A Good and Moral Nation

David Garman

Freedom to do the right thing. Sometimes it takes a bit of a push or sometimes an open door to let the daylight through. Sometimes the actions of a one or a few deal a decisive and fatal blow to the timid mind in others.

This week I’ve heard what my heart has longed to hear.

For years, seemingly endless years the dark cloud of pregnancy abortion has hung over this nation. Smothering us in the sin of infant sacrifice, we ambled on toward the precipice.

Oh yes, it’s not over. But when was the last time we have heard an affirmation like, “We are a pro-life Congress”?

Abortion, the grotesque trophy of the left, is now under threat of annihilation. To quote Speaker Paul Ryan: “As hundreds of thousands of Americans march for life, we must never forget that defending all of our people, especially the defenseless, must be our top priority if we want to be a good and moral nation.” It’s a beginning. This along with the stop to funding the international Planned Parenthood was extraordinary.

As said here, for starters, America will never be great again until she obliterates every allusion or mention of abortion “reproductive rights” from the books of national law and the Constitution. America will never be great again until she, reverses ever filthy transgender-homosexual executive order or other like legislation imposed on the American people. Judges and a wily President imposed this on us, let it be rescinded, every bit of it.

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