They will try to place it elsewhere at first to prove that its not the mark. “In the right hand,” refers to the hollow of the hand, the palm. That has become precisely the focus of the tech. The palm is where your information is, that side of your hand. (Remember that the wrist is considered part of the hand.) This, if given the choice, will be the preferred placement, to be blunt, everyone has a forehead, so either one. That is the practical application.

Now the spiritual, why these particular places on the body? Simple to determine. Because the Commandments of Yahweh were to occupy these places, the right hand and between the eyes. The spiritual intent of the Mark of the Beast is to place the mark of satan there, thus usurping the mark of the Creator of the Universe. The 7th day, Sabbath, the Shabbat observance, is the Creator’s sign on us, this as well as the Days of Unleavened Bread. The references are many, check Deuteronomy 6:8, 11:18, Exodus 13:7-9, 31:13,14. Please don’t dismiss by saying, “that’s the Old Testament.”

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  1. The mark of the beast is spiritual, and identical to the pledge of allegiance to the flag…When the Germans used their right hand to salute Hitler, or to pledge allegiance to the flag, there was no physical mark in the right hand or forehead of the pledger, because the mark(name) of Hitler, or of the flag(Germany), was spiritual in the heart or in the mind of the pledger…When the US citizens pledge allegiance to the flag, there is no physical mark(name) of the flag(US) in the right hand or forehead, because the mark(name) of the flag(US) is spiritual in the heart or in the mind of the pledger…Those who are serving the flag, or pledging allegiance to the flag, are committing fornication with idols, because the Lord God said in Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19, “not to make or to serve any image in the likeness of heaven above, or in the likeness of the earth below”…The founding fathers made images of the stars, of the moon, of the sun, of birds, and four footed beasts, in the likeness of heaven above and in the likeness of the earth below to serve them…The devil uses Romans 13 to deceive those who don’t believe what God said in Ex.20,and De.4…When you pledge allegiance to a man, or to a nation, or to a flag, you are placing yourself under the power of a that man, or of that nation, or of the flag…The god of the US is the star spangled of heaven and the bald eagle of the earth…The god of Canada is the leaf of the maple tree of the earth…The god of Mexico is the eagle and serpent of the earth…The god of Japan is the sun of heaven…The god of Israel is the star remphan of heaven Acts 7…When the king of Babylon the great played the national anthem at the sound of music, the Babylonian citizens fell down to worship the gold image…Today, when the US plays the national anthem at the sound of music, the US citizens stand on their feet to sing the song “old glory” to the star spangled of heaven…The ministers of God are being deceived with the constitution of “liberty and justice for all”…The mark of the beast in the right hand means the name of the beast is in the heart of the pledger(believer)…The mark of the beast on the forehead means the name of the beast is in the mind of the pledger(believer)…For with the heart we believe and with the mind we serve.

    1. No doubt flags and banners will contribute to the propaganda elements of the “beast” system. Agreed, Romans 13, is in fact taught as a tool of compliance, a dangerous collaboration between the denominational church and government will be formed based on this line of thinking.

      There must be a word of caution with regard to spiritualization of many of the important warnings in the Bible. For example, we must look into history back somewhat farther than the 20th century, with an eye on what actually took place. You have sited many examples of national flags, and other pledging or expressions of allegiance. There is a spiritual element in all of these. We must also watch developments on the ground moving forward. The best interpretation of prophecy is the fulfillment.

      Flags are a potent device. On the other hand, after the Exodus, the Israelites set up camp in a very specific way. Each tribe flew a standard with a picture of a bird or an animal, even the face of a man. Judah’s was a lion, for example. Should we say these were the gods of the Israelites? Of course not. We can find these same elements in the Heavenly Throne Room according to the book of Revelation as well as the Tanak.

      Certainly, the infamous Mark of the Beast has a spiritual component. You are absolutely right. Though we would miss the mark, so to speak, if we dismissed the progression of technology. We have been slowly conditioned to become interactive with scanners, telephones, cards, in the act of making a purchase. Beta cashless experiments are now being carried out by governments. By creating digital money, it is obvious that we will be required to have a specific form of indelible identification necessary to interact in this system. Couple this with the constant fear of ID theft. The human body is the last frontier in the devil’s quest for a badge of servitude.

      Keep your eye on the entire picture. You are right to be leery of those things mentioned in your comment. I do not disagree and share your concern, yet would caution that spiritual forces manifest in what many call the created realm.

      The book mentioning the mark of the beast, also illustrates various partitions unified within, which we must gain victory over. They are the beast, his image, his mark, and the number of his name. We can look at Nebuchadnezzar’s image as a parallel, and the response by the three brave souls to further edify us.

      Understand the intense anger the dragon has directed at those of us who keep the Commandments along with the testimony and the faith of Y’shua the Messiah (as shown in more than one place within the Revelation). Why so? See that these are Christian keepers or guardians of the Commandments. Exodus 20:1-17 is directly opposed to the world’s drive toward shariah, something as well to watch.

  2. The flag banners that Israel used in the camps, they were for identity of the tribe…God would never permit or allow the Israelites to pledge allegiance to the flag banners, or to serve the flag banners, or to worship the flag banners, why ? Because God is a jealous God, and He wont tolerate any other god to be worship…According to Revelation, the beast is a man…The false prophet is a man…The king of Babylon the great, he was a man… Hitler was a man…The beast is going to claim that he is God almighty, and for 42 months he is going sit on the throne of Jerusalem…And those who don’t believe what God said in Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19, are going to worship the beast…And just like when the three Jews refused to worship the gold image, and were cast into a fiery furnace, so it will it be in the days of the beast of Revelation…The devil is going to put everybody to the test, those who refuse to worship the beast, or his image, are going to be put to death…Technology is here, and those who are worshipping the beast, are going to get a number to buy and sell (to do business), but the mark of the beast, that is the name of the beast is going to be in the heart, or in the mind of the worshipper, because worshipping comes from the heart, or the mind…The nations idols are high and lifted up on a flag pole, and those who are serving the flag, are called “idol worshippers”…To avoid the mark of the beast, serving idols, false gods, and doctrines of devils, we must believe what the Lord God said in Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19.

    1. Starting with Exodus 20:1-17, the 10 Commandments. Living these out is a sure defense against or a defiance of the beast system. Which is precisely why we find the “dragon” intensely angry with the remnant who keep/guard them today. We in our house keep the Commandments, all of them, to the best of our ability. Home schooling is a great way to prevent any allegiance. As said, we are in agreement on this aspect of your argument on flags in general.

      We can probably agree that were it not for the book of Revelation, we would not be using the term “mark of the beast” in the first place. That particular word, mark, appears only in the Revelation. Is is used 8 times. The definition of the word, along with the obvious technical development toward it, forms the basis for my position. What we are talking about is a scratching or an etching, a stamp, a badge of servitude. To me, that describes some sort of tattoo, a mark of ownership. Slaves were marked, Hitler also marked with tattoos.

      The Revelation of Y’shua the Messiah is very specific about where this “mark” will be placed.

      The 4th Commandment has been spiritualized out of mainstream Christianity. Yet it is in direct opposition to the beast’s mark. It is an outward sign. Your neighbors know, your employer knows, your family knows that you are not participating in the world on that day. Of course there is a Spiritual component at work, the fact remains it is something that we do! You may already, but if not, try keeping the Sabbath, there is an immediate spiritual battle against self and against the system of the world.

      I would invite you to consider this, as we are commanded to watch.

      If you have time, check these and see the exact placement, for the Spiritual component in what we do. These show opposition to the mark of the beast:

      Exodus 13:9, 31:13
      Deuteronomy 6:1-8, 11:1-21

      Shabbat Shalom

  3. According to the word of God, in the old covenant, the Israelites were under the works of the law, and those who broke any of the ten commandments, were punish according to the law…in the new covenant, we are not under the works of the law…The problem with the Israelites, was and is to this day, that they believe in salvation through the works of law, but the Scriptures have concluded that we are all guilty before God for breaking the law…Without the ten commandments, we wouldn’t know what is sin ? And, if we break one of the ten commandments, we are guilty of all the law…The devil uses Romans 13 to deceive the nations, because it is written, “the governments that exist, are ordained by God”, but they forget that He who said, “submit to the authorities”, also said, “you shall not make nor serve any image” (Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19…Now, if you submit to the authorities, you do well, but if you serve any image, you are guilty of all the law…Why do you think the flags of the nations are high and lifted up on a flag pole ? The nations can be identified with a flag banner, but without saluting it, and without pledging allegiance to it…The devil is a deceiver, and he has deceived the whole world through sorcery, and idolatry.

    1. Thank you for mentioning one of my favorite topics. And, would add that modern Christianity should take an honest look at the New Covenant. From here, some observations have been made over the years. Most notably, that if a position appeals to human nature, it is likely flawed.

      Our contemporaries huddle around Paul’s statement, essentially, “we are not under the law but under grace.” We love Paul when he suits us. Many within Christianity remain confined to the epistles, without going to the basis of Paul’s understanding.

      An idol has been graven, if you will, of this verse. Or, it has become a banner of rebellion. Have heard this defense countless times… “We are under the New Covenant!,” they say. Emphasis is on the word new.

      The authorities governing church certainly possess an ability to misguide us.

      OK, the question must then be asked, what is the New Covenant, emphasis on what is it? Never once had anyone given a coherent answer. Someone said that it is an agreement between God and man. Well, sort of. It is a promise, but what is the promise? Their response is silence. (In the promise, there is no mention of man holding up his side of an agreement.)

      Just as pastors have done and will do disservice to their audience by Romans 13, the same can be said with respect to the critical details of, the contents within the New Covenant. They have withheld the information, or it is completely misunderstood by them.

      Salvation is a free gift, grace is the ability to go against worldy influences and human nature, to do the will of our Father in Heaven. This is what our reward will be based upon, works. There is least and great. What do the least to and teach, and what do the ones called great do and teach?

      What is the New Covenant? Can you tell?

  4. In the new covenant the laws of God are written on the heart and in the mind on the new man (Heb.10:16)…In the old covenant the laws of God were bind on the hand and forehead on the old man(De.6:8)…We have the righteousness of the law of works, and the righteousness of the law of faith…Israel prefers the law of works over the law of faith, why ? to establish their own righteousness (Rom.10:3)…In the old covenant the Israelites were under the works of the law…In the new covenant we are not under the works of the law…In the old covenant, the Israelites had to perform numerous tasks under the works of the law…In the new covenant we don’t have to perform any works under the law of faith (liberty)…The ten commandments of God will show us what is sin…Those who don’t believe in the ten commandments of God, how will they know sin ? The issued of the works of the law was settled in Jerusalem, when the apostles and elders wrote epistles to the gentiles churches they commanded that we abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood (Acts15:20-24)…In the new covenant we are to walk in the Spirit (Gal.5:16-26).

    1. Right, you have an understanding of the New Covenant. We can establish that Paul was quoting from Jeremiah 31. There as a deeper study we can see exactly where the fault was in the Old Covenant. The fault was the people, because as it says there in Jeremiah 31:32, “which My covenant they brake” Because of this failure, which remains today, there is a need for a stronger, reliable, better covenant as Paul points out. Paul verifies this in Hebrews 8:8 “For finding fault with them,” not the contents of the covenant. You are correct, they were to bind them, do you see? They said we will, but they did not.

      Yes, the Levitical priesthood we do not do. We have a sinless High Priest, Y’shua the Messiah. He, as the Prefect Sacrifice, was consummated once for all. We can see that there is no mention of rituals or sacrifices by either of the witnesses to the New Covenant text itself. The Old dispensation of the Covenant was written by the finger of God on the stone tablets. The New is written by the finger of God directly in our heart and mind, as you have pointed out, failproof. The difference is that He said He would do it.

      The weak part of the covenant was the disobedience in the people and the sacrifice of animals.

      We know the Covenant given at Mt Sinai took place on the day of Shavuot, or what we have been calling it for hundreds and hundreds of years, Pentecost. It was first spoken by the mighty voice of the Word of Elohim (Elohim translated as God), with fire. Then it was written on the two stone tablets. An ark was made for the tablets. The tablets were placed inside. In the beginning was the Word, John 1. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Right? The Word of Elohim is Y’shua (Jesus).

      Again, on the feast day of Shavuot, that same fire settled on those gathered in the “upper room.” They began to speak in other tongues. They were and we are to be witness unto Y’shua. (There should be a recognizable difference between us and and the world at large.) The crowd said hey, these people are able to communicate with us. Every man heard them speak in his own language. Aren’t these Galileans? Speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit as are the gift of prophecy, healing, and the others which we have functioning in our midst.

      How do we know that these gifts are not an indication that we have arrived in the safe zone?

      This very important point is ignored by nearly all of the diverse Christian denominations. And this is the fatal error in modern Christian doctrine. Our Savior Himself warned of this mistake. Matt 7:21-23 documents it for us, it is very clear. A protest of sorts is stated, the many wonderful works are supposed to be proof. So how could these be workers of iniquity? How could these people be rejected by the King of kings, while they reason that He would never do that? What an awful thing to be told, depart from Me, I never knew you! And why? Because of iniquity, find the definition in Strong’s G458, they are operating in violation of the law.

      So we should ask, which of the 10 Commandments are we “free” from? There would be no issue, most would agree with nine of them. There is just one, which many label as “works,” yet is the absence of, a withdrawal from work.

  5. If it wasn’t for the new covenant, we all be dead to sin… In the new covenant, God abolished the works of the law Eph.2:15…Israel was under the cursed of the law…And we, gentiles, were dead in trespasses and sins Eph.2:1-3…In the old covenant, God gave them the ten commandments, and the ordinances to perform, under the works of the law…The adulterer, and adulteress, was to be stoned…Why ? “Thou shalt not commit adultery” Ex.20:14…In the new covenant, we cannot stoned the adulterer, and adulteress, because we are not under the works of the law…The ten commandments are without the ordinances (works) of the law…Those who are serving the flag, and those who are going to worship the beast of Revelation, is going to because they don’t believe in the ten commandments of God.

    1. If it wasn’t for the shed blood of Y’shua the Messiah we would all be dead in sin. Yes it was the punishment for breaking the commandments that was taken on the crucifixion stake. Exactly, the dragon is at war with those who keep the “commandments of God and those who have the testimony of Y’shua the Messiah.”

      Thank you Freddy, we’ve had a good and important discussion, and I very much appreciate your thoughtful comments.


  6. If you can bare with me, I like to share with you; “Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth”…We know that the city, or nation of ancient Babylon the great, is lying in ruins to this day…The Lord God calls her “mystery Babylon”, for a reason…The question is where are the descendants of Babylon the great ? When God overthrew the city or nation of ancient Babylon the great, those who escaped with their lives, moved north, into Europe, and from Europe, they settled in north America…The US is reigning over the kings of the earth, but in reality it is Babylon the great that’s reigning over the kings of the earth, through her offspring (descendants), under a new identity…When ancient Babylon the great moved from the middle east, into Europe, and north America, she changed her identity…When God judges “mystery Babylon”, God is actually judging the offspring of ancient Babylon the great, for her crimes against Israel, and of the world…The beast of Revelation is going to be a descendant of ancient Babylon the great…We know through history that Babylon the great, was a mighty nation…And we know through history that Britain the great, was a mighty nation…And we know that the US, is a mighty nation…It went like this, from Babylon the great, to Britain the great, to America the great…The prophet Daniel, foresaw a dreadful beast arising from Babylon the great (Daniel 7:19)…What the nations don’t know about God, is that the same fate awaits for those nations who trust in their president, and military might: for it is written; cursed is the one who trusts in man, and military might (Jer.17:5).

    1. Agreed, we must know exactly where to place our trust. We do not trust in kings, presidents or military might.

      It would be advantageous to determine the source of your understanding Babylon’s “offspring.” It is not coming from the Bible. I detect a good bit of speculation. Yes, Babylon is operating within the world’s governments. Mystery Babylon is operating globally, it is about uniting, people, nations kindreds and tongues, great and small, free and bond, rich, poor, money, and economies and religions. It is hasatan’s push to preempt the authority and earthly reign of Y’shua the Messiah.

      We need to look economically and financially, the Federal Reserve, the EU ECB, Russia and China have recently untied financially, these are some of the examples. The Fed is famously not, as many believe, part of the US government. It is an independent corporation operating within the country. The end result of these centralized unions will be the beast system single currency we have been corresponding about.

      Ecumenism or an amalgamation of all of the world’s religions, to form a single global religion is ongoing. This requires the amalgamation of the world’s peoples, voluntarily or by force. (Communism is a sample of emergence of Babylon in recent history.) Though instead of eliminating religion, they will include it. The Western world is now facing the greatest pressure in this regard. Why?

      The mystery is the underpinning force operating in the midst of those in power within the governments. They are seduced by the wealth and power they receive having become in union with the beast. They have been allowed to see who controls them. You can see it in their eyes.

      You have mentioned Babylon, the United States, Britain, and Israel. We can establish today’s identity of latter three from the Bible. We have to go to the beginning, not to media and academia driven politics.

      To address the desire to delve into the offspring aspect of Babylon.

      We have heard the old saying, that the sun never sets on the British Empire? Many nations were incorporated into the British Empire, it stretched around the globe. Likewise the United States of America became the greatest nation the world has ever known. So, yes the USA became a mighty nation.

      One example, Genesis 22, starting with Abraham, his numerous seed, would possess the gate of his enemies, and would be a blessing to all the nations of the earth. Not long ago both the USA and Britain possessed the gateways of the world like the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, Gibraltar and so on. If need be, in the case of war they could block their enemies access to these vital passages. Out of compassion, who is the first to send aid to any nation facing disaster? Food in the case of famine, or ingenuity and equipment to aid in the quality of life around the world.

      Quickly to Jacob, Genesis 35, an example in particular, a prophecy given him when his name was changed to Israel.
      As you mentioned, there is a common bond with the USA and Britain, it is here. This is just one of very many proofs that these these two nations are decedents of Israel, not as you allude to, Babylon. At some point future the seed of Israel would become a nation and a company of nations. This is the pair manifested in historical context, along with the divided Israel, as the kingdoms of Israel and Judah respectively.

      Mystery Babylon is now imposing her will over Western nations, precisely because these nations represent Israel in the world today. I can remember a time when nearly every public school and every courthouse in America from coast to coast, publicly displayed the Ten commandments. That force of darkness has been successful in corrupting the minds sufficiently to see them removed. Their hatred of the Ten Commandments is a symptom of the influence of Mystery Babylon. Decay has set in. Elements within our own government are now at war with us. Because iniquity abounds.

      Brit-ish = Covenant-man in Hebrew, why?

  7. I cannot see the US. or Britain as being the offspring of Israel, and why not ? Because, Israel, and her offspring the 12 tribes, are not the head of the nations, and why not ? Because, Israel broke the old covenant of God…Deuteronomy Chapter 28 covers the covenant of blessings and curses…Ancient Babylon the great, were not descendants of Israel, and why not ? Because, God was using Babylon the great to punish Israel for her iniquities…The 12 tribes of Israel, including “Manasseh, and Ephraim”, departed from the Lord, so, how can the offspring of Israel be the US. or Britain, when the US is the head of all the nations ? The US. matches “mystery, Babylon the great”, from all angles…Babylon the great, was made of, astrologers, evolutionists, scientists, universities, sorcery, idols, physicians, military, and the like…Europe, and the US. are descendants of Babylon the great, in every possible way you can imagine…Moses married an Ethiopian women from Africa (Num.12:1)…If Moses was white (Caucasian), he married a black women, does that make any sense ? For some reason, history pictures a story of the white race (Caucasian), colonizing blacks, Jewish, and natives (Indians), throughout the world…I am going to believe that the people of Babylon the great were Caucasians, and why is that ? Because, the Caucasians have a tendency of being supreme over every kindred, and tongue…I am going to believe that the people of Israel in the old covenant were either, dark skin or black (Solomon song of songs 1:5)…King Solomon married a Egyptian women…The Egyptians are dark skin or black…God told the Israelites not to married outsiders, if I am correct ?

    1. Before responding, it is important to remember that there is a “grafting” process, where those who are not blood Israel can join into the family of Israel. Having noted this, you and I are free to believe what we wish…

      Babylon= confusion, mixing, overflowing. These are, with exact precision, the very same forces invading and inundating Europe and is erupting in America at this time.

      Yes, Israel was not to marry even outside of their tribe. Yet for various reasons, they did. They would have been able to easily detect a family resemblance otherwise.

      If Moses was black, why the dispute over the Ethiopian, or Cushite woman he married? (Keep in mind that these terms, Ethiopia and Cush refer also to the territory in which one resides. I am an American, Michael Jordan is an American.) In my Bible, Cush is a descendant of Ham. At any rate this situation is not to be a source of hatred. Israel will no doubt be found in a number of racial combinations because of the fathering of seed into other racial groups.

      Song of Solomon, the next verse, a reiteration: “look upon me for I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me.” The word black implies dusky due to exposure to the sun.

      About Caucasians, “In Isaac shall thy seed be called,” language is a very important hereditary marker. Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob is the Israel line. Go back to Genesis, this promise is one of hundreds of markers identifying Israel. It would be Isaac’s sons. Say it, I-Saac’s-sons, Sac-sons, by the normal course of time, this is the origin of the word, Saxons. Another identifier similar to Brit-ish, which we have already seen.

      When the tribes of Israel were divided after Solomon’s reign, “Israel” because of gross sin, was taken into captivity by the Assyrians. Where were the Assyrians located? north of the tribal homeland of Israel. Where did they go upon release from their time in captivity? Did they simply disappear into Africa? Evidence does not support this assertion.

      DNA evidence is right now being used to determine the Levitical priesthood line. There are specific haplogroups which have also been used to determine the decedents of those of the House of Israel, who came out of Assyrian captivity. If something as critical as the Levitical priesthood is being found by analyzing DNA, it must be pretty reliable. The data agrees perfectly with the Biblical truth regarding the ordained migration into Western Europe by so-called lost tribes of Israel. There are many details.

      It is not wise to exclude. I once dismissed any possibility of darker races as being descended from Israel. As more evidence has arisen, primarily through DNA, I no longer so determined to take that stand.

      Incidentally, DNA has recently shown by analysis of Egyptian mummies, that the people were more closely related to those of the eastern Mediterranean, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, than the people living in modern day Egypt. Thus, Joseph’s wife may just as easily not have been black.

      It is important in many ways that people all over the world are trying to discover who Israel is today. So, I look at our discussion as a small manifestation of something magnificent coming in the near future.

  8. I respect your decision, if you believe that the origin of Israel is Caucasian, so be it…Like I said before, I cannot see the offspring of Israel as being the head of the nations, when Israel broke the covenant…I can see the 12 tribes of Israel, as being the tails of the nations, as God said it in Deuteronomy 28…And despite the fact that the 12 tribes of Israel were scatter north, or to all parts of the world, I cannot see Israel, or her offspring , as being the head of the nations…I can see the US. as being the head of the nations, even if it means, through united nations…The question is, can anyone prove that Adam, or Abraham were Caucasian ? If no one can prove that Adam, or Abraham were Caucasian, there is no evidence…Even if Israel, intermarried, I cannot see her offspring, as being the head of the nations…My dispute of Israel (Jacob), is the origin of race (Caucasian or black) ? If the US. were the offspring of Israel, it would contradict what God said in Deuteronomy Chapter 28, why ? Because, that would put Israel, as being the head of the nations, through her offspring (US/Europe)…And if Israel is the head of the nations, through her offspring (US/Europe), that would make Israel, the beast of Revelation, why ? Because, the beast of Revelation, is going to be the head of the nations, Revelation Chapter 13…I can see the 4th, and dreadful beast arising out of ancient Babylon the great, through her offspring (US/Europe), as being the head of the nations, Daniel Chapter 2…I cannot see Isaacs name, as meaning Saxons, or British…What I do know is, that the US. is the head of the nations.

    1. Thank you. I do understand as well, why you hold to the belief that the descendants of Israel must be of the dark skinned races. Essentially, that Israel must represent the tail and not the head of nations, because of the breaking of covenant.

      At this point in time, after millennia, the seed of Israel could be found in all peoples of the world. A wonderful and useful indicator today is found in those who have strong desire to now return to covenant with Yahweh, who now deeply want to keep His Commandments, as I do and I hope that you do.

      At Mt Ebal and Gerezim, the curses and blessings were spoken to the people. As you say, Israel fell under the curse. The nation was divided, they, Judah (to Babylon) and the northern tribes, Israel (to Assyria), were eventually expelled from the land of inheritance and taken into bondage. Most of them never returned. Their lofty position, exemplified by Solomon’s reign, was reduced to ruin and slavery. They were governed harshly by other nations. Consider that this condition was not permanent. We must then look for who it is that fulfilled the prophetic destiny.

      Shalom, blessings to you.

  9. Thank you too…No hard feelings, or something personal to offend anyone…I know that when Jesus Christ (the Son of God), returns like a thief in the night, He will restored the 12 lost tribes of Israel, to its original state…Israel will once again be the head of the nations, like it was in the old testament with Moses…Idol worship, and unbelief is what got Israel into captivity, and harsh slavery…I can see the idols of the nations high and lifted up on a flag pole, and those who don’t believe what Yahweh said in Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19, are worshipping idols…Unfortunately, like Israel, the ministers of Yahweh, cannot see the idols of the nations high and lifted up on a flag pole…To avoid idol worship and the mark of the beast, we must believe in the commandments of Yahweh…Blessings to you too.

    1. We here have been following this discussion from the very
      beginning and see it has been continued somewhat.

      Have been studying and researching this topic over 50
      years and have done my best to keep from interjecting
      some of our thoughts on this subject. BUT, may have
      something to add that has not been mentioned before.

      After all TRUTH or FACTS from anyone should be wel
      comed, for it is Truth that should be our goal, even if it
      destroys our “present” belief, we should be humble in
      our search for theTRUTH and nothing but the Truth.

      Going through the book of Genesis, which is the prime
      prophecies of the bible, if we have the wrong interpret
      ation of these, non further on will be correct.

      At the outset ALL the prophecies of the Almighty to Abr
      aham, Isaac, & Yahchob, have been literally fulfilled in the
      Anglo Saxon people, and NO one else.

      To Abraham from Yahuah: “In Isaac shalt thy SEED be
      called”(named) (Gen.17:19 &21, 21:12) progression of
      this name, Beth SAC Khumri, (House of Isaac,Omri) to
      sac a sen, sacci, sac son, Sax on. no doubt about that.

      Prophecied to Rebecca and ISAAC, “Thou art our sister
      be thou the mother of “thousands of millions” and let thy
      SEED possess the gate of those which hate him.” These
      sons of Isaac, the ten tribes, after their banishment from
      the holy land 721bc, captive, freed, trekked around the
      caucasius mountains always north and West and the
      Isles of the sea. British Isles, and later N.America.
      This prophecy can in no way be fulfilled in the Mixed Jews
      now, or ever.

      Yachob’s Bethel (house of Yah) stone, anointed by Yach
      ob and became Israel’s most prized possession, was used
      in all the coronations of their Kings. During the ceremony
      the stone sits under the coronation chair of Great Britain,
      taken by Yeremiah and Baruch to his people in Ireland,
      overturned to Scotland, overturned to England, now called
      the United Kingdom, or UK for short, more on this later.
      (Gen.35:11, 14)

      Yachob to Joseph’s sons. “And now thy two sons, Ephr
      aim & Mansseh, . . . . .they shall be mine, . . .and let my
      NAME be upon them and he names of my fathers Abrah
      am, ISAAC, and let them grow into a multitude in the ear
      th.” (Gen.48:5, 16)

      Then the story goes that Josephs sons were blessed by
      Yachob giving the right hand blessing to the younger who
      would be a multitude (empire of nations). The elder son
      Manasseh would also become a Great Nation. Great Brit
      ain and United States of America, absolutely no doubt
      about that. Again, the little country of so calles Israel has
      never been an empire nor a magnanimous nation, and
      would not exist without the generous taxpayers of USA.
      And their continuous mooching for contibutions to guilable
      blinded American churchgoers.

      As for the prophecies of Yachob over his sons on his
      death bed a great book by Biblical Archeologist, Ray
      mond Capt: “Missing links Discovered in Assyrian (clay)
      Tablets” he has trace the 10 tribes to N.W.Europe, Gr.
      Britain, America, and the empire. These tribes became
      Nations, and he names all of them in great book above.

      To King David from Almighty Yah: A “perpetual” Throne.
      “Once I have sworn by my holiness, that I will not lie un
      to David. His seed shall endure forever, and his THRONE
      as the sun before me. IT(throne) shall be established for
      ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven.”
      (Ps.89:26, 29, 35-37) WHERE is this perpetual Throne?
      in Jerusalem? Don’t think so.
      Queen Elizabeth sits on this throne TOday, was crowned
      sitting over the Stone of Yachob as all other Kings or Que
      ens of ISRAEL. She can easily trace her lineage back to
      King David and to Adam.

      Royal Crest of Great Britain: Screams of Israel Royal,
      Lion of Judah, Unicorn of Joseph, Harp of David, the
      Birthright was Josephs (through his sons) This alone
      proves where the Throne of Israel resides and Has existed
      perpetually as YAH promised David. No others can make
      that claim.

      Ancient historical tidbits: (hebew vowels interchange)

      Ancient name of Ireland:=HIBERnia (land Hebrews) eber
      Ancient name of Spain:=IBERia (land Hebrews) eber
      “Scottish Declaration of Independence” trace their nation,
      from the EXODUS out of Egypt. they kept on going on
      to Greece and Spain (Iberia) then to Ireland on and on.

  10. If Moses was Caucasian (white), and the Egyptians dark skin or black, the Egyptians would have noticed that Moses was a Hebrew, and not an Egyptian…When word got to Pharaohs ears that Moses killed an Egyptian, and that Moses was a Hebrew, Pharaoh sought to kill him… If Moses was black or dark skin, and the Egyptians were white, the Egyptians would have noticed that Moses was a Hebrew…Can a leopard change its spots ? Can a white couple produce black offspring ? Can a black couple produce white offspring ? I cannot see the old testament Egyptians as being Caucasian (white)… Ephraim and Manasseh departed from the Lord, I cannot see Ephraim and Manasseh, or offspring, as being the head of the nations…I can see the offspring of ancient Babylon the great, as being the head of the nations…The Germans are white, and they murdered the Jews.

    1. You must be referring to the recent Egyptian DNA findings. They simply point out that what we see in present day Egypt, has not always been. They show, if memory serves, that ancient Egypt had more in common with those who surround the Mediterranean that with sub-Saharan Africans.

      Race is certainly one of the foremost issues as the world enters the time of trouble. If the past and present are to serve as a witness, when racial barriers are broken, for whatever reason, eventually hostilities erupt. Because we favor those who are like ourselves. That is OK. It is a demographics process. Once a host nation sees a shift in demographics, as did the pharaoh “who knew not Joseph,” tensions between the races begin to surface.

      Because of Joseph, Israel was given separate land in the north of Egypt, in the fertile Nile delta. Eventually it was perceived, there were too many Israelites. This was a threat. All Israelite male babies were to be killed. Pharaoh was attacking the seed of Israel.

      The races sometimes prefer to have Biblical personalities resemble themselves. That is a normal projection. That is OK. We see white Jesus in Europe, brown Jesus in Central America, black Jesus in Africa. Why not tell me a little about yourself, as I have been responding to your walls of text.

  11. No hard feelings towards anyone, we are simply discussing the issues of “race”…Joseph married an Egyptian woman in Egypt, and Ephraim and Manasseh were born…Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh before his death…My argument to anyone is, that Ephraim and Manasseh departed from the Lord, and according to the law of blessings and curses in (De.Chapter 28), Ephraim and Manasseh, and all Israel, were under the curse of the law…The Lord made it clear to all Israel, that if they kept all the law, Israel was going to be the head and not the tail…Daniel foresaw a fourth and dreadful beast arising out of the kingdom of Babylon the great…The beast of Revelation is going to be a descendant of ancient Babylon the great…Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh cannot be the head of the nations, according to (…I must stand to believe what the Scriptures say in (…Getting back to the race (COLOR OF PEOPLE)…I am not referring to any DNA…Abraham son, Ishmael, was from an Egyptian woman…The Ishmaelites, are they not black or dark skin people ? I don’t know the (ORIGIN) of the Egyptians race (COLOR), or of the Babylonians, or of the Israelites…When the Lord created Adam and Eve, I do not know if they were black, white, or brown…What I do know at the present TIME is that the white human race are the invaders through out the face of the earth…At present the US is the head, and the invader of nations…I cannot see the white race as being the slaves to the blacks, or dark skin people…I cannot see blacks as being the head of the nations.

  12. In the US, they go by the ethnicity (race) background…Therefore my ethnicity back ground is Hispanic, according to the US statics…The Lord has been with me for 56 years, that is, all my life…I met Jesus (the Son of God) in my teens, that is, through the people of God…The Lord is the one who has and is teaching me the Scriptures…Like for instance, I know about the nations idols high and lifted up on a flag pole, because Lord reveal it to me, through His holy word, as I was seeking to know the truth…The nations don’t see the images on the flag as, “idols”…When the nations pledge allegiance to the flag, the allegiance is to the idols… Like for instance, the star spangled is from heaven…And the eagle is from the earth…Those who are serving the flag, are serving idols…If the president and supporters goal is to make America great, they must become of one race, and be like Hitler, eliminate all non-white races through out the world…For Germany it was easy to make Germany great, because the majority of the Germans were of one race…For the US it will be difficult, because the US is made of multi-nationalities.

    1. Thank you for giving me a little background. We started out in a similar way. The first 12 years of my life were Catholic. Then in my early teens, I became a born again Christian. A couple of years later I fell away, and at the age of 28 years and 4 months, I called out to God, to show me “what am I doing wrong.” Ever since that moment my life was changed, Just like you, I have been a seeker of the truth.

      Y’shua gave us a way to test a person’s motivations. He said, by their fruit you will know them. We can observe what they do, and the outcome of what of what they say.

      The Left, or Democrats as they call themselves, gives us one of a great many glaring examples of who they represent. There is no space to cover them all here, it is that they are obsessed with continuing the practice of abortion in this country. The spirit behind that hideous practice comes straight from the ancient pagan religions. So I observe who is fighting to keep this going.

      The spirit within the Left, here and worldwide is focused on removing national borders. They are using the current chaos which they have started to help bring this to fruition. It is one piece of the plan to bring in their global government. They have been working on this since we were little children and before.

      Yes, it is important to look at history. They used to call it communism. What happened in Germany under Hitler, was one experiment, what happened under Marx, Lenin, Stalin in Russia, was another experiment with a less abrupt start. Mao in China, as well. Each one of these experiments, resulted in tens of millions of deaths, starvation and atrocities against Christians and Jews. Before all of these was the Turkish caliphate. Today we can see an example of the same spirit, which manifested in the true definition of fascism, in Venezuela. It is not going well for them. (We can also see the joining of forces now with the Left and Islam once again.)

      Racial purity is not a defense against the spread this globalism/communism. Take the Chinese for example. We today are watching the final push to subjugate all people under this system. They are really going after all of us. They have refined their approach, it won’t be one, but they have learned from each of their attempts to manipulate the populations. Add to it the major technical advancements.

      All governments of the world are desperately corrupt. Which is why we all the more pray Thy Kingdom come. Y’shua the Messiah will soon reign in His Righteousness on earth. He will repair the broken world.

  13. I thank the Lord for His holy word…In Acts 18:2, the Jews were expelled from Rome…In the days of Mordecai, the governor Hamma, tried to destroyed all the Jews, because Mordecai did not bow down to him… Hitler murdered millions of Jews… I believe Jews are hated through out the world, because they are God’s chosen people… Jesus said :salvation is of the Jews:..The Catholic Church was established by, murdered, persecution, and devil worship…The pope is going to do what he has to do…The president is going to do what he has to do… Yahweh (the Lord) is going to do what He has to do… Now, of the three, who you think is going to win ? In Latin America, if you burned the flag, or the image of the Virgin Mary, you will be Lynch ( martyr for the word of God)…The people’s feet are Swift to shed blood… The idolatrous will defend their idols with their lives… Jesus called king Herod, (a fox)…The king ordered the executions of Jewish children, because of Jesus.

    1. Right.

      One more thing, Salvation is of Judah, Y’shua the Messiah came out of Judah. He, Y’shua (Jesus)is Yah’s Salvation.

      1. Great, this little discussion is continuing, and
        good that it is. Once again after following along
        reading few obvious well meaning ERRORS,
        which if not addressed, TRUTH will never be
        realized. After all, truth is the GOAL is it not?
        The only thing that makes us FREE. “Ye shall
        know the truth, and the TRUTH shall make you

        First to say “Jews are the chosen people” must
        be examined more closely. ISRAEL as a whole
        were, (are) the chosen ppl as Moses told them,
        “Yah hath chosen thee above all people on the
        face of the earth.” (Deu.7:6)

        Without repeating a long disertation into the
        dividing of Israel by Proph. AhiYah in 10 Israel
        & 2 Judah (1K.11:30) Now we have two nations
        and that continues untill Yah joins those 2 sticks
        into ONE again in the very end times.

        How many claim Israel chosen people NOW?
        Is it the same as when seperated by AhiYah?

        What did our Savior mean? “YOU (jews) are
        NOT My SHEEP” or “You (jews) are NOT of
        God.” and many “stronger statements we will
        avoid at this time. So there are some who say,
        “Jews are the chosen people”, Was the one call
        ed Jesus (not HIS name) MISTAKEN when he
        told the (jews) were NOT his sheep(a name for
        Israel & Judah by Yah the throughout Scripture.

        So, either the Savior is lying or made a “mistake”
        unthinkable. What is HE telling us right NOW?

        There are THREE peoples claiming the titles of
        Israel, & Judah,(Isreal, Judah, & Jews,) who are
        NEITHER. In other words the vast majority of
        Jewish people, some 95% are no more Israel, or
        Judah, than the “man in the moon.” Only some
        5% of those “calling themselves” Jews have any
        Jachob/Israel or SEMITE blood in their veins.

        They cry and scream “AntiSemitism” to silence
        descent against them, now called “hate speech”
        another jewish invention of long ago. Now speak
        ing TRUTH can be called “hate speech.” I hate
        NO one.

        The bible will clearly show us the TRUTH of our
        above claims.

        Those 95% jews, some of whom Yahusha (real
        name) was in conflict are descended from Ashk
        enaz & Japheth, not SHEM the Semite. read
        very carefully (Gen.10:2-3) here it is:”The sons
        of “Japheth”:Gomer & Magog, & Madal, &Javan
        & Tubal & Meshech & Tiras & sons of Gomer;
        ASHKENAZ.” the name some 95% of the jews
        CALL themselves. Yes, blindness has happened
        to Israel, right there in black and white.

        These told the Savior “We have never been in
        Bondage” or slavery, when true Israel was in
        bondage in Egypt some 400 years. and much
        more we could mention.

        Finally calling false, usurping, mixed jewish ppls,
        Judah, is a LIE out of the pit.

        Yes, salvation IS of TRUE Judah and Israel, but
        we must distinguish between True & False.

        Galilee was the location of real Judahites, and
        after the cock crowed, Peter was accuse of
        being ONE of those as his SPEECH gave him
        away, later by the fire another accused him of
        “Thou also wast with the Jesus of GALILEE”
        (Matt.26:69) The real Looked different, Talked
        different, they WERE different, and STILL are.

        Jewish Almanacs, Encyclopedias, & Authors
        also verify our above evidence, such as:
        “Thirteenth Tribe” by Jewish Arthur Koestler.

        Please excuse any and all typos. Thank you.

  14. Romans 2:25-29, covers who is a Jew and who is not a Jew ? Anyone can claim to be a Jew, or an Israelite but, if they don’t believe in the Son of God (Jesus), how can they be born again ? (John 3:5)……….Not all Jews who say, “they are Jews” are Jews (Rev.3:9)……..Romans 11:25, covers the blindness of Israel, until the fullness of the gentiles be come in……..Romans 9:6-12, covers who is an Israelite and who is not an Israelite ?………Romans 9:32, covers why the Israelites stumbled at the stumbling block/stone ?……..It all comes down to, salvation by grace, or salvation by works ? (Eph.2:9)……..Galatians Ch.3, covers who is under the cursed of the law, and who is not under the cursed of the law ?………Israel was in bondage to the Romans, when they said to the Savior, “we have never been in bondage”……….The Savior was not referring to the bondage of men, but to the bondage of sin (John 8:34)………I am not sure if the sons (descendants) of “Japheth” Gomer and Magog are in prophecy ? May the Lord God keep you in the truth…Thanks to you too !

    1. Greetings, good that we can elaborate on our post.

      They were never in bondage (slavery) to the Romans as
      they were in Egypt, slave labor for hundreds of years.
      Romans “occupied” the land but the populace had their
      own laws, religion, etc. No where near what they had in
      Egypt. Pilate HAD to do what the mob & priests wanted
      in condemning Yahusha Ha Mashiach. So they were not
      in Bondage.

      First of all there have been 3 major influxes into Israel/Jud
      ah blood stream, negating the Holy Seed line which the
      Almighty SET beginning with Noah after the flood, Shem,
      Ham, Japheth. Yah chooses Shem, on to Abraham, Isaac
      & Jacob as individuals, Jacob’s 12 sons become a single
      Nation called Israel. Which am sure you are aware.

      Then after the sins of Solomon, Yahuah (YHYH in paleo
      hebrew) Yod Hay, Uau Hay= YaH Uuu aaaHH as writen
      on tables of stone given to Moses, 10 Commandments.

      Anyway Prophet AhiYah, split the nation in 2, 10 tribes
      called Israel, 2 tribes called Judah. They remain seperate
      to this day.

      (First influx if foreign blood into Israel)
      Israel took over the northern kingdom of Samaria, fell
      under Omri and Golden Calf Worship, then to be sent
      into captivity under Assyria & King Senneceherib, beginn
      ing c.721bc, they, Israel, never returned. King of Assyria
      repopulates Samaria with pagans of numeruous kinds
      by the multi millions, (2K.17:24-31) The King sent a pri
      est to teach these pagans the religion, in other words
      multi-millions non-Israel becoming Jews as Israel was
      gone. Greatly polluting the Holy Seed line, later.

      (Second influx of non-Israel blood into Judah)
      High Priest, John Hycannus, attacks and defeates the
      nation below Judah, Idumia, (Edomites of Esau) & forced them to be circumcised & become JEWS. Here we have
      multi-millions more non-Israel/Judah blood into Holy Seed line. (These are at least, were Semites, as Jacob’s twin
      brother Esau.

      (Third influx of pagan blood into Israel/Judah)
      In c740ad King Bulan of Khozaria converts his whole nat
      ion to Judahism, after chosing between Christianity, Islam,
      and Judahism. Multi-millions more foreign blood into the
      Holy Seed line. These are by far the vast majority of so
      called Jews in the so called Holy Land, at this time.

      So after thousands of years, these foreigners gained
      control of the Temple and the Kingship. Herod was an Ed
      omite ruller over Judah. They set their OWN High Priest,
      instead of the line of Aaron that Almighty Yah set up.

      Bear in mind Almighty Yah commanded NO “stranger”
      shall enter the Temple and signs warned them of death
      to go any farther into the temple proper. So, there is a
      distinction between Israel and the “stranger.” Then too
      “He changes not, no shadow of turning.” Yes, ALL who
      will, and are CALLED, by the Father to Savior, can come.
      But that does not negate His eternal choice of His real
      bloodline Israel, “above all people on the face of the earth”
      (Deu.7:6) (this will never change as Revelations if full of
      the 12 tribes and the Commandments.

      So, out of all the above only Edom have any Semite blood
      in their veins. The pagans of Samaria, Khozaria, now call
      Ashkenazim, descended from *Japheth/Gomer/Ashken
      az, and not Shem the Semite. The above pagans and the
      Khozarians make up some 16 million or aprox 95% of the
      all the jews in the world.*(Gen.10:2,3)

      There are a small number of Spanish Jews called Sephard
      im, that still have Holy Seed blood in their veins. These
      represent aprox 5% of the jews in the world.

      So, all the above are those whom Yahusha, (word Jesus
      did not exist until the Letter J was invented in c1530ad)
      before ie-sus or ie=hail sus(zeUS)=(long-live-ZeUS) cha
      nged by Constantine1st SUNworshipper of Greek Path
      eon. He was a Hebrew babe and would never have pag
      an Greek name after the hated Antiouchus Epiphanes
      tortured the people, and slew a sow on the Temple altar.
      Yahusha=YAH is our Deliverer or Yah is our Salvation.
      His name and mission all in one. “I came in my Father’s
      name” (Yah, Psalm 68:4) & as said above as He wrote
      & spoke, Yod Hay Uau Hay as WORD, Yod Hay Uau
      Shin Hay as Savior.(& as Scribes copied Sacred name)

      They jews tempted Yahusha, “we be Abraham’s Children.”
      He replied “If you were Abraham’s children, you would do
      the works of Abraham.” “But now you seek to kill me, a
      man who hath told you the truth, which I have heard from
      ElYah, this did not Abraham.” (what is he telling them? ?
      they are NOT Abraham’s children) (Jn.8:39-40)

      “Ye (jews) do the deeds of YOUR father” “Ye are of your
      father the DEVIL.” “the lusts of your father ye WILL do.
      He was a murderer from he beginning, and bode not in
      the truth, because there is NO truth in him. When he sp
      eaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar, and
      the father of it.” (Jn.8:44)

      So, does the Amighty sound like he is talking to, as you
      say, “jews the chosen people?” Don’t sound like it from here. This along with, “Ye are NOT my Sheep” & Much
      more.” (Jn.9-10)

      “That upon you (jews) may come all the righteous blood
      shed upon the earth, from the righteous Abel unto the
      blood of Zacharia son of Barachiah, whom ye SLEW
      between the temple and the altar.” Let that sink in, what
      is he telling these jews? He is connecting to **CAIN,
      who slew Abel and all the rest of the Righteous, mainly
      the Prophets who CALLED a spade a spade, and told
      them the truth for which they KILLED them. Isaiah was
      sawed assunder. Now these are those Mr.Gallow calls
      the “chosen people”, does the one you call JeSUS agree
      with you on that idea? **(Cain,”was of the WICKED one”
      again as He said above, the DEVIL) (1John,3:12)
      So, as we contend, where the “Jews are chosen people”
      came from the abode of their father, the “PIT.”

      SEED of Abraham, is where we find true Israel, and who
      did the Almighty tell Abraham, the NAME his seed would
      be Called? “Thou shalt call his name ISAAC, and I WILL
      establish my covenant with HIM.” So, we must look for
      a huge people who are called after Isaac, sacci, sacasen
      sac sons SAX ons. We can delve into this at another time
      perhaps. (Hebrew vowels are interchangeable or silent)

      It is difficult to go back up to find another topic, so if you
      wish to continue we should narrow the topic(s) down to
      just ONE or two. Fair anough?

      Have a great week ahead. L.G.(sr)

  15. Greetings to you too…The topics of the blood line of Israel run deep…And I don’t want to lean unto my own understanding…I don’t want to get lost in a mess of so-called Jews…I am not even sure if the Jews that Hitler murdered were 100% Jews ? There is a mixed of Jews, and of non-Jews through out the world, and I cannot give counsel on this subject…I can only speak of what the Lord has taught me in His word…I am aware of father Abraham, and of his seed Isaac…After king Solomon, and a few more kings after him, things got ugly in Israel…The Lord dived Israel into 2…10 tribes for Israel, and 2 tribes for Judah…Even if the seed of Isaac is without number like the sand of the seashore, and like said before, I say again, I cannot see the seed of Isaac as being the head of the nations, because Israel departed from the Lord…Abraham is the father of many nations… Babylon the great was the head of the nations at one time, starting with king Nebuchadnezzar…To be continue.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on this important subject. As you point out as have we, that N Israel fell away and was banished, was captive in Assyria. The way marks are one form of evidence speaking to the main thrust (but not all) of Israelite migration. A researcher by the name of Yair Davidiy builds a strong case for this. We have found his conclusions, confirmatory, interesting and very informative. Would be worth checking into. By the way, have found that one of your comments from about a week ago came from a IP, are you employed by the government? If so, what is it that you do for them? Just curious.

  16. Greetings David…I have enjoy sharing with you the word of God in many subjects that we have discussed…I am using the king county computer from the government, and I believe that’s the reason it shows IP…….I am not employed due to my disability…….For some reason I am stuck with the beliefs that the descendants of ancient Babylon the great are going to play a major role in the book of Daniel and in Revelation……Before the judgment of “mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots” take place, God is going to call his people to come out of her…….The Us is known for preaching the gospel through out the world……I don’t know of any other nation where there known for preaching the gospel through out the world…….When the Lord says, “my people come out of her”, I can only think of the US……..Of course the US is not the only nation preaching the gospel…….If the US is not the descendants of ancient Babylon the great, I don’t know of what other nation is God referring to ? And if theirs going to be a falling away from the grace first, I don’t know of any other nation besides the US, where there can be a fallen away from the grace? I am going by what the scriptures say, that there has to be a falling away from the grace……..My question to you is, are you a Jew 100% ? I don’t want to get into you personal information, you don’t have to answer anything, I am curious……..I like to know more of the blood line of the Israelites……….Are the Jews in Assyria ? thanks for the biblical edification……..And thanks for letting me know about the IP………To be continue.

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